Tytenz gear belt review/giveaway

Last weekend at the Richmond Marathon expo, my friends were searching about for new shorts or something that could help them carry all their stuff–GU, room key, etc. I had a pair of Brooks shorts with plenty of pockets, so I was set. However, when they happened upon the Tytenz Sports table, I was intrigued.

Tytenz makes these great little gear belts that look like they can hold, well, just about anything. They are expandable, with two zippered pockets, plus they have two additional “utility” loops. Add to the fact that at the expo they had about a million great designs, and my friends seized on the chance to try them out on race day. I opted to wait until I got back home, but all of us were happy with the way the belts performed.

First off, the belts are comfortable. One of my friends was worried it might ride up during the marathon, but she happily reported that it stayed in place all throughout her race. It’s also incredibly lightweight, a feature I like. I hate feeling like I am weighed down when running, and this belt keeps that from happening.

One of my biggest complaints about most running clothing is that it is lacking in pockets, but I’ve always resisted wearing any type of belt while I run. Tytenz has changed my outlook and throughout my Boston training, you’ll likely see me sporting my new belt.

Anyone want to try one out? I have two to give away, one with a pink, purple and green design, and the other in black with white and blue polka dots. Here’s the deal:

  • Be a follower or become one and let me know (required)
  • Go to the Tytenz site, look at the color list and tell me which color you’d choose (required)
  • Extra entry–post on your blog, FB page or tweet it
  • Extra entry–Tell me what the funniest thing is you’ve schlepped along on a run
  • Contest ends 11/26

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  1. Marlene says

    I have a SpiBelt and iFitness belt, but have determined that neither is "just right". Would love to try this.

    I'm a follower!

  2. Marlene says

    Funniest thing I've schlepped… I wore Nathan Hydration Backpack (without the bladder) to the grocery store to pick up a few things and left with a box of pasta without thinking anything of it. That was one noisy run home!!

  3. Amanda@runninghood says

    I am going to start a blog giveaways tab right now on my blog. I was supposed to do that earlier this week for another giveway…ooops. so first thing after my next comment!

  4. Amanda@runninghood says

    hmmm, well sometimes I've schlepped my running stroller without a kid in it to the grocery store so I can carry the groceries home on my run. I get some looks for sure.

  5. marathonmaiden says

    the funniest thing i've schlepped on a run was a traffic cone. it was my senior year of high school and my friends and i had decided to do a senior prank of taking traffic cones and placing them in '05 in the parking lot. i saw a really bright one on my run and grabbed it hahah

  6. Diana Tries-A-Tri! says

    I don't know how funny it is, but I seem to always pack along my camera, phone, keys, etc. I look like a pack horse!

  7. Amanda@runninghood says

    Okay, done. Your giveaway is on my blog! And I like the polka dot one for sure but I didn't see that one on their site.

  8. J says

    I have the iFitness belt and it just doesn't sit right on my hips and rids up even though they claim it wont. I am a follower!

  9. J says

    I have to be the most boring runner ever because I have never taken anything funny with me on a run. Although I have taken my mom on a run and she looks pretty funny while running.

  10. Matty O says

    you know I have seen these things during races. Are you being nice or do you whole heartedly like these things? They looked like they would bounce with a lot of stuff in them.

    Glad you found a fit, I am also always looking for something to pack mule my workouts :)

    Good luck with Boston :) Mega jealous… maybe next year I will make the big BQ.

  11. Nicole @BodyByBeer says

    I love that they are expandable, I like both of the designs they sent you, love on their site how they show a racing bib attached to one.

  12. Nicole @BodyByBeer says

    It wasn't on a run, but a bike ride: I made a trip to the dollar store to get cleaning supplies when we first moved into an office building, most of the supplies fit in my bag, except the broom… so I biked through a busy part of town trying not to 'joust' pedestrians.

    On runs, I keep 2 phones- yes, I need them both, my burts bees, and my ID & credit card.

