I want to be like Betty

Meet Betty. Betty is 70 years young and this weekend, she'll be running the Umstead 100-mile race in North Carolina. Yes, you read that right--she's 70 and running a 100-miler.I met Betty last weekend at the ChiRunning clinic I attended. Betty was one of the instructors who helped out and she amazed us all with her beautiful running form … [Read more...]

Seeking chi (and a winner)

Let's start this off with the winner of my thank-you giveaway. Random.org chose number 116 out of 131, so the winner is ozone3. Send me an email with your contact info and I'll get the package out to you! Now onto my continuing journey that is called running: There are lots of theories about how we should run. My old way of thinking was … [Read more...]

Good shirt/bad shirt(s)

So yes, I finally am the proud owner of one of these. I know I can't do it justice like Chris K. or Kovas, but it's all for a good cause. If you haven't heard yet, EMZ is going to run 24 hours. On a treadmill. Insane? Yes. But for a great cause? Well worth it. Go to her site and open your wallets.While we are admiring a great looking … [Read more...]

Barefoot running rules to live by

I’m a complete neophyte at this barefooting stuff, as you all know. But after yesterday’s post, it seemed that you all had lots of questions about how to get started, so I thought I’d throw out the principles that I am following. I ran this past my friend and minimalist guru Dr. Mark Cucuzzella to make sure I am giving you solid … [Read more...]

I’ve crossed some line…

I think I'm becoming the neighborhood eccentric. Over the past several weeks, I recognize that perhaps I don't come across as the sanest person on the block. For instance:I'm often seen walking the dog in my bare feetI am standing up at my desk instead of sitting (by the way, I really LOVE this little experiment)Several of my neighbors … [Read more...]

Thank you giveaway

This has been an awesome week for me--I did a total of four runs, each of them started off barefoot. Two of those runs were with my son. Yes, I have a long way to go to get all my former fitness back. But right now, that's ok. Right now every run is a treat--like opening up a present every time I step outside.It wasn't so long ago that I … [Read more...]

Information Overload

Because I'm working on changing things up with my running form and the way I train, I'm reading everything I can get my hands on to get the information I need. I love reading and learning, but maybe I have too much information? I don't know--there probably isn't such a thing. But I have my work cut out for me.Right now on my reading pile … [Read more...]

Of course I had to peek

With everyone looking up their Boston numbers, I had to at least see what corral I would have been in. I was a 12,000--towards the front of wave two. Would have been nice, but c'est la vie. I am completely ok with not being on the start line this year. Right now I am so thankful and joyful that I am running at all that Boston takes a very … [Read more...]

As seen from the pool (and a winner)

Went to my friend random.org today to find a winner for the H2OAudio ear buds and it picked #93, which is Heather from the Crazy World of a Running Mom. Congrats Heather!Did another run today--yahoo! Thirty easy minutes, the first five of which were barefoot. Well, make that sock-footed; it was right around freezing today when I ran so I … [Read more...]

How I got my groove back

I hinted last week that I had some reason for hope about my running. I wanted to give it a few days before I put it out there in public, but I'm starting to feel pretty good about it, so here goes. This man here--Dr. Stephen Gangemi, aka the Sock Doc, was my savior from ITBS. You all know that in my 3-month lay off from running, I … [Read more...]

Kigo shoe review

Since committing to minimalism a while back, I am making sure that I take every opportunity to "train" my feet. I'm lucky because I work from home and rarely have to look all that presentable (I'm not that slovenly though!). So it's barefoot indoors and as soon as it's warm enough outdoors, it will be barefoot there as well, whenever … [Read more...]