The smallest of steps

I tried my hand (or rather my ITB) at a very short little run on Saturday. To keep me honest I brought along two of my favorite running partners. The four-legged one, by the way, does NOT heart his jacket. In fact, when he’s wearing it around the other neighborhood dogs, you can just see the humiliation on his face. But I digress.

We did all of a mile and a half at an easy pace. I had some slight pain, but much less than my test run of a week before. So I consider that a step in the right direction. Not so good is the fact that I had to make a 2-hour drive later in the day to my son’s swim meet. Driving is a major irritant to my ITB, and I could feel the negative effects later in the day/night. This one step forward/two back routine gets old, believe me.

About that swim meet, though–my son is awesome. He’s not quite 10 and he rocked his 100 free with a 1:21 and his 100 breast with a 1:49. So proud of him! This is his first year doing year-round swimming and I’m pretty sure he’s hooked. I love the conditioning he gets and the fact that he is learning a sport that will serve him well for the rest of his life.

My swimming continues to progress as well since I’m doing so much of it. I haven’t bothered to do any kick sets in ages, but the other day it occurred to me that now was the perfect time to start incorporating them again. I am a terrible kicker but it’s a great leg workout, so I’m all over it now. May even toy with the idea of a late spring/early summer sprint tri. Don’t hold me to it–just something to think about.

I hope you’re off to a great week. Don’t forget my Pacific Health Labs giveaway–entries are still on the low side!

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  1. Amanda@runninghood says

    Such a process…healing. So glad you are feeling improvement. Congrats to your son! I don't know exactly what these times mean since it has been years since I was on the swim team but I'm sure if he is anything like his mother, than he is talented and dedicated to his sport. And lucky little guy to have a mom to drive him two hours to his meet even though it means pain for you.

  2. Mamarunsbarefoot says

    Healing takes time your doing soo well!!! BTW those are great times! I was swimming at his age and he's gonna be quite speedy!!

  3. Jogging with Fiction says

    Glad you're on the mend! Everytime I try to get my dog to wear a jacket it's the same thing. She literally freezes and won't move unless you force her. Then again, she's a lab and can pretty much keep herself warm, so it's really for my own benefit!

  4. P says

    Yay for progress!! I'm sure even a short run at an easy pace felt better than no running at all. I love that pic of your running partners! My dog hates her jacket, too, but what are you gonna do with a short-haired pooch on a chilly day?
    Your son's swim times are literally mind-boggling for me. WOW! Congrats to him, I hope he continues to love (and excel at) swimming!

  5. Evolving Through Running says

    Glad the short run went mostly well. Hoping the healing accelerates for you soon. ITBands are absurdly stubborn.

  6. Silly Girl Running says

    So glad to hear that you're out there again! :) Baby steps, but you'll be your speedy self in no-time! :)

    And your son does 1:21 on the 100 free… No I really feel bad about myself. 😉

  7. The Hungry Runner Girl says

    Your son is a rock star:) Girl, I am so happy that there wasn't as much pain as last week. Stupid driving though…boo! Keep getting better!

  8. racing dawn says

    Awesome progress…I am so in awe of your dedication to keep it going! When I had an injury a few years ago I stopped everything. It was the worst mistake and it took me forever to get back in shape even after my injury was heeled. So even though it's frustrating, you're doing amazing!!

    And congrats to the future olympic star! :)

  9. Kovas says

    Add some biking and you can claim to be training for a triathlon. It's easy, maybe even Chris K could do it. Nah, he's just a runner.

  10. Julie says

    GO Son!!! What a great athlete you have on your hands!

    I totally understand the driving irritation. I had to drive shoeless for a year because of achilles tendonitis. I would cry on long drives :-(

  11. Jim ... 50after40 says

    Congrats! Sounds like he's part fish … that's awesome! Hang in there with the ITB … I know mine's coming. As runners, it seems like not "if" we'll get injured, but "when".

  12. Adrienne says

    Sounds like a successful weekend all around!!

    Congrats to your son and your progress.

    Swimming really is a runner's best friend (or the friend you call when your real best friend goes outta town;))!!

  13. Petraruns says

    I think you're still a step ahead but I remember when I had patellar tendonitis and driving used to make it worse – oh it was hard.

    Your son did great and he and your dog look like GREAT running buddies.

  14. ShutUpandRun says

    Less pain = major progress. Hang in there, friend.

    Congrats to your son. Maybe someday you will be a swimmer like him. :)

  15. Joanne says

    Good for you on your test run and what a great swimmer your son is! My hubby's working at it and he has a kicking problem as well. He's working towards his first sprint tri and the swimming is his major hurdle. Cycling he loves. Running, not a hurdle just an extreme hate. Can't imagine that :/

  16. Johann says

    ITB must be the most difficult injury to get over, but it does pass. Hang in there! Great to enjoy the time with your son (and the dog!).