  13. Jogging with Fiction says

    this is kind of gross (and I totally wouldn't put it in a belt), but I always carry dog poop bags because I run with my dog and sometimes I have to carry them full for a while…yuck!

  14. Jess @ Blonde Ponytail says

    I will share on my blog!

    Most wacko thing I've carried: a bag of dog poo…I'm a resonsible doggy owner and had run with it until I could find a trash can…sick, right?!

  15. amy says

    when I run to work, I plan ahead to have my clothes there. sometimes I forget essential components like a bra or underware and then find ways to carry them with me (in pockets, lightweight backpack, etc.)

  16. Kate says

    Ooooh I love this! I want one SO bad!!! I bought a fuel belt and absolutely hate it. It's too heavy and doesn't fit right. This looks perfect! I am a follower!

  17. abbi says

    I don't think I've taken anything too funny on a run, just the typical stuff – phone, pepper spray, mp3 player. I do carry backups though, like a backup mp3 player – that might be kind of odd!

  18. Colleen says

    I would probably pick pink, but I really love the ones you show and they don't have any of the fun designs on their site. :(

  19. Kiesha says

    I rarely schlep but I did run about 5 miles to return a movie to Blockbuster one time. It was annoying to carry and maybe that's why I haven't carried anything since. 😉

  20. Teamarcia says

    Follower! I'd love to try this as I've been jamming stuff in the pocket of my handheld but now it's getting to cold to hold the handheld!

  21. Teamarcia says

    I've schlepped Thing 2 in the jog stroller while having to pull Thing 1 (who grew too tired to pedal) along on her bike, then the dog hurt his foot so he had to sit with Thing 2 in the stroller until we made it home.

  22. Angie Bee says

    I have a SPIbelt and like the idea but would love to try something else. Its just not right. It also is not water resistant and my sweat gets on my camera.
    Oh and I am a follower :)

  23. Shellyrm says

    Their site isn't coming up right for me. I don't see anything but black. But that's probably want I'd choose anyway, so it would go with everything!

  24. Shellyrm says

    I carry half the house with me when I have the little one in the jogger and I rarely carry anything with me when it's just me. But in the first Ultra I had to carry "girl stuff" and I was sooo glad I did. (yeah, TMI. sorry but you asked)

  25. JenniferLeah says

    Well…a Dora the Explorer figurine. My daughter loves the flasks on my Nathan belt and will play with them. I think she got into the pocket one day and put Dora in there.
    It made me laugh and smile to "find" it when reaching for my lipbalm this summer :)

  26. Stella Rae says

    I like the silver one! I follow, posted it on my Fits Cute Facebook Page, and tweeted it. I do not put items on my blog until I try them with honest reviews:)

  27. skoval21 says

    I am a follower and I love your blog!! I have a fuel pack but it always rides up and causes chaffing on my lower back (ouch)! I would have to chose the Neon pink also…too cute! I am heading to Boston in April also.

  28. Barbie says

    I love the red one, matches my bike, my shoes,, my Tri Clothing – you name it. I am also a follower and will link to you on my post tomorrow after a possible century ride. Fingers crossed misszippy :)

  29. *~* *~* Tracy says

    I dont' think I've schlepped anything too funny before. I do feel like my grandma sometimes though…water, garmin, heart rate monitor, watch, bandana for snot, gu, cell phone, road id…no wonder I'm so slow; I'm carrying 50 pounds of extra stuff with me on my long runs!

  30. Julie @ Hotlegs Runner says

    I am a follower!

    MissZippy …Please read my blog post for today. I am shamelessly plugging it coz I REALLY don't want YOU to miss it. Check it out and you'll understand why =)

  31. Julie says

    I always carry my camera with me during my races:) All of the pictures of me show me with my camera! Yes, I am a total dork:)

  32. Laurie says

    I couldn't see any options besides solids. I'd prefer some sort of patterned one but in solid I'd probably go with neon yellow… I'm still stuck in the 80's like that.

