Information Overload

Because I’m working on changing things up with my running form and the way I train, I’m reading everything I can get my hands on to get the information I need. I love reading and learning, but maybe I have too much information? I don’t know–there probably isn’t such a thing. But I have my work cut out for me.

Right now on my reading pile I have:

  • Return to Fitness, by Bill Katovsky (review and giveway to come)
  • The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing, by Dr. Philip Maffetone (review and giveaway to come)
  • Natural Running, by Danny Abshire
  • The Barefoot Book, by Daniel Howell
  • Chi Running, by Danny Dreyer (I’m taking a clinic next week)
  • The Barefoot Running Book, by Jason Robillard
  • Running on Empty, by Marshall Ulrich (review and giveaway to come)

So basically, when I’m not running, I’m reading about running. My head is spinning! What running books do you have on your list right now?

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  1. Teamarcia says

    I just read a book about the brain that explains the overload you're feeling and recommends ways to sort through it all. Can't remember the title right now–ha!

    As for runnig, I'm rereading Racing Weight and Paleo Diet fir Athletes

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Jason says

    I am a follower. I like you on FB. Anything else to get my entries in for the Maffetone book? LOL!!!

    I am reading a Runner's Diet….did you expect something else? Then after that I have Racing Weight sitting there waiting for me…..LOL!!!

    Maybe I need to expand my reading list.

  3. Jogging with Fiction says

    My husband is reading a lot of those too as he's been barefoot running for a while. I can't get into them though. I've just been reading lots of fiction. If you're looking for something to read when you're NOT reading about running, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet is AMAZING

  4. Big Daddy Diesel says

    I finished Racing Weight

    I am now on Go Long by Gordo Byrn

    Next is Your Best Triathlon by Joe Friel

  5. Molly says

    I'm actually taking a break from running books, I don't know why, guess I've been in more of a chick lit mode :)

  6. Gracie (Complicated Day) says

    I read Chi Running last year and I must admit it was tough to concentrate so much on form. So I gave up, haha! Luckily I run kind of Chi anyway, but I do reach my legs a little and I heel-strike for speed sometimes. I think it would be a great way to recover from injury.

  7. Jamoosh says

    No books currently. I have been focusing on some of the more technical running blogs that talk about form and fitness.

  8. Jill @ Run for the Hills says

    I haven't read it, but I've heard Born to Run is great and is in line with what you're wanting to read about.

    I'm with Molly…I had to take a break from the running books and feed my creative side. :)

  9. ShutUpandRun says

    I'm glad you are doing all of this reading so you can narrow it down and make it really easy for the rest of us. Could you bring me an outline when you come in June? You are coming in June, right?

  10. Susan says

    I'm really enjoying RUN! by Dean Karnazes. His books really tap into the mental side of running…grit, passion, and of course, mind over miles. Love it!!! :-)

  11. Joanne says

    I'm the same way. I love to read about running.
    The books I have are mostly about marathon running. But lately, I've been reading books by ultra runners: Dean Karnazes, Pam Reed. I'm in awe of ultra runners lately. AMAZING!

  12. Marissa says

    wow, maybe there's a running book I need to purchase for beginners??! Hmmm…hope you find the perfect book for ya :)

  13. AM-GoalsfortheWeek! says

    My head is spinning just looking at you looking at running books!

    Baby steps right? Just like beginning BF running. It seems you have a lot of info currently with the seminar you went to a few mo's back.

    And I think that's what I looked like w/a stack of books during pregnancy and the first few mo's outta the gate!;-)

  14. Johann says

    I take all info I can get. Somewhere it might be needed. I've got a few books that I use as references. I'm waiting for a book in the mail: "Extreme Running". Really excited about this book! Have a good Friday and weekend!

  15. Jeff - DangleTheCarrot says

    Racing Weight is the last book I read. It is excellent for us skinny people trying to get even skinnier!!!!

  16. Kirstie says

    I'm still trying to get thru Born to Run. I'm not much of a reader.

    Pace yourself otherwise your head may explode 😉

  17. Matty O says

    holy crap!

    I just kind of went out and did it LOL. So far so good. Getting weird aches and pains in different places after each run but assuming that is the body adjusting for this form.

    Maybe I should read up on it???

  18. Fran says

    I'm not reading a running book now, haven't read much of them in the past either. I do read about running, have a subscription to the Dutch and US Runner's World and got a lot of newsletters about running in my mailbox.

