Pick me, Runner’s World!

If  you haven’t heard, Runner’s World is looking for a few fashion-forward runners for an upcoming article and has been combing the blogosphere for candidates. Personally, I think Tonia is a shoe-in for this one; the girl always puts effort into her training and racing outfits and looks like a million bucks.

But what about me? Surely my thrown-together looks deserve some attention? I give you the evidence:

Ok, nothing original here
Sweat-stained shirt, anyone?
Freezing in my club colors
Sensing a theme here…I like black shorts/skirts
I don’t think I have to say a thing here–it was for a giveaway, in my defense!

All right, all right. I guess when I pull things out of my drawers, perhaps I don’t give it too much thought. Or rather, I think about the temperatures and what kind of workout/race I have ahead of me, rather than how I look. I’m old school people. So Runner’s World, when you get around to that article on dressing for functionality rather than fashion, I’m ready and waiting!

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  1. Silly Girl Running says

    That last photo is hilarious! What is that thing you're wearing over your head, arms, etcetera? 😉

  2. Running Ricig says

    Lol, I think the last pic could get you in!

    I'm not very fashion forward while I'm running either. I'm pretty much about utility and being visible so I don't get hit by a car.

  3. Raquelita says

    That last pic is priceless! While I'm pretty stylish in terms of my regular clothes and daily outfits, fashion is usually the last thing on my mind as I'm sweating away the miles.

  4. Aimee says

    I'm totally with you on this one. I could care less about the fashion aspect of it. If it fits well, does a great job wicking my sweat away, then that is what I'm going to wear!!

  5. Julie D. says

    Ha. Ha. What's wrong with a little functionality? ;). Come on runners world you don't know what you are passing up!!! ;).

  6. Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog says

    Great fashion show! I love it. I am with Aimee who cares about the fashion part. what matters is comfort and function!

  7. cheryl says

    They will probably choose someone wearing one of those god-awful skirts. And who looks as if they are going to a tennis lesson instead of out for a run!

  8. Michael says

    I totally think you should win this one! I definitely say funtion over fashion when it comes to running, but you still look GREAT!

  9. Rene' says

    i thought of entering a pic, but it seems like a lot of people are entering. T definitely has this in the bag.

  10. Shellyrm ~ just a country runner says

    I think we are in the same boat. I usually grab whats quickly available given the conditions but sometimes it's fun to look a little like I tried. sometimes. At the end of the run I usually only care about the amount of sweat I can wring out of my outfit. 😉 When RD does an article on sweating a lot, I'll make the cover!

  11. Momma K gotzt the runs says

    Hey Zip, they emailed me yesterday!!! Re: this hilarious shirt I wear and yes it was paired with a skirt. Ill let you know if it amounts to anything. I am definatly not a fashionista as I sweat like a man in a sauna with a fur jacket on but Ill take it.

  12. Marlene says

    You're hilarious! This is great. Thanks for sharing and making me not feel so bad for haphazardly throwing together most of my running outfits!

  13. Melissa C says

    You make me feel a ton better too. I was almost a train wreck today at the gym because I almost paired my hot pink ceps with my almost red and navy top. I did have on black shorts (with the navy, yuck), but opted for white socks so I wasn't a complete eyesore. I try a little bit at the gym because there is more personal interaction than outside, but for the most part, if it functions, it is worn. Notice that clean was not in there :) I do have a race uniform that was provided to me free of charge, so that makes it really easy to look presentable when racing, but is also makes it hard to buy the fancy running clothing.

  14. racing dawn says

    Functionality should win!!! How many times have I worn something because it was cute and during the whole run I was diggin' out wedgies or sweating like crazy or chafed… Seriously. :)

  15. track coach and adorable wife says

    That's hilarious! thanks for showing not all of us can dress super cute all the time!

  16. Carly says

    Love it!!! My running skirt made me pay the price for cuteness……the chaffing was not worth it! Runner's World, I hope are paying attention!!

  17. Richelle says

    I certainly don't dress very cute… sometimes I don't even match! You, on the other hand, look great, even if your look is "thrown together." :)

  18. Terzah says

    I too am much more about function than form. I'm not big on 70s-style street clothes OR running clothes–some of this mixing of stripes and flowers and pepto bismal pink reminds me of the stuff in my high school photos that now has me going, whoa, what was I thinking.

  19. Mark says

    I have to disagree with Richelle. She always looks cute… but then I am biased. "Thrown together" look is what is in I hear though.

  20. Fran says

    LOL at that last pic, thought you were doing a Ninja Turtle Race LOL

    I have to say my outfits match because I buy them as a set: capri, jacket and always 2 shirts and I do mind the color of them (girly colors). The shoes however I don't watch the color because the fitting of the shoe is more important. So there I am running in a pink/black outfit with red shoes and I couldn't care less.

  21. Meg says

    Ha, ha! As much as I like to dress up for school and for fun, I NEVER do for running. Minimizing my layers and being comfortable is a priority. I would vote for you though!!

  22. AM-GoalsfortheWeek! says

    I'm sorry…but you actually look really cute in all those pics. you just do!

    and hey, isn't that the Athleta sleevless twist top? a fav of mine.

    And I think you just write an article and submit it…;-);-);-)

  23. Running Mama says

    Oh geez…you should have seen my running clothes this morning. I took a pic to post, but after seeing how faded and pathetic my 100% cotton yoga pants and tank looked, I decided against it. Guess it's time to buy some decent running clothes. :)


  24. Chris K says

    If you are not picked I will immediately call 911 cuz you were robbed.

    How about making the pics a little bigger though. Miss Modest.

  25. Jennifer says

    Not one piece of my running gear matches the next. LOL. I am with you on this one. That hoodie thing is pretty hideous though… but you look fabulous in anything!

  26. Black Knight says

    You deserve a special issue of the magazine!
    If they don't do it I will not renew my subscription!

  27. lindsay says

    I think you look great! My clothes are usu total clashing… 80's color "coordinating". RW outta pick you!

  28. KT80 (Running Like a Girl) says

    I think they next one they do should be a 'What Not To Wear' and they can make all of us over!