Tuesday Tidbits

Lots of randomness to share, so here goes:

  • At brunch on Sunday we saw Woody Harrelson. We were sitting outside and he pulled up on his bike and locked it up. I actually didn’t recognize him, but did notice him because he was wearing Vibram Five Fingers. The waiter pointed him out to us after he was gone. He’s here shooting a movie–you know, Baltimore, the capitol of movie making?
  • I’m wondering how long it will be before my son can kick my arse at every sport. I already know that on anything shorter than a 200 in the pool he’s got me beat. Last night we were playing lacrosse in the yard and I was trying hard, not giving him an inch. He beat me at something like 10 straight face-offs. I predict that within two years, he’ll have me at running too, and that’s ok by me!
  • My feet are feeling pretty damn good right about now. My hope is that in two weeks I can start easing back into running (yes, again). Last injury. Ever.
  • Pretty sure I ruined my ipod shuffle today at the pool. I’ve been using a case from H2OAudio to protect it. Apparently, however, I can find a way to get water into that case…I think opening it up after water running, dripping wet, allowed some water in. Then I let it sit in my gym bag all weekend. Today it lasted about 10 minutes then stopped cold. 
  • My dog, as much as I love him, has the most toxic gas you can ever imagine. It seriously woke me up last night.
  • Four days until the outdoor pool season is here. I LOVE swimming outdoors.
  • Ten days until the first beach trip of the season. Summer is the best.
  • Finally, need some new shoes? Check back on Friday for a great giveaway!

What’s going on in your world?

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  1. ShutUpandRun says:

    Crap about the iPod. I get nervous everytime I use my H20 audio case. So far so good.

    Jealous about your beach trip for sure. Being land locked stinks sometimes.

  2. Matty O says:

    My dog probably rivals yours on the gas front LOL.

    I WOULD NEVER take my Ipod in the pool. So scared, they can gurantee it all they want but in the words of Tommy Boy, "I can take a $hit in a box and mark it with a guarantee if you want" hahaha.

    Fingers crossed on the feet issues!

  3. I'm glad to hear your foot is feeling good. Woody Harrelson is one of those actors that has picked roles that make him seem cool…"white men can't jump," "zombieland" etc.

    There is something about a dog fart that is just unbearable. Mine is the same way. It makes you want to leave the room.

  4. our pool opens on Saturday….which is perfect timing because I officially started my Tri training this week!

  5. Adrienne says:

    I watched/volunteered the inaugural Ironman Texas this weekend. While I didn't see movie stars, I did see Desiree Ficker and Chris Lieto (somewhere there's a pic but not on my camera!).

    Oddly enough, I respect the ironpeeps, but didn't catch the bug myself…is that bad???!!

  6. fancy nancy says:

    Oh I want pool season here…it has been rainy, cloudy, and cool for the last 3 weeks….I'm just praying that this isn't what summer is going to be. I am a NEED THE BEACH kind of girl!

  7. Caratunk Girl says:

    I take my iPod to the pool with H2O audio all the time…but I do not open it until I am all dried off and then I dry the thing off too – maybe that helps?

    Cool about seeing Woody.

    When I first read you say you can't wait for outdoor swimming, I was like ME TOO. Then I saw you swim outside in a lap pool? I didn't know they had that? It seems funny to me for some reason, but I guess it makes total sense. I just pictured a lake and was jealous that you were already out there. ha ha I guess I am a hick girl for sure.

  8. Marlene says:

    Neato that Woody was wearing Vibrams, and too funny that THAT is why you noticed him. I wonder if he runs!

  9. Tri-Living...Together says:

    My world?? Well I can't swim with music, I don't know how you all do it!! I ran in my Luna's today! I'm going back to what I know.. no more shoe searching. Woohooo!! Love my dog too.. she's not gassy really unless the kids feed her something unusual. (mamarunsbarefoot)

  10. Jill @ Run for the Hills says:

    Yay for no foot pain!
    It's becoming increasingly clear to me over the last few weeks that living on the beach is a must at some point in my life. I hope you greatly enjoy your vacation!

  11. I'm so glad your feet are doing well!
    So sorry about your iPod. That really stinks!
    I thought the same thing about my dog last night! Gross!
    And you're so lucky you get to go to the beach!

  12. Raquelita says:

    Ooooh! Beach trip! And that's great news about the feet feeling good! I'm gearing up for my trip to Madison and my half-marathon this weekend.

  13. Dog gas?? Ewwww.

    YAY for 2 more weeks and back to running…we can slog through some slow miles virtually together – and maybe a couple when you're here in A MONTH!! :)

    This is TOTALLY your last injury. If I read one more injury from you I'm going to have to haul your butt out here for some serious margarita treatments!!

