MZ’s 10 Commandments for Marathon Recovery

1. Thou shall take a moment to be proud, even if you aren’t happy with your time
2. In the first week post-marathon, thou shall not run with friends who did not run the marathon–their pace will be more than you need right now. In fact, not running at all for one week is a good idea!
3. Thou shall hit snooze if that’s what you feel like doing
4. Thou shall not run speedwork (hopefully for at least a month!)
5. Thou shall cross train
6. Thou shall indulge in favorite treats for a day or two, then get back to normal. You’re not exercising all that much right now–don’t pack on unwanted pounds!
7. Thou shall not bore non-runner friends with the endless details of your 26.2
8. Thou shall not wear your medal to work, book club, the gym, your kids’ school, etc.
9. Thou shall refrain from signing up for the next marathon until you’ve had time to come back down to earth and reality
10. Thou shall have a spa weekend with girlfriends a week post-marathon (kidding, of course, but lucky me is doing just that!)

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    and with that, I am going to hell. Definitely broke 8 or 9 of those. Cute post. Have a fun spa weekend!

  2. Jogging with Fiction says:

    number 8 cracks me up…and when I run mine, i'm totally breaking it ;)

  3. Silly Girl Running says:

    I'm with you! I broke #9 already…That's just me… ;)

    And not running the week after the marathon, although forced by the calf injury, felt kind of good. So, I said it! ;)

  4. Ugh I wish I had read this after mine. I am currently sitting her a month out so exhausted I can barely move… No I did not take any time off after mine thought I was super woman!

  5. One Crazy Penguin says:

    I've definitely broken a few of those! Oops :p

  6. ShutUpandRun says:

    I agree wtih it all, but the medal part. You should wear that thing everywhere you go, bank, store, school, bus stop. You can even decorate it to draw more attention.

  7. perfect list! especially the not telling the non-runners part…they just don't care enough for me to spill my entire emotional journey on them.

  8. Tortuga_Runner says:

    Shoot, didn't realize #6 was two days only. I'm almost a month post marathon still indulging in "treats". Oh and I must break rule #8, a tiffany's necklace finishers "medal" should be the exception.

  9. That spa weekend should be rule #1!

  10. Amanda - RunToTheFinish says:

    very good list! But I do wear my medal the day of the race :)

  11. thanks for posting! great list!

  12. Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) says:

    Thanks for this. I will need it in a couple of weeks. I am not real sure about #10 though. My wife may frown on it. :)

  13. jamie@sweatyhugs says:

    You are funny! I say wear that medal proudly! LOL

  14. Evolving Through Running says:

    Like the list a lot! So sore right now that taking a week off is proving to be a very easy decision. I'm living #6 to the fullest. Finally had a big bowl of ice cream last night and loved every bite.

  15. Medievalist says:

    sounds like a good plan! enjoy the spa weekend!

  16. Mmm…I break quite a few of those rules all the time.

  17. Big Daddy Diesel says:

    WHAT?!?! I cant do 7 or 8 (I cant not confirm or deny I have done this in the past in reference to a race)

  18. marathonmaiden says:

    can you repost this in about 3 weeks for me?! kthanx ;)

  19. This is a great list, one that we probably need to carry around with us so we don't accidentally ignore them :)

  20. Great list and hooray for you for #10. That should be mandatory though and somehow included in the race fee.

  21. That is a pretty impressive list! I agree with the medal part, but wearing the shirt is a must I think. Oh, how I love walking and jogging right now. It is a comfort on my body right now. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Ha! This is a greay list… AND I am definitely guilty of breaking a couple of these rules.

    Enjoy your recovery!

  23. racing dawn says:

    Love love love it…I need some serious tips though if running in a marathon again 3 weeks away. :) And I'm definitely getting a pedicure this week too! Congrats again on your great finish!`

  24. Hahaha. This is great! Definitely a good idea to wait before signing up for your next race. Oh, and not wearing your medal around is also a great tip. :)

  25. I totally disagree with 7 and 8. You should keep on bragging and wearing your medal proudly. If the non-running world does not understand – tough luck. :)
    So what is your next marathon? :)

  26. Julie @ Hotlegs Runner says:

    Ok, I shall keep this in mind. Thanks for posting misszippy =)

  27. I need to work on 1 & 9.

    Loved this list!

  28. Man….I can't believe I broke rule #8, but I thought it would be a great thing to wear just like Flavor Flav wears his clock.

    He obviously needs to know the time all the time and I obviously need to be reminded that I just ran a marathon.

    I will take it off now, since the RnRSA for 2010 was just run (I ran mine in 2009)

  29. Lesley @ says:

    Oh, I definitely plan on breaking #7. My friends will just have to suffer through my every detail of the race… hey, I suffer through all their crafting and shopping expeditions with a smile, even when they interrupt my run time! LOL!!!!!!

    (Does #8 apply if you wear it for Halloween? I think I'll be a marathoner next year! OK, maybe not…)

    Love the list, though!

  30. Number 8 is my favourite. I would be wearing my medal everywhere until it tarnishes.

  31. track coach and adorable wife says:

    If I were to ever run a marathon I think 10 would be a must have!

  32. Love it! I think we should sign up for the marathon and post-marathon spa weekend at the same time!

  33. Jess @ Blonde Ponytail says:

    I love #6 which is a such a good reminder during the holidays anyway! But, #1 caught my attention! :)

  34. Great list. I follow some of those…not so good on others. I'm a work in progress!

  35. Love to Run says:

    Not sure I woudl do #10 though it sounds liek fun. I agree with #1 through 8 but #9 and I disagree, But then again, I am crazy enough to be signed up for 4 marathons at one time.

    Find your next one and train like hell!!!! Hell in a good way I mean.

  36. Bethany + Ryan says:

    hehe! love it! great list! :-)

  37. Andrew Opala says:

    … and then Moses started to read the blogs, and he broke the tablets in disgust!

  38. I will make a copy so I make sure not to break the rules after my first marathon next month! Enjoy your spa retreat!!:)

  39. Love it! Especially #10.

    Oh, and #8. I guess I should take my medal off now.

    Winks & Smiles,

  40. looove this list :) i will be coming back to it in a few weeks!

  41. Running and living says:

    I like the list, including the medal part. honestly, I think medals are a waste of money. I'd prefer another Tshirt…

  42. Love #1. It is so true! Number 10 sounds great!

  43. Jeff - DangleTheCarrot says:

    Very funny! Good list!

  44. haha! What a fun post! :) I'll let you know how many I break if I ever run a marathon! ;)

  45. Love those rules! Hope your recovery is going well.

  46. Spa weekend!

  47. Love it! And I think I will use it in December after my next race!

  48. I agree with each rule, although I think I am currently in violation of rule #5 and I forgot about the massage! I guess I can still get that one done. I'll work on that one!

  49. Great list. I like #3 and #10 best! :)

  50. LOVE IT! :)

  51. I love these!! :) I'll remember them after my 1st marathon…Dec. 11th!

  52. oooh, yes, lucky YOU!!! The perfect time for girlfriend's spa get away!!!

  53. I think I need to highlight this post and keep coming back to it – I recognise the stuff I shouldn't do and should make a note of the stuff I should!

  54. Love it! And will remember it after my first half marathon (whenever that may be :) )

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