Last Hurrah of 2010

I just did a count and I’ve run 10 races this year. But there’s still number 11 to go. This one is one of my favorites–the Celtic Solstice 5-Miler held in Baltimore each year. Even though I’m in a downtime period between marathons, I can’t pass this one up.

What makes this race special? So many things:

  • It’s run by one of Baltimore’s running gurus, Jim Adams, which makes it a running event with runners in mind
  • It’s festive–you see lots of jingle bells, Santa costumes and reindeer antlers. And men in kilts–they sell them before the race and quite a few don them.
  • You get to choose if you want to spend a low entry fee and get no swag, or upgrade and take home a great shirt. Check out my collection above from over the years.
  • I’ve run this race six times–I’ve raced it hard; I’ve run it easy; I’ve done it four weeks after having a baby, and just after returning from an injury. Not sure what my story will be this time.
  • A boatload of my friends are all doing the race and then having brunch afterward, a Solstice race tradition.
  • It marks the winter solstice, which means the days start to get longer again soon–yahoo!

Last year I was signed up to race the Solstice, but couldn’t make it there because we had this little thing called a snowstorm drop in on us. It was 18 inches worth, which is a lot of snow anywhere, but a really big deal here in Maryland. That’s stop what you’re doing weather around here. But 300 of the 3,000 registered runners did show up and the race went on. Check it out:  Celtic Solstice 2009. My friends and I knew we could make it to the race, but weren’t sure if we’d be able to get back from the race, so 2009 was a wash for us.

I haven’t decided yet if I’ll run this race or race it; I do know my competitive side has a hard time staying quiet. My training coming into this race has been wishy-washy at best. I’ve had downtime from my ITB, and I haven’t done a lick of speedwork since my marathon five weeks ago. I can say I’ll be ahead of my husband, whose training has consisted of, let’s see, lots of basketball and maybe five runs in the last six months. Could be a painful 5 miles for Mr. Zippy.

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  1. Emz says

    18" of snow. cannot even wrap my brain around that.

    You've had an awesome 2010.

    2011 —- I'm thinkin' is going to [some how] be even better!! 😉

  2. Terri says

    If there were 18" of snow here I would sit by my fireplace with a mug of cocoa. Oh, wait – first I would go outside and stomp around in it, and build a colossal snowman, and a snow fort, and maybe do some sledding and THEN I'd sit by the fire! With hot cocoa! You have had a great year – way to end it well! :)

  3. Jill says

    Oh the days when I ran 10+ races/year. *sigh*

    Since you de-friended me on FB, all I can say is I hope you get 3 more feet of snow this weekend. :)

    (kidding, of course!!)

  4. Jennifer says

    Wow, 10 races, a great number! You have had a super year, here's to wishing you continued success for 2011. And YES, race that race!

  5. Jason says

    It's awesome to have tradition runs like that. Meet new people, see old faces and tell stories. Enjoy it this year….that is if you don't get that blasted white stuff again.

  6. Teamarcia says

    Whoever's in charge of the shirts is doing a great job! A solstice race sounds really fun. Or make it a dogsled race if it's snowy.

  7. La Historiadora de Moda says

    This sounds like an incredible running and brunching tradition! And it really does look like the swag is worth paying the higher price!

  8. racing dawn says

    what a great year!! i'm betting on 'race'. :) but no pressure…
    and yes those shirts are nice…i wonder sometimes who designed some of the doozies i have.
    can't wait for longer days – perfect way to celebrate winter solstice!

  9. Julie says

    Those are very cool looking t-shirts! A few of mine are so butt ugly:) Do the race and good for you…it sounds like you might be chicking Mr. Zippy!!

  10. Happy Feet 26.2 says

    You will figure it out for sure on race day. Run or race it, it will be a good day. It's been a great year!

  11. Kate says

    DO IT! DO IT!

    I was reminded today that I signed up for the Christmas Card Lane 5 Miler this Saturday. A friend from work and the Track Club puts it on. She informed me that the race starts with an incredibly steep uphill climb and oh, it will be raining. Yikes! I have a 20 miler scheduled for Sunday so this should be interesting. These are the little races we'll never forget, so I won't miss it for the world. :)

    Those shirts are NICE! I'd run just for one of those bad boys!

  12. says

    I'm so jealous of your shirts! They are so colorful and nice. All the ones I seem to be getting are white. I need some color. Goodluck on the race – whether you run it or race it!

  13. Quinton J says

    LOL…”my competitive side has a hard time staying quiet.”…I’m certain that has a lot to do with why we love you so much. Good luck…and I say…do the damn thang.

  14. Johann says

    You should do this race and then close off 2010. 2011 is right here…can't believe it. My next race is in 2011. That sounds crazy! Have fun!

  15. Ewa says

    Sounds like a very cool race. You could run it just for the fun of it. Just think what a cool post subject that race would be. :)

  16. amy says

    You could always base it on how you feel in the first mile? And, your husband's training plan makes me laugh. Sounds a lot like the tall girl's minus the basketball!

  17. Adrienne says

    Gotta end the year with a festive one!! Love the schwag too. As many will probably agree with me, runners don't need fancy gifts to participate, but it sure doesn't hurt!

  18. Kim says

    Very cool! I'm running Celtic Solstice this weekend also! I haven't picked up my shirt yet, I know I need to… This will be my second time running, but I was signed up last year and didn't run.

  19. Big Daddy Diesel says

    Nice, I am still looking for that race that I need to do every year, there is a small little charity tri in Cincinnati called Tri for Joe that looks like will be that one for me.

  20. BrianFlash says

    You can run a technical race. Stay with the hubby during the whole run then crush him on the final finishing kick!