I may have a new BFF

No, it’s not Chris K., in spite of the fact that he DID finally run in the rain. He of sunny southern California finally understands that he won’t melt. You can go to his site and see the proof, provided kindly by Meg.

So yes, Chris’s stock has gone up in my book, but it’s a set of metal instruments that’s moved into the BFF position. They’re called Graston tools and I’m putting some hope in their ability to help my ITB.

I’d heard from a few people that Graston was what got them over the hump with ITB. I’d also heard it was extremely painful and that you can’t really run while being treated. Well, I’m not running anyhow and I was born with a high pain tolerance, so I asked my chiropractor about them last night. He obliged me with a short treatment. He took one of the smaller tools and repeatedly scraped my leg at the area of the attachment near my knee. The idea is to break up the adhesions there and induce a bit of inflammation. So no icing until later today–that inflammation will actually help speed the healing. I didn’t find it all that painful, but apparently the treatments progress in intensity each time you go, so next time might be worse.

I know it may not be a cure all, but right now, I’m willing to try just about anything to get back on the road. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Jennifer says

    Those look scary! But on the flip side if they do the job then woo hoo! Good luck with the new treatment and Happy New Year!

  2. Michelle says

    Those seriously look like instruments of torture! But I don't blame you – ITB sucks so it's worth it to try anything to get back out there! Hope it helps!!

  3. Carly says

    I love the Graston Technique….well….I found it excruciating but it really really really helped with my ITB and shin splints.

  4. Dash says

    This sounds just like the twisted, sick, torture devise lizardruns chiropractor was using on her last year. She said it hurt like %&(^*%%$%, but it did help. Good luck, I hope that it works for you, it's amazing the pain we runners will go through to run without pain again. hmmm…. :) Happy New Year Miss Z! Hope to finally meet you at race in 2011!

  5. Teamarcia says

    My sports chiro, Dr. Miracle Worker, did Graston on me for my tibialis and IT afflictions. It was part of a larger tx plan but it worked like a freaking charm. Glad you are benefitting from it!

  6. Mamarunsbarefoot says

    OUCH!! That didn't hurt??? Happy New Year and I really hope this heals quickly for you so you can get back to what you love to do!!!

  7. Fran says

    I hope it does work for you! Fingers crossed here.

    Happy new year Misszippy, the only thing I wish for you right now in 2011 is that you will be running again soon.

  8. Chris K says

    Of course I can't be your new BFF cuz I'm your old BFF.

    That treatment reminds me of the one of the best movie lines ever…in Pulp Fiction when Samuel L. Jackson says, "I'm gonna get medieval on your a@@".

  9. Julie says

    Adhesions suck! I have them on my achilles and when my chiro and massage therapist would work them I would scream out the F word every once in a while. And I'm not an F word kinda girl.

    Good luck with treatment, I'm sure it will help!

  10. Detroit Runner says

    Good luck. I hope it works. I hate ITB pain. The foam roller seems to have worked for me but we'll see when I get into longer mileage.

  11. Jason says

    MissZ….here is to new treatments to get you back on the right course. It may hurt but isn't everything we love worth a little bit of pain so we can enjoy it more?

    Good luck with it and here is to a healthy start to 2011 that also ends healthy.

  12. middleagedrunner says

    Hello! Thanks so much for following my blog- I'm excited to read yours, it looks excellent (and informative!)
    I'm middle aged in the true sense of the word- older than some, younger than some. In the MIDDLE! (and some days because I feel middle aged….)

  13. Kate says

    Oh, yes. I know what those are. I haven't had to endure those treatments myself but I have certainly heard how god-awful they are. You definitely have a high pain tolerance! Holy cow. It just looks (and sounds) so scary to me.

    Here is to hoping this is the answer and you'll be feeling better in no time! Let's toast to a healthy, injury-free 2011 (for the both of us)!

  14. Jess @ Blonde Ponytail says

    Good thing you were born with high pain tolerance!! Dang girl!! I hope this treatment continues to help you!!!

  15. Johann says

    The tools look as if they come straight from a horror movie but if they can do the trick it's great! I really hope you get the ITB sorted soon. All the best for a wonderful 2011!

  16. Cynthia O'H says

    That sounds painful. I was already grimacing when my chiro. was just using his hands on my ITB; I don't want to imagine what you are going through.
    But, I really hope that it works for you.
    Happy New Year!

  17. Meg says

    Hey, I would try anything as well. What's a little pain for our favorite sport/obsession?
    Did you read Chris' comment? Midevil? He is such a chicken…

  18. Leah @ Chasing Atalanta says

    I completely understand your willingness to do anything to get back to running (from the girl who recently posted a pic of needles sticking out of her foot), which is why I can look at those sinister looking tools, nod and smile and say "I get it."

    Incidentally, you don't happen to know if they work for PF do you?

  19. The Hungry Runner Girl says

    WOW!! Seriously, I am the same way and will do anything to get back out there when I am injured. Keep us updated and I am hoping so so bad that it is working!

  20. Christina says

    Sounds similar to the ASTYM technique, which works, but hurts like heck. The logic makes sense…break up the built up scare tissue and it re-heals itself…correctly. It helped my IT issues and it'll help yours too. Make sure you do the hip/glute strengthening exercises too.

  21. Amanda@runninghood says

    Yes yes yes! I'm sure with as many followers as you have, you probably have not read much of my blog but I've written about the graston technique quite a bit. It has done wonders for me with my hamstring injury. My chiropractor is a national presenter about this technique and he does a great job at torturing me! I always leave with plenty of bruising and pain! :) He is also huge on Kinesio Tape…this has been another one of my saving graces. I don't run without it!

  22. Beth says

    Good luck with the torture! I have heard that it really works and hope that it works for you, too. It's a great time of year to heal up and get ready for next season. Happy New Year!

  23. Barbie says

    OK, that sounds soooooooo painful – but your one tough cookie. I really hope it works for you. Happy New Year :)

  24. LMC says

    This treatment is definitely worth a try and I sure hope it works for you! I hope the new year brings you fast and complete heeling!!

  25. lindsay says

    minus the whole not-running thing, i think i would love that. should i have just admitted that? :) i hope it helps!!

  26. Black Knight says

    If it works it is good even if I don't trust the quote "no pain no gain".
    Good luck and happy new year.

  27. Jill says

    For a minute there, I thought you had a scalpel and I was going to ask if I could borrow it to cut off my heel! :)

    Ah, from one injured soul to another, I hope this is the magic cure!!

    Happy New Year – hope that ITB heals up quickly and your back on the road to Boston training!

  28. Wifey says

    OK, I'm officially a punk. The thought scares me, but good for you – smiles! Hope it works and you're feeling better soon.

    Happy New Year!

    Winks & Smiles,

  29. Julie D. says

    Graston is on my list of things to try if I run into a wall with this ART stuff. Slow but sure… Good luck.

  30. Quinton J says

    Hang in there. I had that treatment and it (along with the strengthening and the stretching seemed to work). You’ll be back out there in no time.

    Also…Julie’s lying…she’s TOTALLY and F-Word kinda’ girl.