Barefoot perfection

No, certainly not talking about myself here. I have a long way to go. But if you want to see perfect running style, check out this video of Dr. Mark Cucuzzella running barefoot through Antietam Battlefield. He used this video as part of his presentation to the medical symposium held at Boston last week:

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  1. Jennifer says

    Very cool. I would be terrified to step on something sharp! BTW the tie-die shirts really do the trick!

  2. Elle says

    The technique is very much like the chi running technique I think. I have been working on that.

    But barefoot? I am thinking not a good idea on the city roads and sidewalks where I do most of my running.

    Interesting video though. Thanks for featuring it.

  3. says

    Mark is a linchpin in the barefoot and minimalist movement, and this is just one example of what he does so well. He's quoted widely and offers great tips for learning how to run naturally, and many of them can be found on his blog via the Two Rivers Treads Web site.

  4. Michelle says

    Great video – like Elle mentioned it reminds me of many of the techniques and cues I learned in my Chi clinic. Still working on it but feeling pretty good these days since I started.

  5. Angie Bee says

    To address some concerns about stepping on sharp things on the roads….I have run the Des Moines marathon barefoot as part of my 1200 miles barefoot last year. Not once have I lacerated my foot and the rocks can be cuss worthy but if you see whats on the road then you just go around or over.

    It was surprising when I first started running barefoot 2 years ago that the roads are far cleaner than I had ever imagined. The roads seem cleaner then the sidewalks since the roads are often swept.

  6. Cynthia O'H says

    I am always so amazed by barefoot runners – risk-takers and determined athletes, as well as totally cool. Seeing form that that on the video is impressive!

  7. Michael says

    I don't think I'm ready for the barefoot thing…but I definitely think there's something to the whole Chi/mid foot strike thing. I just can't imagine actually running barefoot.

  8. Lisa {} says

    what incredible form!! i love to watch runners who make it look so effortless and fluid. thanks for the video!

  9. Joanne says

    Good video.
    My hubby and I were just too curious (even though somewhat skeptical) about the Vibram 5-Fingers for natural running. I tried them around the drive way and I felt "flat". But since I love to go barefoot (not running) I just might get used to these.
    Maybe my "flat" feeling was because my legs haven't gotten their spring back yet from the race.
    I'm going to use the Vibrams on the mill first then venture outside for a mile, then two, then three.

    *I saw a barefoot running in Boston! Unbelievable!

  10. misszippy says

    Angie Bee–Thanks for those comments. So true!

    Josh–yes, I think I missed the mark with the videos. ; )

  11. Matty O says

    That is too funny! I was watching this video last week too :)

    I don't know that I can handle it. My IT Band issues were caused from that style and now my achilles is suffering from all the running I did that way :(

    Think I need a MUCH slower progression but now am paying the price.

    Be smart :)

  12. Anabela (Bela) Neves says

    I agree with a post above, he does seem weighless, looks unbelievable. Not sure if I could do it though!

  13. Mark says

    Thanks Amanda for sharing with your readers. we are trying to demystify barefoot running. runners can learn a tremendous amount by doing some short and progressive barefoot runs. most will prefer shoes for the majoring of running based on surface texture. for those of you blessed with smooth roads, a beach, or a nice smooth trail you may never buy shoes again…at least for spring/summer/fall.


  14. Jen says

    I loved it! I hope I will look like that someday! And I loved where he said that the harder the surface and the less under your feet the softer you will land. So true, yet so hard to believe!