Good shirt/bad shirt(s)

So yes, I finally am the proud owner of one of these. I know I can’t do it justice like Chris K. or Kovas, but it’s all for a good cause. If you haven’t heard yet, EMZ is going to run 24 hours. On a treadmill. Insane? Yes. But for a great cause? Well worth it. Go to her site and open your wallets.

While we are admiring a great looking t-shirt, let’s take a trip down Zippy Memory Lane to look at some not so great t-shirts. A bit over a year ago, when I first started this blog and my audience was made of crickets, I did a post about some of the ugly t-shirts I’d collected from races over the years. Now, I KNOW race directors work hard to put on their events and we all appreciate their efforts. But sometimes, well, sometimes they miss the mark on the t-shirt design.

When I posted about these tees, it was after cleaning my bins of some 115 old race shirts. I picked out the gems that I thought could win an ugly t-shirt contest. What do you think?

Now I’d like you to do the same. Go through your old race shirts and find the ugliest one. Take a picture wearing it and send it to me at I’ll pick the top three ugliest tees, post the pictures (and maybe a few runners up!) and send those three a stainless steel MissZippy water bottle. Hit me with your best shot!

While we’re on the topic of prizes, don’t forget to enter my thank-you giveaway. It ends Monday.

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  1. cheryl says

    At least they spelled "Triathlon" correctly. I had one where it was spelled "TriathAlon"- shoulda kept that one! (I give most of mine to Goodwill or to my school for kids who need clothes.)

  2. Penny says

    I agree with the others those are pretty bad shirts. I will have to got threw my shirts and see what I can come up with. I dont think I can top your tho.

  3. Melissa C says

    Those are pretty bad. I haven't kept my bad ones, I think I do have a picture of one that was so ugly I tried to sell it on ebay (someone else was selling one too). Neither sold, imagine that. Finally the race directors of that race are making them a little better. They took pride in their ugly shirt I think until they realized people actually didn't do it b/c of the shirt (and it is a spring marathon in MI, so not easy to train for anyway).

  4. runningonwords says

    Ha, those are pretty bad! I've only done a few races, so sadly, I have nothing to contribute. I'm excited to see the pictures, though!

  5. Lisa {} says

    oh man, leave it to Columbia to design a cheesy looking shirt. what is it with the artsy human forms? it's just like that "people tree" or what ever it's called down at the lake by the mall (i can't remember the name of it now…been gone too long…Elkhorn?) love the Run EMZ shirt.

  6. Fran says

    We don't get shirts at race, that is most of the times. We have to buy them and I have never bought one before. So no ugly shirt to show.

  7. BabyWeightMyFatAss says

    Oh I have some ugly one's. I'll have to look in the closet! and lucky you with an EMZ shirt!

  8. Leah @ Chasing Atalanta says

    Ha! What a great idea! I have a couple great ones I'll dig out to see which is the worst, including one from the race I think Melissa C is talking about!

  9. Chris K says

    A fashion plate like me does NOT keep ugly tee shirts. Sheesh.

    Sorry for not keeping up on your Blog this week. Got burned out.

    Love the RUN EMZ shirt, you look cute.

  10. Run with Jess says

    Totally sending you one from my half last fall. Nice tech T and then they put a butt-ugly design on it. And I told them so too!

  11. Average A says

    I love this post — so funny about the race shirts. Unfortunately I either donate all my race shirts (mostly the cotton ones!) and the ones I do like, i give them to my mom (she's making me a quilt from all of them). I neeeever end up wearing them!

  12. Michael says

    Just started following your blog. Those are some pretty awesome – bad shirts. Does a Corporate Challenge T-shirt count? It was designed by someone at our company and it's the worst design ever.

  13. Rene' says

    i have one that the color is so bad. it is the ugliest mustard colored shirt ever. will put it on tonight and have my hubby take a picture.

  14. JenniferLeah says

    ooooh–yeah that second tri shirt is pretty bad

    Luckily you have the awesome EMZ shirt to balance it out!!

  15. racing dawn says

    You are definitely rockin EMZ's tee… :)

    And I'm on task…gonna find some winners and email em to you!!!

  16. Black Knight says

    I would like to show my ugly t-shirts but when I get one of them … it immediately becomes the new bed for the cats who live in the garden.
    However I will check in my running wardrobe…

  17. Katie says

    those shirts are a disaster! i went through all mine a few weeks ago and donated most to goodwill. oh well. :)