I may have a new BFF

No, it's not Chris K., in spite of the fact that he DID finally run in the rain. He of sunny southern California finally understands that he won't melt. You can go to his site and see the proof, provided kindly by Meg.So yes, Chris's stock has gone up in my book, but it's a set of metal instruments that's moved into the BFF position. … [Read more...]

Three things Thursday

1. Took a spinning class today, followed by a solid swim. Let's just say I have some very neglected cycling muscles! Tomorrow is supposed to get into the 50s so I may take it a step further and take my bike on the road. Sure to be a long slow go of it, but I will be outside which is something I am definitely missing right now.2. Came back … [Read more...]

Rank this

I'm having a bit of insomnia right now. What woke me up? Pain in my leg from my damaged ITB. I threw the kids and the dog in the car today and drove six hours to my parents house for a visit. Driving irritates my ITB, so six hours didn't do it any favors. But you see, it was important to visit my parents, both of whom have had major … [Read more...]

Am I having fun yet?

A decided NO! But before I begin my whine session, I do want to say I hope everyone has enjoyed a little holiday cheer these past few days! I know we did around the Zippy household.Four days into my cross-training extravaganza and I'm not enjoying it. Let's review the past few days workouts:Thursday--2,000-yd. swim followed by 30 minutes … [Read more...]

Flying my white flag (and a giveaway winner)

So that's it. I'm surrendering to my stupid $%^& ITB and taking two weeks off running. After three weeks of PT, icing, stretching, foam rolling, it's still giving me problems. Some days it seems just fine and I feel like I'm making progress, but then others it comes back with a roar and just lifting my foot to the gas pedal hurts. So … [Read more...]


I'm feeling a bit like Britney Spears here...I've had so many costume changes this weekend my head is spinning. Happy to say that's all I have in common with her, but I digress. Let's get into the holiday mayhem, shall we? First up, Friday night's ugly Christmas sweater party. This involved the whole Wal-Mart experience, where I … [Read more...]

A Must See

You MUST take a minute (or two) to watch this hilarious video. Probably a bit too much on the mark for some of us...And look what came in the mail today! My bloggy Secret Santa, Amanda at Run to the Finish (she of great names), sent me all this running related stuff! A coffee mug that says "I'm a runner," a great selection of teas to put … [Read more...]

Last Hurrah of 2010

I just did a count and I've run 10 races this year. But there's still number 11 to go. This one is one of my favorites--the Celtic Solstice 5-Miler held in Baltimore each year. Even though I'm in a downtime period between marathons, I can't pass this one up. What makes this race special? So many things: It's run by one of … [Read more...]

Silver Maple jewelry giveaway!

If you're like me, even when you're not running, you're thinking of running. Thinking about your next run, your last run, your upcoming race, your goals, your tired muscles, and on and on. Or talking about running, with your spouse, your training partners, your friends, your kids. Which is why, if you're like me, you can appreciate … [Read more...]

Share the run love

We all love to run. We get so much out of it--fitness, camaraderie, physical/mental challenge, therapy, and a huge dose of fun. So in this season of giving, take a minute to think about how you might give back to the sport you love. A few ideas:Volunteer at a race--If you've run a race this year, I'm sure you can appreciate all that goes … [Read more...]

I’m tagged

As Chris K at BQ or Die mentioned the other day, blogging is narcissistic business. So while I'm being narcissistic, let me take it to another level by answering a series of questions that RacingDawn tagged me with the other day. All about me, of course!1. What's your favorite race and why? What's your dream race?This is a tough one for … [Read more...]

I don’t have the time, but … (and CSN winner)

So, this isn't a busy time of the year or anything. Which is why I am just thrilled that to get my ITB better I need to invest two weekly visits to the chiropractor for some A.R.T. (which equals P.A.I.N.!), as well as 30 minutes of rehab exercises every day. Followed by foam rolling and icing. Yep, got all the time in the world for that. … [Read more...]

Bringing in the big guns

I'll do anything to avoid injury, and right now, that's involving quite a lot. I mentioned a while back that my ITB was bothering me. It first started hurting after I ran my leg of the Baltimore relay. I took a few days rest, got a massage, foam rolled it, and seemed to be back on track. I even made it through my marathon without any … [Read more...]