Downtime is the right time

Ahhhhh. That’s how my body, and my mind especially, are feeling right about now. I am thoroughly enjoying a bit of a break from any real training. I’m getting in runs here or there, but not worrying about how far, how fast, or how often. I’m spending some time in the pool, on my bike trainer, and lifting/doing yoga. All of it feels just right for someone who ran a marathon not quite two weeks ago.

Today after an hour spin on the bike trainer, I took the kids, their friends, and the dog hiking in the nearby state park. It’s so beautiful out there and it was a perfect day to be in the woods. Every time I’m back there it whets my appetite for trail running. I’m thinking of trying to carve out the time to do just that every other week or so–I think the hill training would be good Boston prep.

Speaking of which–my downtime has to come to a screeching halt pretty darn soon, which is why I am making the most of this break. April 18 isn’t that far off, and neither is the return of long runs. If I didn’t have this mental/physical break, I know I’d resent that fact. Instead, though, I’m starting to itch (just a bit!) to get going again.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Kirstie says

    It's hard to have downtime when we are used to go go going. Enjoy while you can, you'll be back at it soon enough. Awesome you are going to Boston! Congrats. Happy Turkey Day to you!

  2. marathonmaiden says

    hill prep. yay boston ahah. glad you're enjoying your downtime! i kind of cant wait for mine between WR and Boston

  3. Fran says

    Beautiful forest and your dog is lovely!

    Just enjoy the "must" of running for a few days and then get back to your training. I'm looking forward to follow you on your journey to Boston.

  4. Jess @ Blonde Ponytail says

    Beautiful pics! I'm jealous! My family normally goes hiking on Thanksgiving, but not this year. Brr! What kind of dog do you have? Gorg!

  5. Marlene says

    yes! This is exactly what I am doing right now as well and it is SO refreshing and rejuvenating to just run… if/when/where/how far/fast I want!

  6. Heather says

    Those are great pictures of the park and your dog is cute! You're right, April isn't far off…enjoy your downtime while you can.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Jason says

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    Downtime is the necessary evil in all of this and I regret it until it is here. Once it is here I enjoy it totally. Every Friday is like a little gift from my coach.

  8. Fran says


    A Springsteen and Harry Potter fan! We have a lot in common :) The Promised land of the album is my all time favorite track of Bruce.

  9. Petraruns says

    Ah – it's lovely to have a break but you are ALSO ready to get back at it – love to hear that. And thinking about hill training – me too!

  10. Bethany + Ryan says

    looks beautiful! I am behind blog reading, just saw your marathon time…can't believe you ran the exact same time!!! that is hilarious! That is so cool!!!

  11. Shellyrm says

    How could you not want to hit those trails?!?! Now that's something I could do for 200 days in a row. 😉

    I think my "down" time will be after the March Ultras. Maybe.

  12. ShutUpandRun says

    I know what you mean. Even if I can't run now, I know that once marathon training really kicks in it will be crazy. Enjoying some down time too!! Have a great T'gving. Your photos make me miss MD!

  13. The Hungry Runner Girl says

    Good for you to take a break from running after a marathon! Cross-training helps so much with the mental and physical burn-out. Beautiful trail!

  14. Chris K says

    Well, if you makes you feel any beter my race is 2/6 and I'm busting it. Unfortunately, I can't give you any advice cuz you seem to have it all in control. Bummer, I love giving advice.

  15. Silly Girl Running says

    I'm in some forced downtime now, but I must admit, that my body loves the crosstraining. Not my mind, though, noooo! Not my silly mind. Next marathon is April 10th… Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery and getting those long runs in!

  16. Johann says

    This sounds like downtime well spent. The hills on the trails will definitely be good for you. Enjoy what’s left of your downtime!

  17. LMC says

    I am right there with you Misszippy! I am enjoying the down time, but starting to itch, just a bit, for the next event. Happy Thanksgiving!