Ups and downs

This has been an emotional few days, filled with both ups and downs. Here’s the scoop:

  • The HUGE down–my dad unexpectedly had to have bypass surgery the other day.
  • The up–he recognized he didn’t feel his usual self when on the treadmill and listened to his body. A stress test a couple of days later showed major blockages. Hats off to him for hearing the signals his body was sending and following up.
  • The down–I live in a different state than my parents, so I wasn’t there with my mom while he was having surgery. 
  • The up–My brother does live there and can help out. I’ll be heading there next week when dad returns home from the hospital to pitch in.
  • The down–I still went on my girls getaway weekend–feeling guilty! But I will be of more help to my parents next week than I could be right now while he’s still in the hospital.
  • The up–I got to see two dear friends from high school I haven’t seen in over a year. Reconnecting was awesome.
  • The up and down–While at the resort, located in the mountains of Pennsylvania, I did a lovely, rolling trail run. So peaceful and cathartic!
  • What’s up and down in your world? 

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    1. FLATOUT JIM says

      Up, We have a swim club time trial on Thursday.

      Down, this in preparation for a dual meet with a competing club December 10, and I have a Christmas Party the same night.

      I know, not nearly as serious as yours. Hope dad is well soon, and can get back on that treadmill.

      BTW Don't forgat my giveaway, if you haven't already signed up.

    2. Running and living says

      Sorry about your father! I stand by your decision to go over there when he gets out of the hospital – there isn't much you could do while he is in there! Sending you the best wishes for your father's health!

    3. Lisa says

      I'm so sorry about your Dad, but thankgoodness he was so in tune with his body that he was able to take action in time! I hope he recovers quickly and easily! Don't beat yourself up about going on your girl's weekend – you couldn't do much anyway if you had stayed home!

      Up, I had a great weekend including two really good runs!

    4. Jennifer says

      Down- I am having trouble getting motivated to run today.

      UP- it's because we worked really hard at an arts event this weekend, had a ton of fun, hung out with friends I have not seen in a long time and generally stayed up late and ate lots. (More reasons TO run!)

      Have a great Thanksgiving and sending good healthy vibes to your Dad and family.

    5. Terri says

      Sorry to hear about your dad, but it's a good thing he caught it! And, if he's relatively fit, his recovery should be easier!

    6. Johann says

      All the best to your dad! My he have a speedy recovery. Ups for me have been all running going well and happening often. Downs are all work related where things have been crazy. Yay for running to help us cope with all the downs! Have a good week!

    7. Ewa says

      Wish your dad speedy recovery. I don't like roller coasters but it seems in life we have not much choice. Enjoy your ups and don't feel guilty for having them.

    8. Gracie (Complicated Day) says

      While I'm concerned for your dad, it's impressive that he could sense his health decline. That kind of ability saves lives! If half my patients would act when they felt unusually ill, I'd be spared many sad endings. Wishing him a speedy recover.

    9. J says

      Sorry to hear about your dad. If it is any help – my dad was in a very similar situation. He had a stress test on a Friday and went in on Monday for triple bypass. This all happened when I was 17. Quite a shock and hard to deal with at the beginning of my senior year in high school. The good part is that the doctors found it and will fix it.

    10. ShutUpandRun says

      Wow, here's hoping your dad is okay. We went through this with my dad 11 years ago and he is doing wonderfully now. Sending good thoughts.

    11. Jeff - DangleTheCarrot says

      Good that you dad listened to his body. Us men can be very stubborn when it comes to that — good on him!

      No ups or downs here – just steady – just how we like it!

    12. Evolving Through Running says

      Sorry to hear about your dad, but glad he didn't fall into the typical guy trap and ignore the issue and try to 'tough it out'. I've done that too many times, the last time resulting in a burst appendix. Hoping for a speedy recovery for him, and a stress-free holiday for you.

    13. Goose says

      Your dad is wise, good for him. Hope you managed to find some calm this weekend and carry it through this week. Saying a prayer for your family.

    14. Amanda@runninghood says

      Thinking of you. Sorry to hear about your dad. Ups: family, putting up Christmas Tree and getting ready for Thanksgiving. Downs: Seeing my mom suffer from depression. Hard to see your parents hurt. :( Hoping for a good week for you!

    15. Caroline says

      Hope you dad gets better soon!
      biggest down: I am a Quebecer living in California and all my friends and family are still in Canada…

      biggest up: my 2 sons!

    16. marathonmaiden says

      what a roller coaster! (hugs)) to you and your dad!

      up: getting to sleep in until 8am this morning
      down: having to work until 9 or 10pm tonight

    17. Laura says

      Sorry to hear about your dad, glad he was sensible and listened to his body though. I hope he's making a quick recovery.

      up – I just moved house..

      down – my motivation is hiding from me!

    18. The Hungry Runner Girl says

      I am so sorry to hear about your dad. That is so hard that you live far from them….I can't imagine. I am happy you had a great run and got to be with your friends this weekend.

      Up-I had so much fun hanging out until late last night.
      Down-I am exhausted at work today ha!

    19. Marlene says

      Oh wow, sorry to hear about your dad needing surgery but so glad he realized something was up and had it checked out. So important to be aware of our bodies. I hope he is recovering well! It must be hard not being able to be there.

    20. Jess @ Blonde Ponytail says

      Thoughts and prayers to your dad. So tough, but glad he listened to his body.

      Up-Parents are visiting for Thanksgiving

      Down-winter storm warning in effect–I hope they get here smoothly!