  14. Our pool is open, but it has been to cold. My H is being cheap about the heat this year because the propane is so expensive:)
    My boys still have a way to go before they can beat me at LAX. I am always after my husband. He is not in great shape, but give that guy a stick and the goal and he kicks our butt every time. aaaarrrgghhh…
    Yay for the beach!!

  15. ShebaJC says:

    Put your iPod in a ziplock with dry, uncooked rice (I think white works best) and leave it overnight. The rice should suck the moisture right out of your iPod!

  16. Glad to hear that your feet are doing better!

    I've learned from scuba diving that water tight things are typically not as water tight as you think they'll be. For one thing – you have to make absolutely sure that nothing gets in the seal – not hair, not dust, NOTHING or else the seal will leak. When Hubby gets his camera ready to take underwater, it takes forever because he has to inspect every seal and make sure that there is no hair or dust on them.

    That being said, I totally wish I had something so that I could listen to music underwater (for swimming, not scuba).

  17. Broken Ipod? Bad juju! Sorry to hear that! :(

    And Woody Harrelson? Very cool! I have met more celebrities than I care to admit, so they really don't thrill me anymore—but Woody Harrelson would be neat!


  18. Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner says:

    So Woody uses Vibrams, huh? How cool that you saw him!
    Shame about the iPod, I don't really trust those cases though, I'm so worried that will happen!

  19. marathonmaiden says:

    i want a beach day nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  20. Jess @ Blonde Ponytail says:

    Oh yes, i know all about dog methane!!

    Yes good news on the feet! 2 week count down then…crossing fingers for you!

  21. Michelle says:

    Glad your foot's feeling good! Too funny about your dog — my dog's pretty potent too…just torture! :)

  22. my waterproof mp3 player has been giving me a time of it lately and not making through the water. It's hell! ;) I hope yours dries out and you can get back to rocking the water!

    Good news about your foot, def last inury ever!

    Your son has good genes!

  23. I've been so absent from the blogosphere but my oh my, I've missed you and your blog! Woody Harrelson, how random! Angela just got the 5 fingers. She has spent the last year transitioning to a minimal shoe. She loves them!

  24. I can totally seeing my boys beating me at running someday too!
    Yay on the beach trip and outdoor swimming! :)

  25. Seems like Baltimore is a happening place! My dog used to have potent gas too! IT was gross!

  26. Erin@gosupermamago says:

    Glad your feet are feeling better! Can I come to the beach with you? I'm jealous! :)

    I'll be back on Friday for new shoes! (a girl can dream right?):)

  27. I love summer. I have not started counting the days left of this school year but need to start. Oh if only we had not had those 4 snow days!

  28. I thought I'd killed my iPhone by throwing it into the dishwashing water. I put it in an air-tight container with some rice and some of those dessicants that you get in vitamin bottles and a couple of days later it rose from the dead.

  29. Richelle says:

    The local outdoor pool opens in early June, and I can't wait to get some swimming done before I move and am no longer eligible to get the resident rate.

    I'm so happy that your feet are feeling better. Here's to a summer of running barefoot and pain free! :)

    I saw Pierce Brosnan at an airport in Hawaii back in 2005. My college bandmates and I were doing a tour and saw him before our first of three flights home.

  30. Just bought two new pairs but I guess you won't give away high heels? LOL

    I would be worried if your son didn't beat you, he's got the advantage of yougth so it's normal.

    Funny that you saw Woody Harrelson. I haven't seen much famous people (yet) except for Rutger Hauer, he's a Dutch actor who played in some American movies (The Hitcher from the 80's).

    The reason I don't swim is that the pool in my village closed the outdoor pool years ago and now all we have is an indoor pool and I don't like swimming indoors.

  31. chris mcpeake says:

    I try to always blame the dog for the gas in our house. Unfortunately we dont have a dog. Nobody buys "it was the cat"

  32. Michelle says:

    Cool that you son can beat you! I can't wait for those days!

    Have fun on vaca!

  33. Oh no about the iPod; and unfortunately I can relate about the dog gas. Yikes! I don't wish that on anyone.

    Winks & Smiles,

  34. track coach and adorable wife says:

    Sorry bout the ipod! That stinks. Yay for having your kids beat you at things, though. My four year old can outrun me right now, no problem! Although, so can my two year old!

  35. Black Knight says:

    Laughing about your dog "problem". We have a lady cat, we immediately understand when she wakes up … for the same reason.

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