More whine

I know, I have had a seriously whiny week. And I apologize. But hear me out one more time, ok?

The stupid cold I got a while back has now progressed to a sinus infection. My head wants to explode and I just want to lay in bed all day. What’s that? I have a marathon in two short days? Yeah.

I did hit the minute clinic yesterday and get on a 3-day round of antibiotics. Still waiting for them to kick in, but I’m hoping that by tomorrow, maybe I’ll feel a bit better. I’m still planning to go to Richmond, still planning to race. Still hoping for a miracle that my body will let me run a good 26.2. It happens, right?

If you’ve got a good story about a successful race you’ve done while sick, please share–I need to believe this can happen!

And I promise next week will be a no-whine zone.

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  1. P says

    I don't really have a miracle story, but I do have faith that you'll feel better and run well! Whine all you want, we all do it once in awhile (especially during taper week!)

  2. Angie Bee says

    I hope those antibiotics do the trick! Feel better soon and I wish I had more to offer than just good wishes.
    Hang in there!

  3. The Hungry Runner Girl says

    Girl, do not feel bad about whining! I use my blog to vent and you should not feel bad…we want to support and help you:) I ran a 5k with the stomach flu and set a new PR. I am so stubborn I had to prove something!!

    P.S. I WILL BE IN BOSTON!! I want to meet up so badly so include me in the list, I am so looking forward to it!!

    Get feeling better and I hope the antibiotics work ASAP!

  4. Kenley says

    Actually, the first Half Marathon I did, I did with a head cold back in September. I paid no attention and just ran. Surprisingly, I did well, and the next day, it was gone after lots of recovery and shopping. lol

  5. Quinton J says

    I felt like crap right up until the night before and woke up feeling fresh and ran a pb. Try and rest aggresively for these next 2 days. Fingers crossed…you feel better really soon.

  6. Amanda@runninghood says

    In college, when I had to run and it wasn't easy to get out of competition, I ran my best mile when I was sick. I just knew that if I pulled it all together and gave my all then I could rest all I wanted after it was over…and rest without regret. Good luck…you'll do great. The power of the mind is AMAZING!

  7. One Crazy Penguin says

    I've never had a race while sick, but I did play college basketball. I had some of my best games when I was sick. Something about pushing through….or maybe cold medicine makes you like superwoman?

  8. Patrick Mahoney says

    I summited Mt Washington in NH in the winter puking my guts out. It stunk big time but there was plently of fresh snow to cool down the stinky grossness in my mouth.

    Hope the meds kick in and you go get this one.

  9. Jon says

    At least with an injury, you can figure out what the heck you did to get injured. With colds, its like wtf where and how and who did I catch this from!!!

  10. Julie says

    You have every reason to whine! Sinus infections are the worst…I have had my share of them in the past. I hope that you start to feel better and that your race will go well:) Hang in there Amanda!

  11. shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama says

    Hoping the meds get you over the worst of it and you are able to enjoy your race. You will still be blazing fast!

  12. Julie @ Hotlegs Runner says

    a friends of mine actually completed a race even if he had fever. Not a wise thing to do but he's still alive so, it's possible. maybe you should double up on the vit C and some fruits. hope you heal soon. =)

  13. Laurie says

    Yuck, poor you. :(
    I only have positive wishes, no good stories. I do think the meds will kick in though and once you get out there racing you will have completely forgotten you were ever sick. Rest up. Think happy, healthy thoughts.

  14. Fran says

    Oh boy, I'm so sorry to hear this! I sure hope you feel a bit better by Saturday and even though you might not run a PR I hope you have a good race and enjoy it.

  15. Barbie says

    I think you are going to do just fine. This will have cleared up and the race will continue with you giving your all, cause that's what you do. Go get em.

  16. Caratunk Girl says

    I hope you feel better!

    I did the Mid-Winter 10 Mile Classic last year with a pretty bad cold. I felt like crap, sore throat, runny nose, sore body, the works.

    I PR'd by 5 minutes.

    Good luck! You can do this!

  17. Jill says

    I'm here to comfort you!! I am chronic sinus infection girl here and constantly run on all sorts of antibiotics and antihistamines. Just get lots of sleep the next couple nights and all will be good I bet!!! You're so dang-nabbit tough, you can outkick some dumb old sinus thingie!!! Stay strong, girl!!!!

  18. AM-GoalsfortheWeek says

    ay, you can whine. that's what we're here for right?

    and yeah…i did my first olympic distance tri with a serious sinus infection but was in denial that I was sick…so during the race…not a problem at all. I think the adrenaline kept me goin. Post race? – oy dios mio. it wasn't til' ~4 days later that I got anitbiotics…oy!~ So you have the meds…you'll be super good to go!!!

  19. Colleen says

    No stories, just a big hug! I'm sick too (although I don't have a marathon) and it's not fun! Sending you healthy thoughts! :)

  20. Irene says

    Eeek! I hope the meds kick in and knock out that infection. Drink lots of fluids because those meds will dry you up!

    Sending positive vibes and healing thoughts your way, if it helps any!

  21. racing dawn says

    I hate being sick. Those antibiotics are going to kick in, like tonight, for sure. You'll be ready for the race. If anything, put some vick's vapor rub on your top lip and maybe your chest – you gotta be able to breath… :) those fumes will at least clear the airways! and caffeine!!!! save the nyquil for after the race. Positive thoughts sent your way friend!

  22. J says

    When I played bball and ran track in college there were times when I didn't feel 100% but still had to run. Its all mental – if you think you can run then you will!

  23. Kate says

    Ugh, what sucky timing for a sinus infection! So sorry. You are amazing though and you have the mental strength to get through this (and I think you'll need to use it ALL on Sunday).

    you'll be great. Just remember you're a SUPER STAR!!! Thinking of you all weekend! Best of luck!

  24. Happy Feet 26.2 says

    awww Misszippy, so sorry to hear that. I've been battling something???? Haven't felt real bad, but coughing each morning and stuffy nose. (I keep a stuffy nose, so that is not new)

    Anyway, I hope you feel better really fast.

  25. Meg says

    Oh, darn it!!! I was hoping that you would feel better and I'm sure you will feel much better by Saturday. REST, rest, rest!

  26. Julie D. says

    You can whine all you want, just as long as you drink some wine after that marathon!! I'm sure those antibiotics will do the trick for you! get well and good luck!!

  27. Regina says

    sorry you are feeling ill. Don't forget to get your good bacteria too; kefir, yogurt, Culturel, something! You do not want to get some runners trots on race day. Volunteering at the NYC Marathon last weekend, I saw an elite runner who had just that; the back of her legs were covered in brown, poor thing. Feel Better and good luck!!!!

  28. funderson says

    BLEEEECH!! Heal fast…I have no success stories for you, but the time I ran a 1/2 marathon with a sinus infection it was day #1 of illness so not really comparable.

  29. Jess @ Blonde Ponytail says

    Hoping those anti-biotics kick in for you soon! Hopefully, by getting sick now, you avoid set-back for Boston!!

  30. Cynthia O'H says

    The Superdrugs are amazing. Hopefully, they'll be able to rescue another ailing runner.

    Best of luck with the marathon.