Wordless Wednesday (love this!)

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  1. ShutUpandRun says:

    That was really cool. You know how I love the no excuses thing!! Could have done w/out the vomit scene, though.

    hey, if you want a sticker, just send me your address shutuprun@gmail.com.

  2. I love it! I may have to post it as well. (: Thanks for sharing.

  3. That was awesome! Cool video!

  4. I love that!!! Thanks for sharing! :0)

  5. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing that!

  6. Nike has some great commercials.

  7. That was perfect. Next time I'm struggling to get out the door I must remember to put this on. Thanks for sharing.

  8. HEATHER @ runfastermommy! says:

    LOVE it! Just posted it on my facebook!

  9. We all do this don't we? I loved it too.

  10. Excellent!

  11. that was awesome!! he was freakishly close to cars in one of those shots (early on) yikes!

  12. Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Amanda@runninghood says:

    This was so energizing! I loved the part where he says "What about my leg? Am I supposed to be doing this?" and it shows the xray. The mind is the most powerful thing in making things possible that science and doctors and naysayers might try to convince us we can't do. Made me think of my dad that had both his legs broken in a car accident and told he would never walk again and then he taught himself to run again within a year…he was happy as long as he could just RUN! Loved the Video! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Lesley @ racingitoff.com says:

    Love it! So true.

  15. Silly Girl Running says:

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  16. dannie chOOng says:

    Enjoyed it, thanks for sharing…

  17. Lovely video! Thanks!

  18. I love it! Thanks for the link.

  19. :) I thought there were some great excuses there! lol

  20. awesome! thanks!

  21. Great video! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Thanks for sharing this. Quite the movie I'd say. Loved the vomit scene. Haven't done that since high school track. lol. Then again, i was moving a lot faster. But……aren't you suppose to run against traffic?…………..

  23. Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) says:

    Love the video. Don't we all think those things?


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