May madness

It’s ironic to me that the month that, around here at least, offers some of the best weather is also the month that always threatens to be my undoing. Why is it that the schools want to jam pack every last activity in during these final weeks? Is there no way to spread it out a bit? An example–everything going on this coming week: A […]

There’s a war going on…

It seems that the tops of my feet don’t really like what the bottoms of my feet are doing to them. And my calf muscles must take some of the blame too. When you overdo it with barefoot running, one of the common ailments is called top of foot pain (TOFP). I have it in spades right now. It hurt so badly last weekend that […]

Food Nazi? (and a winner)

First up, let me just say that you guys love all things compression wear! I had over 230 entries for the CEP compression socks. The lucky winner was number 105, the gorgeous running mama Kim at Finallyfit2011. Congrats Kim! For the rest of you, stay tuned for another great compression-related giveaway in the next couple of days. And now onto food! I’m often labeled a […]

The Sock Doc answers

A couple of weeks ago, I asked you to send in your questions for Dr. Stephen Gangemi, aka the sock doc, who is the applied kinesiologist got me over the hump with my ITB issues. I received lots of questions, some on my blog and some via email. Dr. Gangemi has looked the questions over and answered several of them. Where there were commonalities (stress […]

Barefoot perfection

No, certainly not talking about myself here. I have a long way to go. But if you want to see perfect running style, check out this video of Dr. Mark Cucuzzella running barefoot through Antietam Battlefield. He used this video as part of his presentation to the medical symposium held at Boston last week: Related Posts:What I rememberA great Chicago story

New Giveaway/Old Giveaway

One Fish, Two Fish,….stop me! My kids are on spring break, remember? And my daughter is currently addicted to reading Dr. Seuss books out loud, so I can’t help myself. Old Giveaway–According to, the winner of Marshall Ulrich’s new book, Running on Empty is Elle at Eat Run Sail. Email me at and we’ll get you squared away. New Giveaway–Jamie at CEP sent […]

Girls gone wild

Or not so much. This week is my kids’ spring break. Mr. Zippy had to do some travel this week, so I took them to a resort up in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania. Kind of a different spring break than those of my college days. Let’s compare: Then–Stayed up until all hours of the night hitting the bars.Now–We were all in bed by 9:00. […]

Want to run a strong Boston (or any marathon)?

For all you Boston peeps, with only one day to go until the 115th start in Hopkinton, your training is complete and there’s nothing you can change about it now. But you can keep a few tips in mind as you run tomorrow. In fact, everyone with a marathon in their future can benefit from these tips. They represent an excerpt from an excellent article […]

Running on Empty: Review, interview, and giveaway

  Marshall Ulrich is one tough dude. His resume as an adventure racer and ultramarathoner stands alone–he’s run more than one hundred foot races averaging 125 miles each; he’s summited Everest; he’s completed 12 expedition-length adventure races. And he’s won a heck of a lot of these events. All of which prepared him for the ultimate challenge of running across America 2 1/2 years ago, […]

Ask the sock doc

  You might recall that I was able to return to running after my ITB injury with the help of Dr. Stephen Gangemi, aka the sock doc. He’s a certified applied kinesiologist and used some techniques to get me back in motion that I couldn’t find anywhere else. I honestly think that had I not seen him, I would still be sitting on the sidelines […]