Sporty Girl winner

Just ran the numbers by for my Sporty Girl jewelry giveaway and number 11 (there were 169 entrants), Jane of Newbie2Running was the winner. She just so happens to be a fellow Marylander, which I think is pretty cool. Congrats Jane! Send me an email at

More giveaways soon…I feel like my male audience has been neglected lately with two back-to-back jewelry giveaways. Next up, something for everyone!

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  1. Chris K says

    Or, something just for you male audience like a whoopie cushion, hula girl figurine bottle opener, Makita Power Drill Girl poster, or any other cool prize like that.

  2. Andrew Opala says

    Something for everyone: … "nylons!"

    Something for everyone: … "Women's deodorant!"

    Gifts for girls are also for guys. Just from a different point of view.