This one I won’t miss!

I’ll admit, being sidelined for pretty much all of 2011 so far (and I mean so far–this will change!) has been a real drag. Watching races come and go and seeing my friends out there kicking ass in them makes me sad. Boston, Cherry Blossom–I could go on–have all seen me on the sidelines.

But one race that I am not going to miss is the Baltimore 10-miler, happening today. I did this race the last two years and had already decided I was NOT going to do it in 2011, long before injury. I don’t know what it is about this race, but we just can’t get along.

The first year I did it, the course was long, as admitted by the race director in an email afterward. That extra mileage did nothing for my time, let me tell you. Last year, the course was accurate, but I still managed to melt down on it. It was miserable and my only saving grace was that my friend Janelle also had a bad day last year and we ran together, slogging along to a decidedly off-pace time.

The irony is that I placed second in my age group the first year and first last year. You know what, though? I’d trade my place for a decent pace any day of the week! How about you?

So this year, while I can’t run the Baltimore 10, I’m not losing any sleep over it. This was one I didn’t want to revisit.

Do you have any races you just don’t like?

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  1. Jennifer says

    I did a 10K in New Orleans a few years back. It's an Easter tradition. I did so good at erasing it I don't even remember the name. It is a huge race (30 thousand runners?) and the walkers and baby strollers out number runners in some places. Never mind that the streets are like mine fields with all the pot holes and crappy streets. Nope, not going to miss that one.

  2. Rene' says

    Applefest Half Marathon in Hollis, NH. The people that run it are great, but the race stinks. Of course this year it was 92 degrees with what felt like 100% humididty. The first half is downhill and the second half is uphill. I knew it was going to be a bad day when some of the better runners were turning around and running back to the start. Never, Never, Never, Never again.

  3. Gracie (Complicated Day) says

    The Crescent City Classic 10k is insanely popular and garners a nice elite field – but i gave up on running it. The crowds, strollers, walkers, bus lines, and high price have killed it for me!

  4. Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog says

    The Big Sky State games half marathon because it is hot, hilly and no shade. Pretty much miserable, and here I am planning to do it again!

  5. kceverymileamemory says

    I have a trail I just don't like! I run on this thing and it doesn't matter if it's 4 miles or 20 I melt down on it EVERY time. I joke I have a mental block against it. It just sucks! I haven't raced enough to have any race I just hate, but I can say I get injured at almost every race so I just don't race that much so I can run!

  6. Anne says

    Your kids look adorable in that last post…quite angelic actually :)

    Haven't run enough races to hate any…but, for the first time, I didn't enjoy myself during my last half-marathon. Weather didn't help though.

  7. Carie says

    There's a 15k nearby that is brutal! It is one of the most hilly runs around and the legend goes that if you can finish it, you can finish ANY run!

  8. Ewa says

    It's been a while since I raced. I might come back to racing after our long backpacking trip this summer. I am sure then I will find quite a few races I won't like because after all these years of running I still have not learned how to pace myself.

  9. Fran says

    I haven't done that many races yet. But I'm not going to do the half marathon that I had to stop early again because the parts of it that it did run were very boring.

  10. Jessica (The Pace of Me) says

    There is a local race here called the W&OD 10K. It is SO close to my house and is on my favorite trail. All the proceeds from the race go to benefiting the trail I love and they try to make it a "green" race. Sounds great, right? Well, the race is in August at 6:30PM on the trail. The route is terribly congested and sometimes there are even bikers along the course because they don't close the trail for the race. It is HOT and HUMID in the evenings in August around here. Not good conditions for a race. Bums me out because I love the cause but I just don't think I will do it again!

  11. Julie says

    Some races just aren't meant to be. I find it highly entertaining that yours happen to be ones where you also placed so well. I don't think that often happens to the rest of us "regular" folks 😀

  12. Running Ricig says

    I'm not going to like, I story of hated my first marathon course. I don't think I'll ever run it again and I don't think it's because it was the first :)

  13. Amanda@runninghood says

    hmmmm, you have me thinking here. Not sure about this one. It is hard to think of the race separate from the experience. right this second I can't answer this question but I'll have to think on it. :) Happy Saturday Amanda!

  14. amy says

    The last 6 miles of MCM, over the bridge on a major highway, through an industrial park, and then on another highway. It's kind of sad because the first 20 are awesome!

  15. Leah @ Chasing Atalanta says

    I've had a frustrating history with the Crim 10 Mile in August. In 2008 I got heat exhaustion, mid-race respiratory distress in 2009. Happily, though, I totally rocked Crim 2010 with a huge PR and my first negative split race–one of my best races of the year. Who knows what 2011 will bring, the Crim is a fickle beast.

