A look inside the world of Mr. Zippy

A friend of ours once said that when he dies, my husband will have the word “Job” written on his headstone, because he needs the patience of Job to live with me. Ok, I’ll give him that.  So here it is, straight from Mr. Zippy’s mouth—a peek at what it’s like to live with me:
In the Zippy household, because we have two kids and both like to work out in the early morning, we split our workout days equally (3 mornings each) and then fight over Sunday. The difference, however,  is that I am just trying to get a few hours on the basketball court for my fourth day of working out. Her daily work out usually involves something like a morning run followed by a swim and finished off by a yoga class or lifting weights. I am struggling to find 1.5 hours to get in a solid work out. Not a trifecta! Her trifecta happens every single day!!
Racing is another interesting situation. I too have raced in various sports such as running, triathlons and cycling. My goal is to finish in the top third of the males my age. My wife’s goal is to finish in the top three of her age group.  Don’t forget her race days usually steal one of my workout days. Not only that, she turns into the thing that chases Sigourney Weaver in the 1980s movie as race day approaches.
My wife said this should not be too long, so I will finish the way David Letterman would. Here is my top 10 list regarding life with MissZippy : 
1.Do I look fat in this?” No, you really need to work out more and steal more of my workout days.
2. What the hell are all of the charges on our credit card for active.com?
3. On vacation- “I need to rent a bike. I need to find a pool. I need to join a gym for the week.”
4. Being scolded for not getting home from basketball soon enough for her to get her 6 hours of training in before noon.
5.  Hearing she is only going to do 5 marathons this year.
6. Getting the list on Saturday morning that involves all the kids’ activities, chores and errands that need to be done while she is getting her long run in.
7.  Getting beat by my wife in every race I enter.
8.  Getting harassed about my 1980s vintage workout wear. I don’t write a blog and get to try the newest and coolest stuff.
9.  Hearing my children worry about heel striking when playing.
10. Looking at my wife. She is a very attractive lady. Like a fine wine she gets better with time and really, most importantly, more relaxed the older she gets.

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  1. Michelle says

    Love this! Put a big ol' smile on my face! I'm sure that many husbands would have similar posts. Hee, hee. Love #10! Congrats Zippy's! Just wait til your kids want to start racing.

  2. Jennifer says

    This is great. MrZippy is great. I would read your blog if you had one! Continued good luck with those Saturdays!

  3. Running and living says

    Love this. I need to have my husband read it. They all should form a support group. And nr. 6 is genius – I need to start implementing that!

  4. Meg says

    OK, this was HI-la-ri-ous!!
    I love the credit card charges, ooops! Done that one.
    Oh and the "honey do"list for YOUR long run. Too cute.
    Yes, these guys of our are keepers!

  5. Julie D. says

    Mr. Zippy is a lucky man! Miss Zippy is too, it sounds!! Showed this to my husband…he found it especially hilarious! :)

  6. Penny says

    OMG I cant stop laughing. I love that your husband gets you even if that can be difficult at times. My husband would probably say it's all about me. To be honest he is right when it comes to my running and workouts. He doesnt undestand why I run or workout. Thank Mr. Zippy for the top 10 David Letterman.. Loved the whole post.

  7. Gracie (Complicated Day) says

    This is great. At least you're both trying to work out, even if you're fighting over the time!

  8. Beth says

    This is great! I LOL'd at the kids yelling about heel striking. Hopefully they'll grow up to be as active as their parents!

  9. runningonwords says

    Ha, I am terrified of what my husband would say if I did this. Sounds like you two are perfect for each other!

  10. Jen says

    Love this idea! Thank God my husband isn't interested in working out. Actually he is quite lazy and I often give him crap for it… I think I will have to stop so he doesn't mess with my workout time.

  11. Marlene says

    What a fun idea for a post! Veyr brave to give it to us from the hubby's perspectve. I'm sure many can relate!

  12. Angie Bee says

    aaawww! You can tell he loves you :) seriously, the flipside to any negative is an equal or greater opposite feeling so though it may come across as annoyed its pretty clear that he kinda likes you!

  13. Fran says

    This is very cool. Nice to meet you mr. Zippy.

    You have a great wife but reading this you seem also very great to me.

    Number 10 of your list is the best compliment a woman can get in my opinion.

  14. amy says

    This is fabulous! I think the sig others might need to form a support group. Or, maybe that's a terrible idea…

  15. Dash says

    HAHA! My non-running husband will think this is hysterical! When we have my stepdaughter, we've got some coordinating to do so he can get his BasketBall game in and I can get my run!

  16. Johann says

    Haha, well said! I must admit that thing comes out in many runners when a big event approaches. Lovely post!

  17. Jen says

    This was so great! His top 10 list had me laughing out loud! I think my husband (or any athlete's husband) could have written a few of those! Ummm….my kids are talking about heel striking as well!

  18. Irene says

    My husband has the same issue as #7, except for the year I ran sick and had to walk the last three miles. LOL. Great post!

  19. EricaH says

    Love the list very funny and points to Mr. Zippy for ending the list with a super flattering compliment smart man. :)

  20. HappyTrails says

    I, too, think Mr. Zippy needs to have a monthly post! Too fun! I love #3 – we are rather lame in that we have NEVER taken a vacation where we didn't plan it around whether there were good trails to run or good trails to ride on our mt. bikes or good road routes for our road bikes! Thanks for sharing with us Mr. and Ms. Zippy!

  21. Jeff - DangleTheCarrot says

    Awesome! 9. Hearing my children worry about heel striking when playing …. this one cracked me up!

  22. Terzah says

    I can relate to #3 too–I ran several times on our honeymoon. My husband likes to run, but I think he just wanted to sit on the beach on that trip. Strange guy. I showed this post to him–he said the one about active.com hit closest to home for him. Great post!