A Must See

You MUST take a minute (or two) to watch this hilarious video. Probably a bit too much on the mark for some of us…

And look what came in the mail today! My bloggy Secret Santa, Amanda at Run to the Finish (she of great names), sent me all this running related stuff! A coffee mug that says “I’m a runner,” a great selection of teas to put in the mug, some gels, a pair of socks, and some immune boosters. Thank you! What a fun envelope to open.

Have a great night and be ready to get up and do it all over again tomorrow, people.

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  1. Emz says

    OMGosh – meant to add. My favorite is: "Do you think you will win?" If I had a penny for every time someone has asked me that. UGGGGGGGGG.

  2. Tim Wilson says

    Very cool gift bag! I have seen that video, but still watch it each time it gets posted anywhere. My wife laughs at me each time she hears the first sentence because she knows what I am doing again :) She laughed all the way through it even though she is not a runner :)

  3. aron says

    haha yes those videos are hilarious :) did you see the one about running vs jogging? definitely check it out on you tube if you havent!

  4. racing dawn says

    Fun gift! And yes I saw the video just the other day…so funny. You should also check out the ironman one – it is hilarious too!

  5. Petraruns says

    What a great gift – everyone so far has had a great gift! This is working well – there's something about picking your audience methinks…

  6. Happy Feet 26.2 says

    The video is GREAT – totally loved it.

    Also, loved the recommendation on my blog about the couch and visualization. I think I can go for that too. GREAT idea! Thanks!

  7. Jill says

    I can't see the video at work but will look at tonight. I just heard a little rumor your gift had to arrive and I couldn't wait to see. Drooling over here!!! Very cool stuff!!

  8. Jason says

    These videos kill me everytime. Your legs cramp and you can't walk…..you should try it….LOL!!!!!

    That is a great surprise package…..enjoy the gift.

  9. Aimee says

    Ha ha…I never get tired of watching those videos!

    Yay for your secret santa gift! I'm so glad Jill did that for all of us! :)

  10. amy says

    Haha! I love this video. The only thing that would have made it better if instead of the woman saying, "what's a marathon," she said "how long is it?" And then the guy could have responded, "80 miles."

  11. Julie @ Hotlegs Runner says

    totally sharing this! and it so applies to my post for today. hope you don't miss my post misszippy! I really need your expert opinion =)

  12. Happy Feet 26.2 says

    the link worked, thanks. I have come back to your blog at least 3-4 times today and watch the video again. It's so funny!

  13. Kate says

    Aww, Amanda was your secret santa? How cool! Great gifts. I personally love when people ask "do you think you'll win?" It makes me feel good that someone actually thinks I might! Of course they have no idea what they're asking but I take it as a compliment anyway.

  14. Tortuga_Runner says

    I'm with you Chris K, I bought a cute "365 ways I rock" desk calendar, then saw all the cool gifts, so I changed mine last minute. Hope my buddy likes my new gift.

  15. LMC says

    OK, that video is hysterical! I try not to laugh out loud when people ask me if I won a marathon. Those are some nice gifts from your secret santa too!

  16. Julie says

    Hi Zippy,
    That video is so funny and so true!!! I was laughing and made my hubby watch it:) Mr. Julie was nodding his head up and down…said, yes, that is you Jules!

    Wow, that is a great Secret Santa gift from Amanda:)

  17. lindsay says

    love it! i should probably get off the computer and go finish my blogger gift so i am not the last one to send it :)

    the video was spot on. haha.

  18. Jess @ Blonde Ponytail says

    lol!! I recall saying that I drive 26.2 miles, not run it. Then I go and do it!! hahahahaha!!

    Amanda rocks! What a fun gift! You have to tell us how the Agave gel is.

    Oh, and I posted on the "Garden Island" not be be confused with your home state!! 😉

  19. Wayne says

    Miss Zippy,
    Would you post the link? I'm starting my own running blog and this would be perfect for the first post.
    Thanks in advance.

  20. Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) says

    Thanks for sharing the video, it was my first time seeing it. Yup, very close to home. Hmm, I wonder if the company psyche would make a good running partner? Didn't think of that.