Four lines

When I went to the running injury prevention talk last Friday night,the panelists spent about an hour taking questions from the many audience members. Questions ran the gamut and the guys all pitched in to answer. One was on nutrition, and the advice the panelists offered was of course to keep it simple–if you can’t hunt it or pick it from the ground, you should […]

I’m drinking the Koolaid

I got to take part in the most amazing event last night. About an hour and a half away from here, a group of running specialists gathered for a panel discussion titled “The Re-evolution of Running.” This was a true who’s who in the world of minimalistic approaches to running. More than anything, these guys want to get to the root cause of running injuries […]

Making Lemonade

So here I am in the winter of my discontent–not running, getting dumped on by snow (8 inches yesterday) and having the kids in school for all of one day this week. (Our school district calls off at the sight of snow). All this might just make me grumpy. And it has, but I’m also trying–hard–to keep my chin up. And not throw things in […]

Competitive Nature

I’ve noticed some talk about competitiveness lately in some of the blogs I read. Some have debated whether or not it’s a good thing; others have encouraged it; and still others have talked about a lack of it. Here’s my two cents: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being competitive, as long as it’s for the right reasons. I am a competitive soul, no […]

The smallest of steps

I tried my hand (or rather my ITB) at a very short little run on Saturday. To keep me honest I brought along two of my favorite running partners. The four-legged one, by the way, does NOT heart his jacket. In fact, when he’s wearing it around the other neighborhood dogs, you can just see the humiliation on his face. But I digress. We did […]

What’s in this tube?

Could it be the magical pill that will make my ITBS go away? Sadly, no, but it does have some pretty cool contents. The other day I received a package in the mail containing this tube from Outside PR. A letter told me that it was a new product from GU Energy and that there are only 26 tubes like in the world. Ok, I […]

A tale of two practitioners

I’ve heard plenty of stories before about doctors who tell runners to just stop running when they present with an injury. But really, I thought that was a bit of an urban myth. I mean, are there really doctors who are that insensitive or who don’t wan to help patients get back to what they love? Apparently, yes, these doctors do exist. I had my […]

As promised: The gender neutral giveaway

There’s been some whining of late around the blogsphere (ahem, Chris K.) that there are too many “girlie” giveaways. In fact, one particular blogger even took it upon himself to offer a “manly” giveaway yesterday. Well, I’m here to say that while he may discriminate against women with his giveaways, I will take the high road and offer a giveaway for both genders. While at […]

Monday Miscellany

I’ve made the decision to pull out of Boston for this year. Sigh. It was the right move–even if I were able to run next week, I’d be risking a new injury by trying to get the miles in I’d need to run there in April. Not worth it to me. The bummer is that Boston has no deferment policy. While that means I’m losing […]

Food for Thought

I saw my acupuncturist today, who also happens to be my friend and running partner. At the end of our session, she recommended that while I’m off running, I look for other things that feed my soul, because clearly, that’s what I am missing right now without running. So I gave it some thought. Of course my family feeds my soul, as do my friends. […]