Monday Miscellany

  • I’ve made the decision to pull out of Boston for this year. Sigh. It was the right move–even if I were able to run next week, I’d be risking a new injury by trying to get the miles in I’d need to run there in April. Not worth it to me.
  • The bummer is that Boston has no deferment policy. While that means I’m losing the $100 entry fee (or whatever it was, can’t remember!) it’s ok; I already have a time for 2012 and with any luck, I’ll better that time next Fall when I run another marathon. 
  • For the time being, I’m not going to commit to any races. Not sure when I’ll be back to running, so not sure what is a realistic time frame for racing. I’d like to think that a late spring 1/2 marathon might be possible, but only time will tell.
  • I’m seeing an ortho tomorrow and considering a cortisone shot. I have mixed feelings about cortisone–I don’t want to simply mask my pain and return to running while still doing damage. But if it would calm the inflammation down and perhaps speed up the healing, then it’s worth a try. I plan to talk it through with the doctor and weigh the risks/benefits. If I do get the shot, I won’t even try to run for a couple of weeks to make sure I’m not running with a false sense of security.  

So that’s the story from here. I hope everyone is enjoying a day off today. I intend to have the kids clear out their closets of old toys, etc. today and then donate it all– a very tiny way to have them at least acknowledge what Martin Luther King Day is all about. Just might have realized this is important when my six-year old did her homework over the weekend. After reading about MLK’s “I have a dream” speech, she wrote down that her dream was “to buy a kitten.” So proud. 

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  1. RockStarTri says

    Good luck with the shot. Cortisone never worked for me but some other shots did from time to time. It is worth the chance, I think.

  2. skierz says

    You will be a better runner and stronger as a result of making the tough but right choice! I may have suggested an oesteopath before, I have been at a point in the past not able to walk and have sinve had no issues.
    Good luck and look forward to hearing how the rest is going to make you fast as a bullet when you are going again!

  3. J says

    I have to work today :( That stinks that you are going to pull out of Boston this year but I am sure not having the pressure of a race will help your return to full strength!

  4. Goose says

    I'm so sorry about this setback. I'm really impressed by your ability to maintain a calm rationale. You're gonna come back strong.

  5. Paul says

    Wise move to not run Boston…takes some real strength of will to do the right thing and NOT run it.

    I consulted with "Dr. Google" (not easy to understand him, but he's really really cheap 😉

    I got the impression that cortisone doesn't speed healing..mostly seem to be proscribed to make the pain (symptoms) livable.

    Good luck!

    I also want to buy a kitty 8)

  6. Dash says

    I'm sorry you are backing out, but I'm glad you are not going to risk a worse injury to try to pull it off. Having the back up and waiting for fall is smart. I got a cortisone shot a few years ago for morton's neuroma and it did the trick, I was able to run and I was pain free from then on. Here's hoping you have the same results!
    Laughing over the Kitty Dreams! :O

  7. Julie @ Hotlegs Runner says

    maybe it's transferable? I'll just need to subtract 2 hours from my marathon finish time and I'll qualify and run for you! Hahaha! Just kidding. Trying to make you smile misszippy =)

    sorry to hear about this but you made a very smart decision. There will always be one every year so it's not worth the risk. hugs!

  8. Michelle says

    I'm really sorry this injury means delaying Boston, but I can certainly understand not wanting to risk further damage. Good luck with the shot!

    Very funny about the kitten 😉

  9. Silly Girl Running says

    Wise decision. Hard one, gut wise. You'll come out of this stronger and faster. :) My MD wanted to give me a shot in The Foot, but I told him I had to think about that: I don't want to do any damage. Please let me know how the shot works out for you. If it helps, I might just give it a shot (ha!) myself. :)

  10. Joanne says

    So sorry to hear you had to pull out. It sounds like you knew it was the best thing for you to do. There is always next year, like you said.

    Good luck with the shot if you decide to have it. Hope it works.

  11. Jennifer says

    Smart lady! Good luck with the shot I hope it works for you. Kudos for you reminding the kids about MLK Jr., too often we forget what holidays like this are all about. Cheers!

  12. C2Iowa says

    $100 is worth losing if it means not further injuring your body. Ego and pride injuries can be fixed a lot easier. Good luck with the shot. I told them no way no how.

    Here's to your 2012 Boston!

