Running friends can make the best of friends

From my inbox yesterday:

DATE:  Sunday, Feb 27
TIME:  5 pm
WHERE:  Lisa’s place
WHY:  Because we miss Amanda and want to make her better with wine, snacks and books.
WHAT TO BRING:  either a bottle of wine or a snack PLUS a used book to exchange.
please RSVP
Need I say more? :  )

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  1. Mamarunsbarefoot says:

    Total awesomeness!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!

  2. Every girl could use more friends like that!!! You are so lucky!

  3. ShutUpandRun says:

    I am inviting myself. I will bring a bottle of wine, snacks and a book. And I will pay you all if you want. You are lucky, lucky!!

  4. Where's the running? Shouldn't you have to "earn" the wine?

    Finally, why in the heck isn't your blog in my reader? I am swine. This too shall be corrected.

  5. That's so great that I will virtually invite myself. It's such a blessing to have amazing friends who will help you get through this bump in the road. Hang in there and enjoy your wine, snacks, and new books.

  6. Jogging with Fiction says:

    that is awesome!!! I wonder if there's a way to make the best of friends into running friends…

  7. How nice! And doubly nice now that you have swine among your followers! ; )

  8. Perfect! That is so great!

  9. Awesome! Have a great time!

  10. jamie@sweatyhugs says:

    Ahhhh…now THAT is true friendship!

  11. Big Daddy Diesel says:

    How cool, have fun

  12. Run with Jess says:

    Run before, not after, the wine!

  13. Awww! That is awesome! I love it. I hope you have an awesome time.

    I'm going on a girls-only weekend with my running girlfriends this weekend – they really do make the best of friends!

  14. Silly Girl Running says:

    Hold on to those friends! :)

  15. How sweet

  16. the

    Lucky & blessed you!

    So amazing. I know you deserve every bit of it. ENJOY!

  17. How good does that make you feel! Yay friends!!

  18. Candice @ I Have Run says:

    Guess I need to make some running friends. Have a great time!!

  19. that is freakin awesome!

  20. I need friends like that. I can feel the love!

  21. Can I be your friend too? That sounds like the perfect e-mail to get from friends. I have so many books I'd love to exchange!

  22. aw, that is so sweet!! some of the closest people in my life i met through running. and they take very good care of me. have fun!!

  23. HOLLA! so glad your girls have your back.

  24. this is great!! have a fab time!! I can feel the love!!

  25. Girlfriends make the world go round!! Cheers to you:)

  26. Shellyrm ~ just a country runner says:

    That is awesome! Great to be loved.

  27. *~* *~* Tracy says:

    You have wonderful friends!!

    I will also virtually invited myself, and have a glass of wine and read a book on the 27th in your honor!

  28. How awesome is that? I mean really. That had to make you smile and cry at the same time. I know that is what I would have done….and then self high-fived too while chanting AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!

  29. You are very lucky.

    Careful with the wine though. Don't want misszippy to become misstippy LOL!

  30. A used book exchange is an awesome idea. What book are you bringing?

  31. :) Good friend indeed! So happy you have them!

  32. Jess @ Blonde Ponytail says:

    My kind of book club! wish I could bring you a bottle of wine!!

  33. Well, there's pretty much nothing in the world that wine, snacks and books can't cure, especially with good friends! What a lucky girl you are. :)

  34. Bill and Debra says:

    You are so right..I have met some of the best friends in a running group I joined in 2007. Running friends with wine, snacks and books are even better friends for life.

  35. marathonmaiden says:

    some of the best friends i have are from running / the blogging community! i might not see them on a really regular basis but i know i can count on them to do things like that.

    enjoy! it sounds like it'll be a blast

  36. Tortuga_Runner says:

    How cool is this! Great idea.

  37. A mix of books and running? Perfect friends!! I would bring "The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival."

    I bet that cheered you up so much. Have a great time at your surprise party! :^)

  38. I am in. Can you send me directions? :-) I'll bring wine. Please. Pretty please.
    Have fun.

  39. eatspinlive says:

    wine makes everything better! What a great sounding group of friends :)

  40. BEST.IDEA.EVER! Have fun! I will be stealing this idea, fyi :)

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  42. I bet you're going to have a great time!
    Have fun!



  44. Awesome! Those must be great friends!

  45. awwwww, that's the sweetest. Have a GREAT time, you deserve it : )

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