I’m a hold out

You may have heard me mention 1,000 a few times that I don’t like winter. Can’t stand it. Don’t like the white stuff one bit. I could go on and on.

So I’m in a bit of weather denial right now. Yesterday when I headed out, the temp was about 33. Today, 36, although it felt even colder. Instead of dressing like it’s that cold, however, I am trying to put off the first day of wearing full-length tights as long as possible. Ditto for gloves heavier than throw-aways and anything warmer than a plain old running hat on my head. So I head out looking like this:

Really, I haven’t bee cold yet. I run hotter than most people I know, so it’s all good right now. Plus, the sun usually comes up while I’m out and the temps start to warm rather quickly.

I did a similar thing in reverse a couple of years ago. It was early March and I declared that I was done with tights (of all lengths) for the year. I did pay for that little statement when it turned cold again, as it is wont to do in March. 

Tomorrow, I head to Cleveland to help my parents out now that my dad is home from the hospital. If you didn’t know, Cleveland tends to be cold, really cold. Not sure if I’ll break down and take real tights or not. Maybe time in Ohio doesn’t count in my silly little game? Have to think about the rules. In the meantime, I’ll continue along in my delusional, winter isn’t happening state.

Anyone else this strange play head games with their running?

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  1. Pretend this is real says

    I'm with you. I hate the cold and simply don't own any heavy duty cold weather running clothes. You're in luck though… Monday and Tuesday here in Cleveland the weather's supposed to get into the low 50s before it's back to freezing temperatures. Safe travels!

  2. Christine says

    I don't like winter running as well, but I'm always afraid of being cold and get dressed very early with long tights! :) I tend to overdress :) Have a safe trip!

  3. Michelle says

    So funny you posted this cause I've been playing this game with myself the last couple of days. It was 29 degrees when I went out this morning and I'm starting to wonder where my threshold is!

    Travel safe!!

  4. La Historiadora de Moda says

    I despise running in winter also! That is why I bought a treadmill last year. My current city seems to be better about snow removal than my last place was, but there's still a lot of ice on the walks and side streets. And I just can't hack it.

  5. ShebaJC says

    You lucked out. It's actually supposed to be a pleasant 50 degrees or so for the next couple days here in C-town. Hope you have a good trip, and that your Dad heals quickly!

  6. Jeff - DangleTheCarrot says

    You are tougher then me. yesterday was 31 degrees and I had 3 layers, tights, gloves, fleece hat and my thick running socks. I suggest you become a wimp like me when you head to OH – that place is just too cold!

  7. trifitmom says

    ugh, i was doing well and just kept running outside, but i finally have fallen victim to the fact that i think it is too cold…..i am a wimp

  8. Jon says

    I kinda like winter running, ONLY because I will never overheat (I'd rather be cold than overheat). The first mile running in cold temps is the WORST!

  9. Fran says

    Capri's at 33 degrees? You rock! I ran at 33 degrees too yesterday but with long tights and a thermo pants under it. I'm such a baby compared to you :)

    Last year at a race in December when it was 33 degrees too I saw people in shorts and singlets but they wore a hat and gloves. To be honest that looked kind of stupid :)

    I prefer running in Winter but I hate snow.

  10. Black Knight says

    I prefer winter than summer but…the winter here, in Civitavecchia, near the sea!
    Have a safe trip and look after yourself in the cold Cleveland.

  11. Jennifer says

    I like tights! But your capris are pretty good looking! Have fun up north and hope your Dad getts to healing fast. Cheers!

  12. Jason says

    It is all head games with this running thing.

    I just posted that I broke out my old mantra of I AM A MACHINE which doesn't allow me to think about pain or anything and just move my feet faster.

    Good luck with your game in Cleveland and hope that things go well for you with the parents (Dad) in Cleveland.

  13. abbi says

    It's been harder getting out there with it being col out. Luckily, I must run hot too because I've been fine after getting warmed up!

  14. Gracie (Complicated Day) says

    I think maybe pack the tights JUST in case. Since I'm low on winter running clothes, I ended up running yesterday's marathon in a pajama shirt! My plan is just to keep running winter races with long-sleeved T's so I can stock up a tad. Otherwise it's either more PJ's or freezing arms.

  15. The Hungry Runner Girl says

    I HATE the cold too! Cute picture!! Head games are the only way to get through tough running games! Let us know how Cleveland goes and whether or not you take your tights:) Hope your Dad is doing ok!

  16. Aimee says

    For me, the weather is weird because it's sunny outside, but freezing!! I went on a long run last week and nearly froze to death when the sun went behind some clouds and the wind picked up! Brrr.

  17. Barbie says

    I am playing a head game right now. As I look out the window anyone would think it is winter here. Cloudy, drizzling and windy, and I am tossing up whether to wear long tights and a light long sleeve, or shorts and a thicker long sleeve. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

  18. P says

    Too funny, it was about 35 degrees here this morning (which is about as cold as it ever gets for us, thank goodness) and I went out in a tank top with compression sleeves and shorts. Two pairs of gloves, though, because my hands are the first things to get cold. I can go all winter without wearing tights, but I NEED gloves.
    Hope your dad is feeling better and things go well in Cleveland with or without tights.