  13. Patrick Mahoney says

    Sorry about your decision but you are being logical not emotional, that's good. Hmmm on the cortizone. Unless you are getting paid to play, I'm not sure about masking pain for performance. That's a tough one…

  14. Katie says

    Ohhh hugs to you, I am sorry. I know you are making a smart decision for you but it's still hard. Lots of luck with the cortisone – I know it works for a lot of people (didn't work for me, but I was a tough nut).

  15. Jess @ Blonde Ponytail says

    Sorry your decision had to come to that, but you body will thank you next year when you PR.

    That had to take some digging for you to make that decision. Thinking of you!!

  16. Holly says

    I'm so sorry to hear about your IT. I have been meaning to post that for a while. I am signed up for a half in April but may forgo as well. Injuries suck. But it brings out the best in us. Take care!!

  17. P says

    Well, you seem really okay with your decision, so I hope you are actually feeling that way. It's such a bummer to pull out, but obviously it's better to wait until you are in tip-top shape before you push the miles. I'm proud of you for making such a tough call.
    We are going out and picking up trash in our neighborhood for MLK Day – it's not much, but it's nice to feel like we're doing something for the community.

  18. Lesley @ says

    Tough call to make, and I'm sure a tough pill to swallow, but I think you made a wise and brave decision. It sucks, but I think you'll come back stronger with the extra rest. Best of luck!

  19. Chris K says

    Running Boston is way overrated. Qualifying for Boston is what counts. At least now you get to meet yours truly in 2012. If, I decide to run it. I guess I do need to qualify now that I think about it.

  20. Running Librarian says

    Good luck at the Dr's. I had a shot in my foot for good ol' plantar fascitis and the second shot worked wonders (the first one did nothing)I still have to stretch out the foot and calf muscle a bunch but I don't want to cry when I am walking. I was anti-shot for the same reasons as you. But turned out to really help. Good luck!

  21. Laurie says

    Good luck with the doctor tomorrow and good job on making a tough decision, I'm sure you'll be better for it in the long run. (No cheesy pun intended.)

  22. Teamarcia says

    Big hugs girl, I know that was a tough decision. But there are definitely more Bostons in your future. Happy MLK.

  23. Jeff - DangleTheCarrot says

    Smart decision! If you stick to the plan and not run then get the cortisone shot – that stuff is freaking wonderful! You can get it in pill form as well – makes the entire body feel special!

  24. Jogging with Fiction says

    That's too bad about Boston, but it's definitely more important to let your body heal! Good luck! and I WISH I had the day off.

  25. Jim ... 50after40 says

    I've only been reading you for a short while, but I learn so much from you. Hang in there … sounds like you made the best decision.

  26. ajh says

    I"ll weigh in too. I was always against a cortisone shot BUT it became one of my three options when my PF wasn't going away. I went for it and it has worked wonders. I did no running for a bit and then started slowly. I still stretch the living hell out of it. The way my guy explained it to me was it reduces inflammation and allows the healing to happen. I haven't posted about it as I didn't want to hear a lot of negative stuff as I knew that was where I was going. It has been more than 2 months since I got the shot and it has been great. I don't know if I will need a second shot but not at this point. I still get up earlier EVERY day to go through my stretch routine. I went back to my PT and she thinks I am doing great. I am checking it with her again at the end of this month. I know it doesn't always work but at this point I am so thrilled with it. Loved the doctor who gave it to me. He was very thorough. Good luck.

  27. Molly says

    sorry about Boston, but it sounds like you made the right choice. I had a cortisone shot in my heel that was done with an ultrasound to get it in the right spot. It hurt like a @(%*# but it did help.

  28. Gracie (Complicated Day) says

    Tough about Boston but I think it is wise. It sounds like you have the right idea about cortisone. I'm a pharmacist, and despite my insistence that patients stay off inured joints after a shot, all the young athletes ignore me. Then they come back in even more pain! Just take it easy, and good luck to you!

  29. amy says

    I'm really sorry to hear about the race but I totally agree it's a smart decision and will make for a better recovery in the long run. I'm right there with you as I gauge my own progress while watching the number of weeks until Eugene get smaller. Keep up the good rehab!

  30. Adrienne says

    This time next year, you will look at this and be very, very grateful for your decisions here. I've had to miss Boston two years in a row-perhaps we will start together one year!

  31. MCM Mama says

    I'm sorry. I think you made the right decision, but I'm bummed you had to make it. Fingers crossed that it heals soon.

    LOL at the 6 year old's dream.

  32. Mamarunsbarefoot says

    As most of the others have said you are very wise. Not many would bow out of Boston, they would push themselves to finish it. You should be proud of your decision. Yes the cortisone shot is another toughy.. not sure what I would do.

