The tank is on E

I officially have all of my training for the Richmond Marathon in the bank now. Today’s 22, with  too many miles at (ahem, faster than) MP is now behind me. Time to taper, and I have to say, I am SO ready.

These past two weeks I have been tired, both mentally and physically. I’ve put in lots of hard work and miles for this marathon, probably more than ever before. I’ve been more specific about dialing in that marathon pace. Admittedly, however, we ran those MP miles at around 15 or so seconds/mile too fast. I’m hoping it didn’t take its toll. Right now I feel like it did. But I have three weeks to take my tapering seriously, and that’s what I intend to do.

And just when I’m feeling worn out, Chris K at BQ or Die has tossed me a challenge. He’s getting ready to start his marathon training for a February marathon. You see, Chris thinks that runners shouldn’t miss workouts, and so he is betting me a $10 Starbucks card that he can stick to his plan better than me when I train for Boston. If you read my last post here, you know that I am a believer in listening to my body and backing off when needed. So he may have a little edge here.

He also lives in San Diego, home of spectacular winters. I, on the other hand, live in Maryland, where we had a little thing called Snowmageddon last winter. I think he needs to give me some odds here, don’t you?

I’m a pretty competitive soul, though. I’m picturing lots of time spent in Starbucks post long runs next winter. What do you think? 

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  1. Kiesha says

    I have a hard time passing on any challenge even if I've got a uphill battle. Living in the Rockies makes for some long winters as well but we don't usually get covered in ice. Hopefully your winter will be a tad more friendly this year. Good luck with the tapering! Sometimes that can be the hardest part but it sounds like you've conquered the training and have earned the time off. Enjoy!

  2. Petraruns says

    Tapers are there for a good reason – I think you have enough time to recover from your MP workouts.. But yes you are FAST! And as for your challenge – well just watch your competitive spirit. You know what you're doing when training and racing – and you know what works.

  3. Chris K says

    So you want some odds, eh? Hmmmmh, do they have treadmills in Maryland? Hey, it can get to down to 60 here in the winter. Tell you what, you can miss workouts due to weather. That's fair. Good luck! :-)

  4. Fran says

    Enjoy the taper.

    I'm going to check Rick out because I love to see if he can keep up with it. I'm with your approach: listen to your body.

  5. misszippy says

    Yes, Chris, we have treadmills. I even have one in my basement. But, I despise my treadmill and use it only under duress, such as when my husband is traveling and I need to get that workout in before the kids are up.

  6. Molly says

    hmmmm, I think Chris should give you some leeway, especially since you guys are on different coasts….

    enjoy that taper!!!

  7. Marlene says

    Congrats on getting al the really hard work now… time to rest up and recover before the big day!

    Starbucks will be a great escape post-long runs this winter.

  8. Johann says

    Enjoy the taper, you are marathon ready for sure! I don't know the weather there so I'll stay neutral for this one. We get snow once every 15 years or so.

  9. Jason says

    Enjoy the taper and you will win this bet for sure. Your body will always tell you when it is time to slow down, but your mind has to listen to it and that is the hard part.

    Enjoy the Starbucks….you will be enjoying it all winter long….

  10. Lesley @ says

    I say take it on… what's the worst you can lose? $10? Maybe the leeway could be that you have to get the specified runs done in the week that they are on the plan, but not necessarily the correct day.

    Enjoy taper! I'm looking forward to mine… ugh 4 more weeks.

  11. AM-GoalsfortheWeek says

    sounds like you are ready for the taper. That's a good feeling.

    and it's fun foder to do the starbucks challenge;)

  12. Julie says

    Yay for the taper! Time to scale back and rest the body!

    That was a nice little bleep on Chris and the challenge! I also enjoy his blog:) Looking forward to seeing how this whole Starbucks challenge pans out! Good luck to the both of you!

  13. Happy Feet 26.2 says

    ahhh the marathon and what the heck to do. LSD runs, MP runs, too many, not enough. I go all over the board. Previously, I think I was running to many MP runs. Now I'm trying to alternate some MP runs and some lsd type runs, but have I totally figured it out. No way! But I will keep trying to… that's the fun part!

    YOu have plenty of time to recover nicely. Just be smart during the taper and you will have a GREAT marathon. Excited for you! Great training run.

  14. racing dawn says

    i have to run in snow from november til at least march. you definitely needs some odds in your favor. or your snow runs should count for 2. good luck with the taper. i'm always so excited for that time but then find it so hard to cut back! follow the plan… :) excited for your marathon results!

  15. Cynthia O'H says

    Sticking to a plan through the winter is hard. That's why I'm already in training for April or May; if it's below -20, I can take time off and not fret it.

    You're going to rock this marathon. You've peaked, you're ready and the tapering will be just fine.

  16. barefootjosh says

    I think if you're not sure if this run was too much, it wasn't too much. Make sleep a priority just in case, though.

  17. Julie D. says

    If I could run along the coast every day in the winter in 60 degrees, I would never miss a work out either. The guy needs to up the reward. 10 bucks? booo. 20 at least. Yay for taper. you deserve it.

  18. Velma says

    Way to go! I do think you need some sort of odds to account for the winter – although there are always treadmills.

  19. Caratunk Girl says

    Taper madness sets in! You are so ready, enjoy the taper..I like that you listen to you body, I think that is smart! Training in the cold is hard, but I get so I really love the frozen eyelashes and the bundling up…that first run with shorts feels so…liberating!

  20. Ewa says

    Nothing like a good competition (says a person who shies away from it).
    Now occasionally they do get torrential rains with hurricane winds in San Diego so maybe the competition is not entirely unfair.
    Enjoy your taper.

  21. La Historiadora de Moda says

    It really doesn't sound like a fair challenge. Sure you can run on the treadmill – so long as there are no blizzards that knock your power out for three days. I think listening to your body is more important than a $10 Starbucks gift card. If it were $100, I might change my stance…. :)

    Enjoy your taper!

  22. The Happy Runner says

    Good luck w/the taper and then the training! I can't imagine you'll get hit with another crazy blizzard like last year. But, I guess you never know!

  23. Kenley says

    When I train, I try not to miss out on sessions, but I am also a big fan of backing off when it is needed. As long as you get your key sessions in. Don't remind me of the winter last year. I had to go down to Aberdeen and help out when it snowed last year. Yuckky poo poo! Take care.

  24. Kate says

    Wow! Speedy McGee over here. 15 seconds/mi faster than MP. 😉 look at you go.

    I would definitely lose that challenge if I still lived in Chicago. 90% of my runs used to be on the treadmill during those icy months. Being in San Diego now, I know we have it easier. I think you can still win… :)