  17. Bethany + Ryan says

    glad to hear you are making some progress! sounds like a step in the right direction to me! congrats to your son! awesome!

  18. Teamarcia says

    Congrats to your son–that is awesome!
    Yay for a little run too!
    Poor humiliated doggie–remind him how studly he really is will you?

  19. Jill says

    I'd say me, you and Beth could all train for some big master's swim meet, but I'm certain we'd just get shoulder problems. So no … we'll just keep trying the running thing, pretty soon it'll all happen, we can't give up hope!

  20. Dash says

    Congrats on your run, awesome news!! Love the greyhound, was he a rescue? They are so sweet. Also, congrats to your son, great athleticism runs in the family!

  21. SupermomE12 says

    Sorry about the two steps forward, one step back. That would be very frustrating! I hope you are on the path to healthy running soon, and it is great you can still swim. And your son did awesome! I laughed out loud about your dog being ashamed of the coat… too funny!

  22. Jennifer says

    Great picture, cute dog, beautiful son! Good for you. I know you have probably though about this… but look into the driving thing more. When I first got my pickup I was nearly crippled for days after several days of longish drives and even after that every time I drove my knee was a wreck. Spoke to my doc about it, he said it happens way more than we know and can really have long term effects, after some experiments with seat positions and a shoe change (weird) but it finally went away, and I thought it was only from running, but it was more than that. Happy to hear you are on the mend!

  23. marathonmaiden says

    congrats to your son! and glad to hear the swimming is going well. and that it's making you think of doing a tri. exciting

  24. ajh says

    Frustrating to be doing something good like going to your son's swim meet and have it irritate your injury. I attended plenty of those myself. Yeah for your son's progress. I'm all for swim teams where everyone participates and improves on their own times!

  25. Jason says

    Wow your son is super speedy in the water. That is a great time.

    Congrats to you on getting better in the water and I am pulling for you to enter that tri.

    One day soon you will think to yourself that this period was short and you are ready to run run run.

  26. Richelle says

    Glad you were able to run a little. Your son is a rockstar in the pool! I have a question though: what are kick sets? Is that where you focus on kicking as hard as you can for a set period of time?

  27. Beth says

    I'm glad that on the whole your IT band is getting better. This is the perfect time of year to work on swimmin gnad think about a tri. If you decide to do it, I'm sure you will love it!

  28. Chris K says

    Your dog looks fast! What's up with MD and swimming? That would be so great if he was hooked. As parents, we can't force it, but what a joy it is to watch your kid play sports and enjoy it. Nothing better.

  29. Julie says

    So yesterday in the mail, I received an envelope with hand printed address to me and I just stared and stared at it in awe. I LOVE getting regular mail. It is such a lost art form – that of handwritten mail vs email or facebook, etc. I wondered and wondered who in the world had sent it to me since I did not recognize the last name or return address. Finally, I dove in and opened it to find my MissZippy sticker!! I was so excited :-)

  30. Kate says

    Glad you have a four legged friend to bring along and a 2 legged one as well :)

    It's a long process, but you're getting there. Good for your son, he is awesome!

  31. e410 says

    Less pain is definitely a step in the right direction. ITBs suck, but you're getting there. Keep being smart :) And your son? Yeah, he could kick my butt in the pool. GEEZ he's so fast!

  32. Jess @ Blonde Ponytail says

    Great news! Less pain is less pain and I hope the trend continues!!

    Is that an Italian greyhound?! And, hig five to your son for swimming like a mini Phelps!!

  33. Marlene says

    Wow, congrats to your son!!

    Awesome news that you had less pain with the test run. Fingers crossed that things continue to improve!!

  34. lindsay says

    congrats to your speedy swimmer! poor pup, ashamed of his style. he has more than me though :)

    i think this is the first time i'm commenting via computer instead of phone – i love how your cartoon person in your header has "miss zippy" on the shirt! (didn't notice that on my phone)

  35. Wifey says

    Awesomeness about your son! And, glad to hear you are making some progress! Sending good vibes for a speedy recovery.

    Winks & Smiles,

  36. Julie says

    Hi Zippy,
    Good Lord I have been MIA for so long that I didn't know that you were having issues with your ITB! So sorry to hear about your injury but good to hear you are making some progress:)

    Yay for your little man! He sounds like he is rock star swimmer! Must take after mom…wink, wink! Take care Amanda!

  37. That Pink Girl says

    I always feel like dogs in clothes look a little humiliated at their situation. But what are you going to do? It's cold!
    Hang in there. You'll be better and stronger soon!