  33. Ewa says

    Such a brave decision on your part. I can only imagine how hard it must have been for you.
    I have very mixed feelings about cortisone shots. I had one for my foot and the pain went away. Some swelling went away too. While the swelling did not return, I had pains in the injured area for weeks. Later, being in another country I visited a dr and he said he would have never gone the shot way. All this is very confusing.
    Hope your dr can answer all your questions and does not just go 'routine way'. Good luck with your recovery. Keeping my fingers crossed that you heal fast.

  34. Kenley says

    As we mature as runners (racers), we pull out of one race to do the best we can for another. When performance is key, some chances are not worth taking. This is what I am learning from you. Thanks for your blog posts and for sharing your knowledge here. Day Off? Not here. I didn't even know it was a holiday. lol

  35. lindsay says

    Here is where we can complain to BAA organizers for the way registration was handled… Maybe they could implement a "wait-list" so when people have to drop out for any reason, they can refund most of that persons money and sign up someone else in their place.

    Anyway, that is a bummer! :-/ But it is good you are being wise about it. I hope whatever treatment you choose is helpful and effective!

    Your daughter is cute – reaching for stretch but attainable goals 😉

  36. Denise says

    i'm really sorry to hear that. i'm sure it wasn't an easy decision but it was a smart one. it's unfortunate they stopped the deferment policy, doesn't seem fair.

  37. Lee says

    that's gotta be a bummer, but good for you for taking care of your body – keep that big picture in mind – love the kitten dream!

  38. Leah @ Chasing Atalanta says

    Tough call, having to pull out of Boston. I feel your pain, as I was supposed to run RnR Arizona this past weekend. But you know your body and it was probably the right decision.

    As for cortisone, that's your call too, but you should know (not sure if anyone else mentioned this) that it can break down your connective tissue. It's the one thing I was absolutely not willing to try for my PF. I've heard it's worked for people, and I've heard the horror stories. I decided it wasn't worth the risks.

  39. Fran says

    I'm sorry to hear you have to skip Boston but reading your reasons I think it's a wise decision. Isn't it possible you sell your start bib to someone else or isn't that allowed?

  40. Morgan says

    I'm sorry you had to pull out girl but in the end you need to do what's best for you and it doesn't hurt that your time holds over for next year! Rest and recover and come back ready to rock!

  41. Meg says

    Can I just say that this decision is just the smartest thing I've read in a blog lately?! Your choice to back it down and do what's right for your body and for you is so refreshing and SMART. It's also such a terrific example for all of us. Making these types of decisions is so difficult but thanks for being so open and honest. I just respect you so much as a woman, a runner and a coach. BIG hugs though because I know it wasn't easy.
    Cortisone? I was always a no, no, no girl but after this foot stuff, I have considered it and I'm not closing the door. I have been hearing more positive things about it.
    Again, big hugs and thank you.

  42. Andrew Opala says

    I read this on Monday, and thought my post made it.

    I think I'm sorry you had to pull out of Boston. "I think" because you obviously wanted to run it and run it well – but now you feel that most probably you will not and you know you can do better.

    Really there is nothing in that statement that I would be sorry about. It's called not being a victim and taking charge. There's really nothing like getting better … and working everyday for that to happen.

    I do it daily. Races are just validation of the effort for me. … but that's just a wannabe attitude.

  43. Black Knight says

    I am sorry for your injury. I don't know if the Cortisone can solve your problem. I only learned an important lesson: ask always to a running doctor.
    Best wishes.

  44. Candice @ I Have Run says

    Kitten dream story = awesome!

    Not being able to run Boston = not so awesome =(

    I'm sending quick healing vibes your way!!

  45. Caratunk Girl says

    Tough decision, but it sounds like the right one. I hope the Cortisone shot works. I hope your Dr is a runner and understands – sometimes if they don't run, they are not all that understanding.

    Best wishes and big hugs.

  46. Aron says

    I know you have to be bummed but I am sure you felt some relief too having the decision made. You made the right one, now its time to heal up without the pressure of knowing the marathon is around the corner. You will be missed in Boston!

  47. Lisa says

    Must have been a hard decision to make, but sounds like a smart one. I hope things went well with the ortho. I had two cortisone shots in my foot last year. Didn't hurt as much as I had expected, thankfully, but I'm also not sure they did much to speed along recovery. I hope your recovery happens quickly!