  33. Laurie says

    I once toted around a full size hammer and a pocket full of nails along with some yard sale signs because I had to get signs up before the "big sale" but didn't want to miss out on my run either. Once the signs were up and I was left to run with just the hammer I felt pretty tough… I think a hammer beats pepper spray any day. Luckily it was early morning. I wonder if running with a hammer is as bad as running with scissors? Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. eep says

    I did a run while on vacation in Key West with a hotel key, ID, and phone in my bra. They all got quite sweaty. A belt pack would be a better arrangement, but I was still pretty new to running and had no idea that there was an option better than a fanny pack available.

  35. Bethany + Ryan says

    i would probably get the neon pink one…i'm not really a fan of neon pink tho, i prefer just regular pink, but i guess neon pink is better than no pink at all!

  36. Bethany + Ryan says

    for every marathon i've run i've carried my GUs and snacks the same way…an old sock that i stuff down my bra. It's highley effective, and a little sticky at times…

  37. Lesley @ racingitoff.com says

    I don't know how funny it is, but I am a chronic over-dresser (I cannot stand to be cold). So I have ended runs carrying gloves, earmuffs, jacket, and sunglasses all in my hands.

  38. Tricia says

    An annoying thing I take along on some runs: I bring a paper transit card with me so I can ride the train or bus back if I get tired. I can't put it in my pocket because if it gets wet/sweaty it won't work!

  39. Jill says

    I have taken my phone a few times in a marathon, only b/c I lost my friends after Dallas one year and totally missed my flight home…but in SF this year, it got so wet it didn't work for a very long time and I was in total panic mode.

  40. Chris K says

    I use a SPI belt and wonder if this new one is better. The SPI belt is actually pretty darn cool, but my phone does bounce a bit. Hmmmmh, I never enter contests though – too lazy. Can you just sent it to me cuz we're BFF's?

  41. Kenley says

    Ok, Since we are talking gear belts, as with this comment, I will keep all the junk in one trunk.
    1. I am a follower
    2. I posted on my site your giveaway (thanks for the idea to list on the side)
    3. Just black will work for me
    4. The funniest thing that I ever carried laboriously on a run would be a Cassete Tape walkman that was hand carried that weighed in at it seemed 5 lbs in high school with big old head sets listening to should I not mention the fact that I was NOT listening to Hanging Tough by New kids on the block. HAHAHA. I thought I was cool, but kept that one on the trails.

    Thanks and have a good one. (thanks to technology now, hehe) Oh, I did see a guy in his 40's at the gym sporting one a few months ago. I had to LAUGH.

  42. Terri says

    Oh, and the dumbest thing I've schlepped along? My phone in my hand so I could use the JogTracker app! For TEN MILES! :) So, yeah, I think I could use a gear belt!

  43. Cynthia O'H says

    I keep putting off picking up a belt; I'm not sold on any of them. This sounds like it would do the trick.

    I'm a follower.

  44. Cynthia O'H says

    Dry clothes. I use to run to the gym in the morning and would change into clean clothes before heading home. One morning, I realized that I had nothing dry in my locker so tied my clothes around my waist. I felt like I had three inches of fat to haul around.

  45. Momma K and her Krew says

    My fuel belt flaps around in the wind and I hate it but still wear it because I am scared to be without my phone, kleenex, emergency tampon (TMI) and pepper spray. It looks like I am sporting a full fanny pack which rides up mid back. I am quite the looker.

  46. the dawn says

    i've taken pickle juice :) they were going to have a pickle juice station during my last marathon, but they warned us to try it on a long run if we plan on taking some during the race…so i did :)

  47. Scrappytbear says

    Fnuny: One long long run I snuck into the woods on the side of a road and I looked beside me and there was a purple golf ball laying on the ground. I picked that thing up and carried it for 20 more km because I knew my purple loving daughter would lose her mind for it! A Purple golf ball!

  48. Kirstie says

    Funniest thing I have carried was a extra pair of undies…….because you can never be too careful 😉 I was having tummy troubles at the time and was thinking ahead just in case.