Sometimes you can’t be superman (or woman)

Mr. Zippy likes to claim that he is SuperMan thanks to his very fortunate genes. While I lead a healthy lifestyle and still manage to get sick and injured, SuperMan, Mr. Zippy somehow manages time and again to eat crappy food, train through injury upon injury, and never slow down. It's frustrating.Today I was reminded once again that I am … [Read more...]

Bieber yoga? (and a winner)

First things first: says that the winner of my Run Pretty Far tank giveaway is speedy Samantha of Feet in Motion. Congrats Samantha--you're going to love this tank!When I was at the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference last week I was exposed to lots of great blogs: Black Girls Run,  The Heart and Humor of Being Human, … [Read more...]

In the center of gravity–a chat with Newton’s Ian Adamson

Ian Adamson at Newton LabsI've been a fan of Ian Adamson forever. For you young 'uns out there who might not know who he is, let me spell it out: He is the most successful adventure racer of all time with seven world championship wins, 22 world championship podium finishes, 18 international adventure race championship titles and Gold, … [Read more...]

And that’s a wrap!

The crew at lunch--me, Jill, Beth, Jason and Clair Meet ups; amazing views; education; goodies; opportunities. The Fitness and Health Bloggersconference in Boulder was all that and more. I had a great time meeting some amazing rock star bloggers and learning more than my small brain can handle. You know I love me some bullet … [Read more...]

Meet Seven New Things–Live!

We're trying something new and innovative here at the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference--live blogging. Think of it as speed dating between bloggers and brands. Each blogger gets to spend 5 minutes with each of seven brands. During that time, we are sending out our impressions of these products right to you, live. Below, my 5-minute … [Read more...]

Sticky topic: Do you use disclaimers?

I'm here at the Fitness & Health Blogger Conference in Boulder, where I'm having a great time (in spite of Beth's boot camp!) learning tons and getting to meet up with some real social media A-listers. Not to mention great fellow bloggers like Jason, Jill, Erin and SUAR.One topic that caught me off guard was the subject of using … [Read more...]

Three Things Thursday (outta here version!)

1. I'm off to Boulder for the Health and Fitness Bloggers Conference! Cannot wait. I don't know what's the best part--the conference itself, meeting up with SUAR, Jason, and Jill, or being in Boulder. Expect some live blogging and lots of fun posts during and after. 2. While there, I'm going Newton HQ that is. I'm catching up with … [Read more...]

Run Pretty Far (review and giveaway)

Yesterday, I gave you a sneak peak of the great tank the gals at Run Pretty Far sent me to review and giveaway. Today I'm going to fill you in on this great company and its products. A fairly new company, Run Pretty Far was created by two running women who wanted to combine great fit and fabric with fun designs. I think they've … [Read more...]

What I’m loving right now

Ok, I'm not being original here in this post about a few of my current favorites, but I wanted to share them with you anyhow, 'cause frankly, they rock! Here goes:1. These shoes: They're from the Merrell barefoot line and they are my go-to everyday shoes. So cute, so comfy, and love the yellow color. They make my feet happy.2. This … [Read more...]

This one I won’t miss!

I'll admit, being sidelined for pretty much all of 2011 so far (and I mean so far--this will change!) has been a real drag. Watching races come and go and seeing my friends out there kicking ass in them makes me sad. Boston, Cherry Blossom--I could go on--have all seen me on the sidelines. But one race that I am not going to miss is the … [Read more...]

The party’s almost over

In other words, school's out for summer next Wednesday. Yes, we do have the longest school year in the country, in case you were wondering. Chalk it up to Maryland wimpiness when it comes to snow. I believe we had something like 15 inches total for the entire season, and yet we're making up five days. Compare that to Syracuse, where I … [Read more...]

What I don’t want to do…

Is discourage anyone from barefoot or minimalist running with my current foot situation. I know there are many naysayers out there who actually look to injuries in barefoot runners as proof that it is wrong. But even though my feet are messed up (in whatever capacity!) I stand by my belief that it is the right way to go.Here's the … [Read more...]

I’m a woman of mystery

Or, how to stump your doctor....As you know, I began experimenting with barefoot running a few months back. About six weeks into it, though, both my feet were experiencing horrible top of foot pain, bad enough to sideline me. I haven't run since and have been through a bevy of tests. I've had an MRI, follow-up x-rays at six weeks, and … [Read more...]