Of course I had to peek

With everyone looking up their Boston numbers, I had to at least see what corral I would have been in. I was a 12,000–towards the front of wave two. Would have been nice, but c’est la vie. I am completely ok with not being on the start line this year. Right now I am so thankful and joyful that I am running at all that Boston takes a very big back seat.

More importantly? I get to pace my son in a 5k on April 2. When I thought I wouldn’t even be able to do that a while back, it broke my heart. Now I get to do it and that is just SO RIGHT!

Another thing–none of my running partners were headed to Boston this year, but next year, it’s looking like we’ll be there in force. Most of us already have times (plus our 20 minutes to ensure registration) and those who don’t are already signed up for spring marathons to get their times. Had I gone this year, not sure I would have sprung for the trip again one year later.

So perhaps this was all providential? Who knows. I just know I am happy and I don’t feel a Boston 2011 void. Cool beans by me.

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  1. Hannah says

    You have an awesome attitude about this, and that makes me so happy! Everything tends to work out just as it is supposed to, despite setbacks we experience. I'm so happy you're up and running, period. You're awesome. Keep it up.

  2. Jogging with Fiction says

    I'm so glad you get to pace your son. You seem to have found a good place now, I'm happy for you!

  3. Marlene says

    Boston will be a great celebration next year with so many from your group going – you must be a speedy bunch! And GREAT news that you'll get to race with your son afterall!!

  4. J says

    It sucks that you had to get injured this year but things do have way of working! Next year at Boston will be awesome for you I am sure!

  5. Black Knight says

    To run with your son is the best gift you can get! I will do the same on sunday.
    Now you are back and Boston is always there waiting for you…..2012 is on the corner.

  6. Jason says

    Love the great positive attitude towards it all. Life works in mysterious ways that way and now you may have a chance to meet me b/c I AM going to qualify for Boston. Now don't get really healed up and head there b/c I scared you with the fact that I am going to do everything I can to be there next year.

  7. Melissa C says

    Great spirit! Maybe I will see you there next year. I was injured last year, so I couldn't run in my race to qualify. Here's to trying again in 2011 for 2012! My next attempt to qualify is April 2nd!

  8. Aron says

    I am a BIG "everything happens for a reason" believer, even though sometimes it's impossible to see the "reason" at the time, it looks like you are already finding some of yours :)

  9. middleagedrunner says

    Next year will be YOUR year! Great that you get to do the 5K with you son, good that you are able to run and great that you aren't feeling down. Good job with the positivity!

  10. Mamarunsbarefoot says

    You really are awesome, inspiring and have such an uplifting attitude!!!!! So glad I found you on blogging!

  11. Jill says

    I wondered if I'd have regret this time of year for not registering, but I don't. Now, if I were in racing shape maybe I would but that never happened.

    Yay you get to run with your kiddo now!! :)

  12. Char says

    You're so right – there's always next year. And the years fly by so quickly that it'll be here before you know it.

  13. marathonmaiden says

    i know that getting to the positive place must have been hard but it sounds like everything is coming together lovely for you. yay!

  14. Richelle says

    I'm so glad that you're running again. I'm excited already to read your race report from the April 2nd race.

  15. Jim ... 50after40 says

    You have handled the whole thing with grace and class … besides, I'm pretty sure you can still outrun me!!!

  16. Anabela (Bela) Neves says

    You will rock Boston next year and the 5K with your son will me such a special moment, can't wait to hear about it!

  17. Chris K says

    It's amazing how adversity can really affect our thoughts, eh? You've run Boston. Been there, done that. What's important is that you are on the recovery trail. Maybe we'll run it next year.

  18. Dash says

    yeah, I remember you were trying to decide if you wanted to do Boston since none of your partners were. Next year you will kick butt!

  19. Fran says

    I think this year pacing your son is way more important than doing Boston.

    There will be one next year and you and your running buddies will rock Boston 2012!

    This year: you've got this boy who looks with pride at his Mom who's pacing him!

  20. Matty O says

    :) Interesting how life works out huh? I always look at the positive in life. All my crap I went through only made me a better person.

    Glad you can see the good in things!