  16. Happy Feet 26.2 says

    it's a solid vote of 3 for the Crescent City Classic in New Orleans. (Jennifer, Gracie, and me) Way too large to "race" it. It's also hot and humid by then in the south. I would NEVER go back unless I planned to walk it with a group of friends. It is a party!

  17. J says

    I actually ran the race I say I will never run each year, on friday. It was pretty good this year since the heat wasn't too bad and the humidity was down. Previous years have been horrible because of the heat.

  18. Terzah says

    Anything that starts after 9 a.m. in the summer. A good example is the Corporate Challenge 5K here–6 p.m. start, no shade, late July. Not my cup o' tea…but yeah I'm doing it again…

  19. XLMIC says

    I haven't run in enough races to have some I don't like 😛 Maybe my least fave was the Clarksburg 30K because it was through really boring agricultural terrain… an out and back that had zero visual treats along the way, very little shade or protection… just OUT there.

  20. Paul says

    I agree that a good pace (i.e. a PR) is way more important than placing.

    Of course, as I get older eventually I'm going to have to age grade my paces to get any new PRs…such is life..

    AGPRs anyone? 8)

  21. Kenley says

    Next Year, I plan NOT to do the Strasbourg North South Marathon again. I had to do it at least once being the first one ever, but never again, and I don't care. Once you get up a hill, and go down, you are going back up one. Next year I will do Bob Potts in York for Spring Marathon. Now that I have done the north South Marathon, its over. It's a cool concept Marathon, but the course itself, YUCK>>>> Take care hope you heal up soon.

  22. Coy Martinez says

    I do! I can't stand to run the Derby Half Marathon in Louisville! It's sort of like a rite of passage to runners around here because it's a local race, Derby, yadda yadda but I ran it and was not impressed, literally zero porta pottys AND the shirt is hideous. The race is sponsored by Wal Mart and their logo is ALL over it! I like Wal Mart but not on my race shirt. I kindly say no when others are signing up the day it opens. I'm no race diva either. :)

  23. Jill says

    I'd take a stellar pace and no ag placement any day…..this slow pace thing is starting to eat at me!

    I'd say any 5K I run is pretty much a bad race for me! 😉

  24. Adrienne says

    I once ran a 25k in downtown Houston.I had no idea what the race was really about when I registered.

    It was 3 narrow loops of rolling concrete. While my time was awesome, the course was just bleh!

    Live and learn:)

  25. HappyTrails says

    Hmmm… we are not big racers but what we look for when we do get a wild hair and do a race is a fun and scenic route which would be on trails. Maybe a new area we have never been – something new and fresh. Did I mention FUN???

  26. Jess @ Blonde Ponytail says

    Since I'm such a noob to racing I don't think I have races that hate me…however, I WILL not be running my marathon #2 course anytime soon…I'm thinking the PNW doesn't like me running 26.2 miles since my first marathon (Portland) rained the entire time.

    Maybe I need to visit you out east!

    Even though you have been sidelined, I continue to learn and grow from your writing every day!

  27. The Green Girl says

    My worst race experiences hands-down have been the Nike Human Race ones. Poorly organized, not enough course support, inadequate water and food, I could go on and on.

  28. Teamarcia says

    The soldier field 10 miler is my least favorite race. I ran it in 2006, too many people on a tiny bike path plus I sprained my ankle at mile 5. I've heard it's gotten better, may need to reconsider….maybe.

  29. Richelle says

    I got ITBS at the 100% Irish for a Day 10-Miler in 2010. Sidelined me for a couple months.

    I also ran a 5K the day before the 4th of July last year. It was a hot evening run and there were no water stops along the course. Bad idea because it was so hot! The race tee was also horrible.

  30. Caratunk Girl says

    I did the Disney Marathon (I actually did the half marathon one day and the marathon the next) and that was complete hell for me. It was SUPER hot. There were like 10's of thousands of runners. It was insane. I don't think I will be in another race with over 5000 people again, especially that one.

  31. Johann says

    I have a few races like that. Strange thing is they are all shorter races (10, 15 and 21k). I don't feel like that about any longer races.

  32. Big Daddy Diesel says

    I have one. Deer Creek, it owns me, 0-3 at that race, makes me wonder if its more mental then physical. I am going back later this year to it. I want payback and at the same time, I am scared about it as well.

  33. ajh says

    I"m trying to think of a particular one. Mostly I hate races that are poorly run and disorganized and I don't go back.

  34. Runblondie26 says

    Oh my, it must be a pretty awful race if winning awards doesn't even redeem it in your memory.

    I've never done the Peachtree Road Race, but it holds zero appeal to me. Hot, sticky, humid weather and having to deal with a mob of 55,000 other people. No thanks. it's about as high on my list as being in Times Square on New Year's eve.

  35. Kim says

    I've never done it (It's poorly timed for my training), but I haven't exactly heard good things about that race. It's just so hot!!!