This must be some kind of strange record!

The war wounds–a couple of massive blisters added to the fun  

Well, after all my weather fretting, antibiotics, etc., I finally made it to the start line at the Richmond Marathon! I was happy to be feeling much better by Friday and pretty much normal on race day Saturday.

We headed off to the start line with a short walk from the hotel…so nice to be that close and to stay indoors relaxing ahead of time. The weather was bright and sunny and, in spite of a temperature reading of upper 30s, quite comfortable. So, I didn’t get to don any spectacular throw-away gear–will have to wait for next time. We had to cross the path of the 8k runners on their way to the finish and I was there right around when I thought Tonia might be coming through, but didn’t get to see her. She nailed her race, btw–congrats!

My goal for this race had been to run a 3:28-3:29, shaving 3 to 4 minutes of my previous PR. I trained for that pace, felt very dialed in to that pace, but…as you all know, marathons don’t always go according to plan. My friend Becky and I hung with the 3:30 pacer until the half mark (she was a fabulous pacer, btw) and then somehow moved ahead of the group, staying there until about mile 20, when they re-caught us. Becky was able to continue with them to the finish, getting her 3:28! I however, fell back a bit and couldn’t get the legs to keep up.  My mistake was getting the case of happy feet and moving ahead of the pacer, but that’s life.

Last year I had my marathon PR at Richmond, finishing in a time of 3:32:34. Want to guess what my time ended up being this year? 3:32:34. To the second. How can you run 26.2 miles and get the exact same time two years in a row? Quite sure there must be some stats out there that would reveal that’s a record! ; )

Beer, burgers and fries post-race!

 Am I disappointed? A bit. But for the bad week I had leading up to it, I can certainly live with it. I enjoyed the day and the weekend with good friends, I enjoyed the journey getting here, and that’s what it’s all about. Now, time for some serious downtime, perhaps a runbattical ala Teamarcia, so that I can get to the point where I want to start training for Boston.

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  1. Melissa Cunningham says

    AWESOME job girl!!!!
    and yes,very odd chance you had the same time 2yrs in row!!
    but like goose,said,you went out there and DID it! with a amazing pace!!!
    hopefully next year i will be doing the same race,not at 3:30ish pace though!!!

  2. AM-GoalsfortheWeek says

    Hey there!
    thought of you out there this wknd! that is too crazy to get the exact time as last year! What are the odds!??;-)

    and great race time!! enjoy your runbattical!

  3. Momma K and her Krew says

    You are amazing! What an awesome time, what great spirit! My only dissapointment is in the lack of neon- HA! You are truly an inspiration- kudos!

  4. Laurie says

    Ouch… Your poor feet! Great job though getting to the start line after feeling so cruddy for the past bit. And matching your PR down to the second?! Bet you couldn't do that again if you tried! Way to go, you rock!

  5. Fran says

    I think you did great! And it's amazing how you ran exactly the same time, that's special, I mean how often does that happen?

  6. La Historiadora de Moda says

    Holy cow! Lightening does strike in the same place twice! I know you are disappointed about not meeting your PR goal, but you are seriously amazing!

  7. Jennifer says

    Ouch, on those blisters! I think you ran super fast- How funny that you got identical times as last year. Good job and glad you were feeling better for the race! Rest up and relax!

  8. The Hungry Runner Girl says

    Wow!! I have never heard of that happening before, to the second??? Great job on your marathon, I don't know how you did it with the week you had!! Yes, time for down time!! We gotta start getting ready for Boston soon:) Once again great job and I am only feeling a little bit of marathon jealousy right now!

  9. LMC says

    I saw your time (and your AG placement!) in the Richmond paper this morning. I was very excited for you and impressed with your time! I had no idea it's the exact same time as last year. That's gotta be some kind of record because the odds are slim to none. Hope the blisters heal quickly!! Enjoy the Runbattical. I'm right there with you and TeaMarcia.

  10. Caratunk Girl says

    Way to go!! That is crazy that you ran the same exact time!! Looking at your shoes makes me wince in pain!

    Good luck training for Boston, rest those blisters. I hope they heal quickly!

  11. Colleen says

    Congrats… and with you being sick and all, you did fabulous! Hope those blisters heal fast… and enjoy you runbattical!

  12. Lisa says

    I think you should buy a lottery ticket. Anyone who can run a marathon two years in a row and get the EXACT SAME TIME is very lucky.

    And congrats! :-)

  13. P says

    Congrats on a really excellent race – it still counts as a PR when it's the exact same time, right???
    My sympathies for the blisters. Ouch!