    21. Momma K and her Krew says

      So sorry about your dad. I adore my father as I am sure you do and being powerless is just the suckiest thing ever. Speedy recovery to him!
      UP- At a family shindig the other day I realised I really, REALLY dont care what people think and that made me feel super empowered. Only took 33 years(<;
      Down-My hubs whole fandamily is coming for turkey day and I have so much cleaning to do and yet I cant find the motivation to even pick up a Clorox wipe!

    22. Shellyrm says

      I am praying your dad is healing completely following his surgery! Wonderful that he knew his body so well!!

      Where were you in PA?

    23. Pam says

      Thank GOD that your Dad is one of the few men that will actually GO TO A DOCTOR when they know something isn't right!

      So glad he's okay!

    24. Carly says

      My thoughts are with your dad. I am glad he knew when to get to the doctor.

      UP=I am following my WeWa plan
      Down= It is freezing rain and I don't want to leave the house.

    25. Jason says

      Thoughts are with your Dad and your family for a speedy recovery.

      UP = Meetings galore for Marathon Makeover North Dallas

      DOWN = No perm job and house not sold yet.

      All in all though I keep a positive this can be done attitude and we will get through this like anything else in life.

      KEEP SMILING!!!!!

    26. Lesley @ says

      Wow… so sorry about your dad. Amazing that he recognized not feeling right and took action!

      UP: Only 2 weeks until my first marathon, I'm going to rock it!

      DOWN: Only 2 weeks until my first marathon… holy smokes, what have I gotten myself into?

      😉 So glad you had a good getaway…

    27. Aimee says

      I'm so sorry to hear about your dad, but I'm so glad that he is recovering nicely!!
      UP: Running 16 miles yesterday
      DOWN: A sore piriformis!

    28. Heather says

      Glad your dad was clued in with his body and knew that something was off. Hope that he is doing better soon. It must have been hard to not be there during surgery.
      Up: Excited about running a 10k Thanksgiving morning and having a 4 day weekend!
      Down: I was too tired to get up and go to spin class this morning…

    29. Love to Run says

      I hope and pray verything will be better with your family and your up and downs smmoth out.

      As for my up and downs, they were alli in Percy Warner Parki n Nashville, TN yesterday during the Flying Monkey Marathon. Lots and LOTS of hills, in fact, nothing but hills. It was Groovy!

    30. lindsay says

      Oh my gosh!! So glad your dad was attentive and not hard-headed! Hope he recovers quickly. Lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

    31. Amanda - RunToTheFinish says

      oh my heart goes out to you, anything dealing with family and hospitals is crazy emotional even if it all goes well.

    32. Char says

      That's great that your Dad had the surgery before it was a heart attack. He's incredible – a man that listens to his body! I didn't know they existed. I hope he recovers well and that your Mum is coping okay.

    33. LMC says

      I hope your dad recovers quickly! It'll be good for your parents to have your help next week. Glad you got to spend some time with friends and had a good trail run too!

    34. ModernMom says

      I am so glad to hear your Dad listened to his body. Smart man. I know how hard it is when your Dad is down and out. Sending hugs to you…

    35. Julie @ Hotlegs Runner says

      wow! what a roller coaster! So sorry to hear about your dad, but props to him for listening to his body. He will be in my prayers tonight I promise you that. =) Hang in there Ms. Zippy =)

    36. Happy Feet 26.2 says

      aww- I'm so sorry about the down news. Hopefully, it will all be up soon.

      down – I've been eating like a horse sense my 20 miler on Sat.
      up – the 20 miler went well, and I'm racing a half this weekend, and I think the weather will be 40ish. Awesome up!

    37. Beginner Tri Baby says

      Sounds like you have a pretty smart father! Hopefully he is on the mend and getting stronger every day. I'm sure your visit will make him feel better as well!

      Praying for only "ups" for you this week!

    38. MCM Mama says

      So sorry your dad is going through that but so glad to hear he caught it before it was a real problem.

      My life has been totally up and down too, so I hear you. Hope life continues with more ups than downs nos.

    39. Kenley says

      I will be keeping your dad and the family in prayers. Up in my life? my speed has dramatically improved. Down? the inclines in my hill training. Take care and hang in there.

    40. Black Knight says

      Sorry for dad; unfortunately I don't have anymore contacts with mine who now lives in Romania with his new wife.
      UP: my grandson is too sweet!
      DOWN: I don't succeed in understanding when I can retire (perhaps in 2 years when I will be 56).
      UP and DOWN: Running as usual.

    41. Silly Girl Running says

      So sorry about your dad!

      Up: Swimming and cycling sucks less than I expected it to. Plus I just won a case; boo haa!

      Down: torn calf and not running because of that…

    42. Jill says

      I'm so sorry about your dad – that is tough stuff. I had to deal with distant parents when they were going through some tough illness and it is not hard. ((Hugs)) to you!!

    43. Big Daddy Diesel says

      Sorry to hear about your father, at least he listened to his body and went to the doctors, I am praying for a fast and healthy recovery

    44. Petraruns says

      I am SO sorry to hear about your father and the ups and downs can be so very wearing. I am sure you will be an enormous support for them when you do go though and I'm so pleased you got out for a run when you went away – looking after yourself is very important when you're looking after others. Big hug.

    45. Fran says

      Glad to hear your Dad listened to his body and could be helped right away. It must have been hard on you that you weren't there at that time.

      I'm happy to read that you found pleasure in a run during this difficult days for you.

      What's up and down in my world is not important after reading something like this. It's okay but small compared to what you've gone through.

    46. Julie D. says

      Wow. So glad that your dad was able to get the medical attention in time. So sorry you are having to go through that. So hard to be far. My parents are in another state too and I worry how I'll handle that when and if they need me. So glad you were able to have your girls weekend. much deserved! Have a great Thanksgiving weekend.