  19. Evolving Through Running says

    I moved away from running books and started looking for practical experience on blogs when so much of what I was reading was contradictory. Read something recently that was anti-stretching and anti foam-rolling, two things that I've worked very hard to incorporate into my routine. If only there were a clear blueprint somewhere.

  20. Kim says

    I just got "Racing Weight" in the mail last night. I need to get at least 10 pounds off, I figure, but I have to do some math first. I know I'm not at my ideal weight, at least.

    Can't wait to see some reviews of these!! :)

  21. Julie says

    Chi running, for sure!
    All my friends who make running seem effortless have read Chi Running and use some of the principles.

  22. Jess @ Blonde Ponytail says

    OMIGOODNESS!! Hope you have plenty of highlighters for all that info! Good luck! When is the final exams?! :)

    I have a "to read" list that I have gathered from "stalking" blogs, but the only one I have read thus far, is Run Less, Run Faster. Ignorance is bliss, perhaps??

    Love this pic of you!!

  23. Jennifer says

    "Running Through the Wall; Personal Encounters with the Ultramarathon", by Neal Jamison, a selections of true stories and encounters by folks who run long and their experiences with anything ultra distance.

  24. Kovas says

    RUN! by Dean Karnazes – similar to his other books with some guest authorship by his wife and also Topher Gaylord.

  25. Leah @ Chasing Atalanta says

    I have never read a book about running, but there is one sitting on my shelf awaiting my attention. I keep telling myself I should read it soon. And yet the call of fiction is so much stronger.

  26. racing dawn says

    just finished paleo for athletes. i find it overwelms me to read running books. i lose the joy a bit. maybe it's all the diagrams and molecular breakdowns that bring recurring nightmares from chemistry 101… 😉 i'm in a bit of a slump and running is consuming my thoughts… trying to find that healthy balance again…

  27. Ewa says

    Are you sure you need more books to read? :-)
    There is (sometimes) good information on runner's world barefoot forum if you have the time to sift though some junk posts.

  28. Running and living says

    I am reading Running on Empty, too, well supposed to read it and review it by April 15th, I guess better get to it. Love reading running books. I'll look into those you are reading!

  29. Regina says

    I am an over-researcher. My husband gives me a hard time because I go into information overload then can't organize that info into any kind of decision. Your table looks like my brain!

    Not reading anything training related at the moment.

    Saw your class pic a few posts back. Let me guess, the 80s? I remember it well.

  30. Michelle says

    Yikes – my head is spinning just looking at that pile! I'm currently reading Run Less, Run Faster.

    BTW – I've got a private ChiRunning clinic set up for next Sunday…so excited!

  31. Chris K says

    BTW, my Coach who teaches at the Newton Running Lab in Boulder recently told me to practice Chi Running again. It said it might be a good transition to "natural running". Then, I will transition to Danny Abshire's style. Like you, I'm gonna reset.

  32. Richelle says

    I read The Long Run recently. I also have Chi Running, The Grace to Race, and Born to Run on my list of running books.

  33. Thomas Farrell says

    I am just about to open and begin reading Born to Run – Christopher McDougall, but also really like The Competitive Runners Handbook, it realy helped me with hydration, etc. I've lots of other running books at home to read but don't know where the time will come from. Happy reading.

  34. Terzah says

    I'm reading Once a Runner–it's interesting for someone who never ran as part of a team (or with anything like Olympic aspirations) to have a window into that mentality. It is a bit 1970s for me, though. The references to fat joggers piss me off.

    I loved Born to Run, and I just finished The Grace to Race, which was inspiring because of her late start but could have used an editor.

    Good luck with your reading! I'm scared to mess too much with my form as I haven't had big injury problems and figure if it ain't broke….That said, I probably will attend a Newton Running Clinic at some point in the next few weeks.

  35. Terri says

    I'm waiting for "Racing Weight" to come available for the e-reader. Very impressed that you are doing so much research on your running form!

  36. Cynthia O'H says

    There is so much running literature out there. I have a few books on the go, and a backlog of magazines. One day, I might feel caught up.

  37. mostlyfitmom says

    I'm halfway through Chi Running. I'm considering buying Run Less, Run Fast and the Daniels' Running Formula.

    I've also been dealing with ITBS and while I'm not currently experiencing knee pain when I run, I can tell my ITB is so tight. Haven't figured out what's going on with my mechanics yet, but I'll be working on it this summer once I'm done school for the year (I'm a dental student).

  38. Candice @ I Have Run says

    I can't wait to hear the reviews! I could use a little extra motivation or inspiration these days!