  14. Christina says

    After your week leading up to this race, getting the same time and not slowing down even 1 sec … that's pretty awesome :)

  15. Christine says

    That is amazing!!! The exact same time 2 years in a row! WOW :) Congrats to a very good race, even though you had a tough week prior to the race. Congrats!!!

  16. Jason says

    That is incredible. Figure out how to play Powerball or something using those numbers b/c that is amazing.

    Great job on the race.


    Congrats again! You still did great even though you didn't hit the UBER goal. So weird about your time. How does that happen?

  18. Happy Feet 26.2 says

    ok that is crazy! I thought it was weird when I ran 16 seconds apart, on 2 different courses. You win!

    Actually, I think you were faster this year, because you couldn't have been 100% for the race with being sick so recently, so you were actually in better shape this year for sure, right?

    Also, any day you are not slowing down, that is good thing. Strong race! Well Done!

  19. Kate says

    Freaky stuff! The same exact finish time. Wow. Congrats! I know you didn't hit your goal time but you still kicked ass. I would kill for that time. One day I'll be as fast as Miss. Zippy :) (I hope!)

  20. Heather says

    Amazing! Congratulations! Glad that the weather was nice and you were feeling better. That's so strange that you got the exact same time!!

  21. amy says

    Awesome job! The time must have been meant to be, for this year. You rocked it, especially after the tough week leading up to the race. Congrats!

  22. momof3 says

    congratulations on a great weekend. That is… freaky. I mean, freaky good… but girl, you need to go buy a lotto ticket. I'm just sayin'.

  23. lindsay says

    that is crazy! and cool! and still an awesome time! i mean hello, you had the plague last week, it's understandable to be a bit off pace in a marathon a few days later. congrats!!

  24. Julie says

    Awesome job Zippy! I know you didn't get your goal time but you still had an amazing race!! Seriosuly, 3:32 is a super fast marathon time:) Congrats to you!

  25. Jill says

    That's too funny about the exact time – you gotta get that in some sort of world record book :). Congrats – I peeked at your time yesterday and was so happy for you!!!

  26. Anne says

    How cool…and yes, a bit freaky, that you ran the exact same time!! Congrats on a wonderful race. Sorry you're a little disappointed, but that is amazingly fast!!

  27. Cynthia O'H says

    That's a great time and setting a record like that is amazing. It will only be a matter of time before Runners World gets wind of it.
    Congrats on the race, Speedy!

  28. racing dawn says

    That's crazy! That's pretty dang great after being sick all week! Congrats! Enjoy some well deserved recovery time for sure!

  29. Teamarcia says

    I think several extra bonus points are in order for hitting your same time on the head! WOW! Fantastic time no matter what you say, especially after being sick! Congrats!
    Now come join us runbatticalers!

  30. Elizabeth says

    Congrats even though you didn't get the PR you wanted but am sure you still feel great about finish with such a great time considering your were not 100%.

  31. Black Knight says

    Unbelievable, the same time! It means that you don't get older. Great job, congrats. You are very very fast. If you were here you could get BIG loots!

  32. Alison B., "Runbuggy" says

    Congrats on the marathon – even if you were a bit disappointed! I think it's awesome and could only dream of finishing in that time :)

  33. Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) says

    The odds on the same time two years in a row must be astronomical. Nice times in any way. I hope to hit 3:30 in two weeks, and BQ, which was my goal for the year.

  34. Jess @ Blonde Ponytail says

    Wow! The same time a year later! Amazing. I'm sure a PR would have been nice, but battling sickness and running a stellar time like that has to be rewarding!!

  35. J says

    Well done on the marathon with all things considered! You did amazing, even down to the second! Funny how you got the same time!

  36. Angie Bee says

    that is so weird!! Congrats but really what are the odds :)
    At least you know that you have not in fact lost anything. YOu were sick and did as well as last year so if you were not fighting anything off you would have PRed for sure!

  37. Shellyrm says

    You ran my marathon pr time after being sick! Are you kidding me? And you make it sound easy. You are sooo fast. It is crazy that you nailed the same time 2 years in a row.

    Congratulations on a great race.

  38. Big Daddy Diesel says

    What is this world coming to!!!! I want to run and you want to take a runbattical!!! I never saw this coming, either of them!!!

  39. Petraruns says

    Nailing the same time twice is incredible – what are the odds? Seriously? That's amazing. But even more amazing is how you matched your PR under the circumstances – it really did not go your way and you still did it. I really hope you can feel better about yourself because of it.