We are pansies

My running club is turning 35 years old this year and one thing we have in the works is compiling a history from over the years. I'm spearheading this project and right now I'm in the process of collecting information from some of the club's "old timers" who have been around since its early days.Friday night I sat down with a couple of … [Read more...]

About those orthotics…

I am now a former orthotics wearer. It's been almost four full weeks since I have had them in any shoes, and there's no going back for me. I know people's sentiments about orthotics can be strong one way or the other. Me? I've now been in both camps--pro- and anti-orthotics. I'm not a doctor and don't play one on TV, but I thought I'd … [Read more...]

The CSN fairy is back!

By now you all are familiar with CSN stores, that great collection of online stores where you can find anything and everything you might need/want. Once again, they're generously offering a MissZippy follower a $45 gift card to pick out whatever your heart desires.It might be an Eames lounge chair to rest your weary running legs. If … [Read more...]

Happy feet (and other things)

I apologize for dragging you all along on this emotional roller coaster that is my life right now. I, for one, am ready for it to be over. Thanks for "listening" to my whine--I know there's been an abundance of it.One thing I am trying to do to keep my spirits up is to focus on my blessings (and there are many). A few things that have … [Read more...]

How sad is this?

Have you ever wanted to see someone strip their soul bare? Well, here you go. MissZ at her ugliest:We've been spending a few days in Florida, two of them walking around the theme parks. This was a nightmare for my ITB. It was giving out over and over by the end of each day. If I'm that bad just from walking, how far off is running?I hate … [Read more...]

Exercise Addict?

I--and I know several others--recently was contacted by MTV looking for people in the 16- to 28-yr. old age range who could be considered addicted to exercise for an upcoming reality show. Well, first of all, I'm out of touch with that age group. Secondly, even if I knew someone who fit that category, I don't think I could throw them to … [Read more...]

Old school vs. new school

In my past year or so of blogging, I've been introduced to a whole new crop of runners. Sometimes it seems like an entirely different culture of runners. I've been at it a long time, and I have come to realize that my friends and I are fairly old school in the way we approach running when compared to so many of the newer runners out … [Read more...]

Meet Dan (and my winner)

To date I haven't run any guest posts. I'm a writer and I guess I like my own ink! But Dan McKenna offered me one recently and he has such a good story that I wanted to share it with you all.Before you read on to Dan's story, however, I wanted to reveal my Tough Chik t-shirt winner: It's Julie of the Finish Line Diaries! She was lucky … [Read more...]

About the AltG

I had many questions concerning the AltG, so here are some details about my new pal:What's it feel like? Well, pretty much like running. You slide some neoprene shorts on that have a "halo" around them with a zipper on it. You zip into the unit and then you (or your PT if you are new to it like me) sets it for a certain percentage of your … [Read more...]

I’ve been to (minimalist) Mecca

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella at Two Rivers TreadsIn my ongoing full-time job that is called rehab, I once again trekked down to West Virginia to the Two Rivers Treads shoe store yesterday. Two Rivers is unique--the first running shoe store devoted 100 percent to minimalist shoes. The store is chock full of minimalist shoes, from street shoes to … [Read more...]

Step One

Very cool experience today. I headed down to Harborview Hospital's running clinic in Baltimore, which is directed by Josh Billings, a PT and super-stud runner (sub-3:00 marathoner). And a heck of a nice guy. This clinic was the bomb!I gave Josh my long history of running, injuries, etc. He evaluated a million things, including my old … [Read more...]