What I’m loving right now

Ok, I’m not being original here in this post about a few of my current favorites, but I wanted to share them with you anyhow, ’cause frankly, they rock! Here goes:

 What Im loving right now

1. These shoes: They’re from the Merrell barefoot line and they are my go-to everyday shoes. So cute, so comfy, and love the yellow color. They make my feet happy.
 What Im loving right now
2. This oatmeal–It’s pure, simple oatmeal and it’s instant. I microwave it with some water, add milk, some Trader Joe’s almond butter with flax seed and some berries and/or bananas and there it is: breakfast perfection.

3. Afghani food–Mr. Zippy and I finally went to The Helmand, a Baltimore restaurant that I’ve heard about for years. I had an amazing chickpea salad to start and a spicy veggie dish for the main course. Not even gonna mention the amazing vanilla ice cream with cardamon, figs, dates and mango. It was incredible–I literally ate until I thought I would vomit.

 What Im loving right now

4. My Kindle–I’ve had it since Christmas and just had to charge it for the first time. It is the best for traveling. What am I reading on it now? James Frey’s latest book–love his writing.

 What Im loving right now

5. This shirt–It’s from Run Pretty Far. Doesn’t get any cuter, does it? Review and giveaway tomorrow!

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  1. Running Ricig says:

    I love those oats! They are so good. I have them in my desk at work in case I miss breakfast or need a snack!

  2. I love all the same things!

    Ok, maybe not the shirt. ;)

    Kindles are awesome. When traveling you can have zillions of books with no weight!

  3. marathonmaiden says:

    hmmmmmm i'm torn if i want a kindle/something like it. it'd be really convenient for traveling, but i don't travel too much. is it hard to "turn the page" or load the pages?

  4. Allison says:

    Love those shoes and top! Will have to check those lines out.

  5. Marlene says:

    Everything looks great! I love the fun pattern on that tank!

    And YES running barefoot was fun. :)

  6. ShutUpandRun says:

    Love that shirt too.

    And, ugh, we have no Trader Joes. I think CO is perfect except for that.

    Excited to see you Thursday!

  7. Jamoosh says:

    I have to force myself NOT to wear my Merrell Trail Gloves everywhere. They are fantabulous!

  8. Never have had Afghani food, but it sounds similar to Middle Eastern things I've tried.

  9. Leah @ Chasing Atalanta says:

    I'm glad you're happy with your Kindle, but I just can't go there. I love the feel of a book in my hand, the smell of the pages (especially older books), and I love my books all lined up on my shelves. I think Kindles, and other e-readers are great because they're getting more people reading, but they're just not for me.

  10. Never heard of Kindles.. I will have to get some of those oats and the shoe look awesome. Thanks for sharing all those things.

  11. oats are by far my favorite food. you can do so much to them to change it up.

    i saw a bunch of people using their kindles on the beach this wknd. crazy technology, now people don't even take books to the beach!

  12. Big Daddy Diesel says:

    I kinda want a kindle, are the books cheaper then buying the real thing?

  13. Coy Martinez says:

    I have a Nook and sometimes I wish I had a Kindle. I have the Nook color with the screen that's hard to read in the sun BUT it has internet so that's cool. Plus, I have to charge the thing every 8 hours. That stinks.

    I'm ready for a giveaway!! :)

  14. giraffy says:

    omg, I love Better Oats – love!

  15. Samantha says:

    I love trying new ethnic foods! Lovin' Ethiopian :)

  16. Michelle says:

    I just love my Kindle – makes travel so easy and you can get a new book anytime! I really want a pair of those Merrell's – I live in their sandals and they never disappoint!

  17. I LOVE my kindle. it is so great. my favorite part is finishing a book and then just downloading a new one:) I want those oats. I will have to look for them.

  18. love the shoes!

  19. For Books, I subscribe to audible.com, and let someone else read them to me. hahaha. I love oatmeal and have it every day, though it's not as healthy as yours I bet by a long shot. lol. Take care.

  20. The Merrells are awesome! I got a pair of them a while ago, and have completely fallen in love with them. So comfy!

  21. Merrells are going with me on John Muir Trail. I will also have boot for snow fields but Merrells are going to cover most miles for me.
    I've been thinking of getting Kindle but one more device… I have to stop being so materialistic.
    Next time(?) I am in Baltimore, Afghani food it is.
    I will have to see if we could use those oats on JMT.
    Thanks for the list.

  22. Patrick Mahoney says:

    There's a great Afghani place on Sunset in Hollywood which makes trips on a weeknight up to LA for work worth it. I love my Kindle too – that, an iPhone and an iPod is my trio of must have gadgets and I take them everywhere. They are truly the Garmin's of my regular life.

  23. Teamarcia says:

    All great stuff! I am all over that cute shirt!

  24. Marissa says:

    cute shirt! I gotta find that oatmeal..it looks yummy :)

  25. Cute shirt! I had to head over for a sneak peak at their stuff!

  26. Mike Russell says:

    Suggestion of where I can find those Oats? I have wanted healthy instant oats for a while but only get funny looks when I ask for them at the store.

  27. The Hungry Runner Girl says:

    I have never tried afghani food….sounds GOOD!! LOVE THE SHOES and I also need to try those oats!

  28. HappyTrails says:

    Ok, that tank top makes me feel happy, too! Very cute! I wish we had Trader Joes here in CO – we love Trader Joes!

  29. I love that shirt – I think I need that!!

  30. I'm partial to a warm bowl of oatmeal at the moment – with raisins and a few almonds. Makes a great recovery breakfast.

    I love the top – so cute.

  31. Richelle says:

    I've never tried Afghani food before, but I'm positive we have an Afghani restaurant somewhere in the Minneapolis area. Future hubs and I will have to check it out. Sounds flavorful and healthy!

    I haven't had oatmeal in so long… craving it right now.

    Good things… all of them!

  32. Jess @ Blonde Ponytail says:

    Great favs!! Your Merrel's are adorable–I would be sporting those too.

    I am in love with my Kindle too! It is a fabulous travel buddy!

    Hope your week is off to a fabulous start A!!

  33. Silly Girl Running says:

    I'm deeply in love with Merrel's barefoot line. Those shoes are something else!!!

  34. haha, great post. We need more of these, quick, fun, and to the point!

  35. Michelle says:

    Oh my – I love those shoes! They look Mary Jane-ish, maybe? And – yellow!!

    I love the Kindle for traveling too! BW calls it the "candle."

  36. Better Oats is awesome. We always have about 5-6 boxes in the pantry along with 3-4 Umpqua Oats bowls as well.

    OMG – that ice cream sounds amazing. Will it travel from B'more to Denver?

  37. funderson says:

    Those shoes! so cute

  38. Amanda and Caitlin says:

    Super cute shirt…love the bright colors! :) And the model certainly looks like one fit and awesome chick too. :)

    - Amanda + Cait

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