CSN is doing it again!

The holidays are upon us, friends, and there's no time like the present to finish up (or if you're like me, START) your shopping. Lucky for all of us, CSN Stores is generously offering one of my followers a $45 gift card to spend on some holiday shopping.So what's on your list this year? New fitness equipment? You know CSN has it. Cooking … [Read more...]

I’m a hold out

You may have heard me mention 1,000 a few times that I don't like winter. Can't stand it. Don't like the white stuff one bit. I could go on and on.So I'm in a bit of weather denial right now. Yesterday when I headed out, the temp was about 33. Today, 36, although it felt even colder. Instead of dressing like it's that cold, however, I am … [Read more...]

What’s better than your own PR? (and Tytenz winners)

What's better than your own PR? Your child's, of course! Yesterday I paced my son through the local Turkey Trot 5k. Before we started he told me he wanted a 26:30, which would have taken about a minute off his PR. He told me, "Daddy thinks I can do a 25, but I'm not so sure."Well, I was pretty sure he could do that 25 also, but I kept my … [Read more...]

Downtime is the right time

Ahhhhh. That's how my body, and my mind especially, are feeling right about now. I am thoroughly enjoying a bit of a break from any real training. I'm getting in runs here or there, but not worrying about how far, how fast, or how often. I'm spending some time in the pool, on my bike trainer, and lifting/doing yoga. All of it feels just … [Read more...]

Ups and downs

This has been an emotional few days, filled with both ups and downs. Here's the scoop:The HUGE down--my dad unexpectedly had to have bypass surgery the other day.The up--he recognized he didn't feel his usual self when on the treadmill and listened to his body. A stress test a couple of days later showed major blockages. Hats off to him … [Read more...]

Tytenz gear belt review/giveaway

Last weekend at the Richmond Marathon expo, my friends were searching about for new shorts or something that could help them carry all their stuff--GU, room key, etc. I had a pair of Brooks shorts with plenty of pockets, so I was set. However, when they happened upon the Tytenz Sports table, I was intrigued. Tytenz makes these great … [Read more...]

MZ’s 10 Commandments for Marathon Recovery

1. Thou shall take a moment to be proud, even if you aren't happy with your time2. In the first week post-marathon, thou shall not run with friends who did not run the marathon--their pace will be more than you need right now. In fact, not running at all for one week is a good idea!3. Thou shall hit snooze if that's what you feel like … [Read more...]

This must be some kind of strange record!

The war wounds--a couple of massive blisters added to the fun  Well, after all my weather fretting, antibiotics, etc., I finally made it to the start line at the Richmond Marathon! I was happy to be feeling much better by Friday and pretty much normal on race day Saturday.We headed off to the start line with a short walk from the … [Read more...]

More whine

I know, I have had a seriously whiny week. And I apologize. But hear me out one more time, ok?The stupid cold I got a while back has now progressed to a sinus infection. My head wants to explode and I just want to lay in bed all day. What's that? I have a marathon in two short days? Yeah.I did hit the minute clinic yesterday and get on a … [Read more...]

What (not) to wear

Ok. I think I've come to the point of acceptance that this weekend's weather is going to be hot, too hot for a PR. I will still give it my very best--I'm trained and poised to knock some time off my existing PR, but I also have to face the fact that we're getting a warm front at the end of the week. Temps will be well above normal.So I'll … [Read more...]

looking up

I have to say--you guys are the best. In my weak moment of marathon despair the other day, your comments--all 64 of them!--really buoyed my spirits. Well, maybe with the exception of Chris K's, because he put that damn song from Annie in my brain. Anyhow, I am feeling much better thanks to massive doses of zinc, herbal teas, and rest. I … [Read more...]

A Train Wreck

That's what next week's marathon is fast becoming for me. First, let's talk weather. Now I know it's 10 days out, but the forecast is for 67 and sunny. Maybe some people can marathon ok in those kind of conditions, but not me. I fall apart. Am I jealous that every other east coast marathon this fall has had perfect weather (hello … [Read more...]