  19. Jarrett @ "PaddlePedalPlod" says

    Head games are required to get yourself out the door in this… http://bit.ly/gCIiIG
    But you can't really play games with your clothes!
    My game today was "hurdle the snowdrifts without falling on my ass"

  20. marathonmaiden says

    i totally hate the cold too. i've stopped looking at the temps before i leave my apartment because i see a "cold" temp and overdress! this morning the temp said 30* but since it was so sunny out i was overheating in my spandex and longsleeve. granted my hands are one area that i NEED to bundle up on. they were numb despite 3 layers!!

  21. Colleen says

    I hate winter running. I'm always cold from about November until May in Ohio and running outside, I bundle up.

    Hope you have a good trip to Cleveland! :)

  22. Julie says

    Living in Minnesota I know all about layering. It is a must…if I need to drop a layer..no big deal:)

    BTW, you look so freaking tiny in those tights Lady! Zippy is looking good:)

  23. Sherri says

    I wear long running pants in dead of summer…crazy…I know! But for some reason I prefer long pants…and I love the winter. Strange? I am originally from Phoenix..HOT! Now I live in the midwest…FREEZING! I have ran more days in a row, now that the weather is under 30, than I ran all spring, summer, and fall… in a row! I never would have thought I would be like this!=)

  24. lindsay says

    that's a good game! i will have to remember that when the temps drop down some more. typically i can wear shorts down to the upper 30s, but mid-low 30s i whip out the tights. i have my first pair of capri-tights on the way so maybe i can put off full-tights even longer! although my calves aren't typically the chilled part…

    anyway. while i don't like being cold, it's nice to not be nasty-sweaty after a run (or dying from heat-exhaustion mid-run).

  25. Caratunk Girl says

    I am a freak. I love to run in the cold and hate to run in the heat. I like to make fresh running tracks in the snow…I could go on and on. But I am weird, and know that! ha ha… I do like the mind games you play with yourself. In the summer I do play head games, I say "get up at 4am and run, it won't be nearly as bad as…later."

  26. Jess @ Blonde Ponytail says

    YOur capris are SUPER CUTE! You are most likely making them look good!!

    I will trade you temps for sure. We have been getting dumped on lately, so I have to do a lot of miles on the dread-mill! :(

  27. Char says

    "Denial is a defense mechanism postulated by Sigmund Freud, in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead …" (Wikipedia)

    Just do whatever works for you.

  28. ModernMom says

    Umm you know I don't run..just read you and hope to gain some physical fitness through osmosis! Yet, I still play head games with myself to deny winter is here, I hate the cold!

  29. Kenley says

    I really really really hate the cold windy days, but I can deal with cool days with no wind. I just hate the wind and ice and snow. I am just hitting the treadmill to keep in shape as I still recover, and after all, Im not in training mode,……..yet….still recovering and thinking about my upcoming goals. have fun in Cleveland. Yes, it's cold there I guess, I use to live near Cincinasty!

  30. Silly Girl Running says

    Glad to hear that your dad is out of the hospital!

    And yep, I do try to get away with wearing short tights as long as possible. 😉

  31. Viper says

    Glad to hear your dad is home. I hope all is well. If you didn't bring your tights, maybe you can find a sale for some new ones. Cheers!

  32. Dash says

    haha, I'm already running in my thick fleece tights! :) But on hard runs, I typically start stripping, as I def run hot on those! Have a safe trip, glad your dad is home and hope he has a speedy recovery!

  33. Jogging with Fiction says

    hahah, I broke out my tights a long time ago. I've been wearing them under sweats when I walk the dog and then alone when I run. I am ALWAYS cold so I break out the cold gear super early.

  34. Marlene says

    You're tougher than me! I've been feeling SO COLD on my runs lately that I'm bundled up in my JANUARY gear already! BRRR!

  35. Jill says

    I think you can I could be twins!! Hate winter hate winter running attire…will only wear pants when it's like 24 degrees or colder – that's the magic cut-off number. :). Good luck with your dad, glad he's home from the hospital!

  36. Molly says

    Glad your Dad is out of the hospital!

    I've gotten used to the cold, I don't have tights, even though I live in a tundra. It was snowing a bit Satuday, and I ran in a long sleeve tshirt and pants!

  37. Wifey says

    I tend to go the other way because I hate to be cold. My long pants come into play way too soon.

    Wishing your father well!

    Winks & Smiles,

  38. Andrew Opala says

    Can you share with us some of your strategies for running on snowy or icy ground – especially your foot gear selection.

  39. Chris K says

    It got down to 51 in my area so I had to head to the treadmill. C'mon, I'm joking. My latest post covers my "trick" to running in the cold (kinda). It's riveting stuff.

  40. KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) says

    Everyone thinks that hell is a place filled with fire but i think it is really a p;ace that is freezing cold. I hate the cold! So glad I live in Florida, although last year, we did have a freaky cold winter. Hopefully, this year will not be a repeat of that. It takes too long to figure out what to wear and then it takes too long to put it all on and take it off.

  41. Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) says

    Cold weather prompted me to stay in Florida, even when the job I moved here for disappeared. However we still get cold days in January and February. (Yes, in the 30's.)

    I also typically still dress in shorts, but wear thin running gloves and a long sleeve tech shirt.