I’m feeling a bit like Britney Spears here…I’ve had so many costume changes this weekend my head is spinning. Happy to say that’s all I have in common with her, but I digress. Let’s get into the holiday mayhem, shall we? First up, Friday night’s ugly Christmas sweater party. This involved the whole Wal-Mart experience, where I unfortunately couldn’t find a sweater, but did get my hands on this beaut of a sweatshirt. Nice, huh?

Saturday morning–off to the races for my Solstice 5-mile run. Had a decent race, finishing in 35:46 and placing 3rd in my age group. I  have to say, running for the first time in a while at a pace that much faster than marathon pace hurt–a lot! My lungs were just done with it all. My IT band was none too happy about it either. It’s better today, though, so I’m relieved.

Saturday night, onto a neighborhood holiday party. No pics of that costume, just forgot in the flurry of activity.

Finally, today, Sunday, saw me looking like a big blue Michelin Man. We went to D.C. to go through the ICE show. It’s an amazing ice sculpture display, all done in a Grinch scene, complete with ice slides for the kids. It was 9 degrees in there, so by the time we got to the end of it, we were ready to thaw out!

Hope your weekend of holiday insanity was a good one. Don’t forget my Silver Maple Jewelry giveaway, here. It ends Tuesday!

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  1. J says

    Congrats on the 3rd place AG award! That is awesome!

    9 degrees is cold!! That is what we have been seeing for our nightly temperatures!

  2. marathonmaiden says

    wooooooooooot to the AG award! intense :) and wow to that ice show. that sounds like a great way to spend some time!

  3. Terri says

    Great pace – I have pace envy! :) It's been so busy here, too – next year I am going to run my last long race about the first of December so that this hectic time can be recovery!

  4. Jogging with Fiction says

    That ice show looks awesome! for next year's ugly sweater, if you need one, check out goodwill. that's what we alway did in college

  5. Amanda@runninghood says

    Awesome time! Congrats. And that sweatshirt isn't nearly ugly enough! You look too cute in it…you need to try harder with the ugly. :)

  6. Lisa says

    Congrats on a great race! Sounds like a fun weekend, just hope you were able to relax a little tonight! The ice show looks incredible!

  7. Aimee says

    Congrats on the 3rd place AG win! Woohoo!
    It sounds like you had a great weekend! I would have been freezing at the ice show…brrr!

  8. busyrunningmama says

    You are miss Zippy. Wow, that is a fast race… congrats!! Looks like you have been busy with the holidays! Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  9. Kim says

    Sorry I couldn't catch up with you at the race! This week has been crazy, and I didn't get a chance to email you beforehand! You did a great job, though, congrats on your finish! :)

  10. Jess @ Blonde Ponytail says

    Congratulations on such a "Zippy" time!! You rock!

    Cute pics! I think you can def go uglier with with sweater…that is semi-cute! :)

    Your daughter is bea-u-ti-ful!!!

  11. The Hungry Runner Girl says

    WAHOO!! Congrats on your race…you are a speed demon! You actually look really cute in that sweater!!

  12. Johann says

    Great run in your race, you are fast! We had a party at our running club with a competition to see who could wear the oldest race t-shirt. I won with a 1985 marathon shirt.

  13. Black Knight says

    That is a fast pace, congrats on it and the 3rd place. I like the Grinch pictures (and scultures of course).
    Merry Christmas to you and family from Italy.

  14. Fran says

    Love your weekend! That ugly sweater Christmas party is brilliant! Love it!

    And the ice show looks very cool.

    Congrats at your 3rd place.