Happy feet (and other things)

I apologize for dragging you all along on this emotional roller coaster that is my life right now. I, for one, am ready for it to be over. Thanks for “listening” to my whine–I know there’s been an abundance of it.

One thing I am trying to do to keep my spirits up is to focus on my blessings (and there are many). A few things that have made me happy over the last day or so–my running friends. Some of them see the ledge that I am on and are trying to get me off it. One friend has offered to meet me for swimming and water running, another for a glass of wine (or a bottle!), and yet another for a workout, coffee, whatever. Thank you Janelle, Pat and Jess!

Another thing that is making me happy is the improving shape of my feet. Since emancipating them from my shoes/orthotics a few weeks back, they are showing me their gratitude. They are stronger, the toes are more splayed, and I’m enjoying the sensation of walking around barefoot inside and outside (at least in Florida!). When that day finally arrives that I can run again, they will serve me well.

And have I told you that my master bathroom is currently being demolished? The contractors got started yesterday and within  a couple of weeks, it will be bigger and better. Can’t wait to use it.

Wednesday I will see my PT again and regroup. In the meantime, I’m trying hard to focus on the positives. Thanks for all the kind words, thoughts and emails while I go through this painful journey!

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  1. Caratunk Girl says

    Good luck on Wednesday, I hope you get some promising news. Keep focusing on those positives, you are doing awesome dealing with a really super tough situation.

  2. Julie says

    It does suck, but I'm glad you're able to see through to the blessings that abound :-)

    I remember not being able to take the dog for even a short 1 mile walk just months ago and wondering if I was doomed forever to the pain. It is so frustrating. My heart breaks knowing firsthand just a bit of what you are going through.

    Take care. Enjoy the sun and the sand!!!! for me :-)

  3. La Historiadora de Moda says

    Oooh! I hope you'll let us see the remodeled bath!

    We all go through rough patches, so no need to apologize!

  4. Running and living says

    yay for awesome friend. my feet are so beat up, i am in need of an intervention. i won't worry about them until spring/summer when i will have to get the toes ready for sandals!

  5. Petraruns says

    We're right behind you – with wine and a whine – don't you worry. Most of us have been there – some of us (hohum) are there right now. You'll get past this and have prettier feet to show for it..

  6. Paul says

    Barefoot on the sand is great for the feet!

    (But I have to confess I hate sand otherwise)

    You'll have to get some huaraches like I made so you can be barefoot-esque without worrying about sharp stuff..

  7. Shellyrm ~ just a country runner says

    Love the positive sound of your words today! Blessings are not just the "good" things, we grow and gain from it all. Keep up those happy thoughts!

  8. Amanda@runninghood says

    These sound like some big things to be thankful for! I'm big on focusing on gratitude when I'm at my lowest. Always helps bring me up! Lots of gratitude lists around here. :) Our whole house is kind of torn up right now with all the renovations…can't wait to be done!

  9. Jess @ Blonde Ponytail says

    I think your perspective is amazing considering what you have been through. I have been thinking a lot about your thoughts and some confining shoes as I am treating yet another blister. :/

    Living vicariously through you and your feet in that warm FL sand!! ENJOY!

  10. Kate says

    Just last night, Angela and I were examining our feet are talking about how warped they are due to the use of shoes since we were toddlers. We realized how difficult it is just to move our pinky toes. It takes a ton of concentration! Isn't it just crazy? So glad you hear your feet are getting stronger.

    I can't wait for you to be running again. But all the while, your blog has still been a joy to read. You are more than "just a runner" – you just happen to kick serious butt at running. :)

  11. Kate says

    **correction – you don't just HAPPEN to be a fantastic runner, you work your butt off to be an amazing runner. That came out wrong!!! :)

  12. Andrew Opala says

    That's awesome that you are improving. How much were the orthotics the cause of things?

    Stay strong … your writing exudes awesomeness … only the way that a truly awesome person can write!

  13. AM-GoalsfortheWeek! says

    Hi there!
    I wanna redo my master bathroom! Or even be able to call our 2nd bathroom a master one! Now, THAT's fun!;-)

    and hear ya with the feet. I'm icing my foot as I type…;-)

  14. Ewa says

    You call this whining? Are you kidding? I'll show you what whining is one of these days.
    So did you have a glass or a bottle of wine? :-)
    Lots and lots of hugs.

  15. Jason says

    The positive feelings and thoughts will help carry you far.

    Happy to hear that you are enjoying the greatness that is your feet.

    Stay happy and keep smiling!

  16. ajh says

    There are so many people getting rid of orthotics and I have just begun my journey with them. For now they are totally doing it for me. Good luck with your improvements! Love the pic of the toes in the sand!

  17. Aimee says

    Yay for your feet! :)

    How exciting about your bathroom. Our house is a complete renovation mess right now, but I know it will awesome once it's done!

  18. Richelle says

    Those are some awesome-looking feet! Glad that they're getting stronger. I've noticed that my feet have been getting stronger wearing my Newtons. Enjoy your time in Florida!

  19. Char says

    So good to hear your feet are feeling fine. I'm sure they'd feel even better if they were sporting bright red nail polish with flecks of glitter in them – just a thought …

  20. Fran says

    This injury is a part of your life at this moment and it's normal that you blog about that and I don't mind at all. All I hope for you is that you can go back to running as much as possible.

    You have great friends!

  21. Silly Girl Running says

    I think you're amazing for focussing on the positive. Working on your form: your legs will return the love you're giving them! I'm sure!

  22. Dash says

    I'm always amazed that people will post photos of their feet! :) Yours look great, and glad your focusing on the positive, you're in a tough place right now. Those feet are going to be there for you when you return to running and they're going help you kick some butt! :)

  23. J says

    Injuries are the worst and being down about it is totally understandable. I am still hoping you will be back running soon!

  24. Marlene says

    How nice does that sand look right now! *sigh*

    Awesome that you are noticing improvements in your tootsies. They will serve you well when you get to start pounding the pavement again… SOON!

    Good luck with the remodel!

  25. Irene says

    I'm so jealous that you're getting a new and improved, bigger master bathroom! You'll have to post pictures.

    Cheers to happy feet!

  26. Rose says

    If my trainer hadn't qualified the weight gain comment I probably would have started to cry. I don't do well when we have to measure body fat. It makes me all self conscious for the rest of the day.

  27. lindsay says

    When your contractors are done send them down south! My master bath needs an overhaul too. Keep surrounding yourself with good friends and positive vibes – you'll bounce back sooner than you think!

  28. Colleen says

    Don't apologize for sharing your frustrations with all of us – that's the glory of having bloggy friends… we'll all read it and be here for you!

    I love happy feet!

  29. amy says

    I'm fascinated by the fact that your feet have changed shape. Mine are good at the moment but I have some bad genes in the bunion category and I'm terrified about what they'll look like in 10-15 years. Might be worth trying some of your tactics!