Done Deal

I went to B.A.A. today and signed on the dotted line.

A few thoughts on this whole deal:

  • Thank you Goose at the Whole Half, who wrote this on my post about whether or not to do Boston:  “We’re never guaranteed tomorrow. We can always find a reason NOT to do something. If you’ve got a reason for doing it- Go get it.” 
  • If Richmond goes well next month, I’ll train and run Boston, but not to the degree that I trained for this fall marathon. That way if the winter is horrible, I won’t have as much pressure to get in as many miles as I did this training cycle. Thank you Jeff at Dangle the Carrot for the advice that helped me with this!
  • If Richmond doesn’t go well, then I can focus on Boston and nailing a good time.
  • If Richmond goes well, I’ll run Boston in 2011, pace a running group at the Baltimore Marathon next fall (I’ve always wanted to do this!) and then run Boston in 2012 again, when I’m pretty sure I’ll have some training partners along for the ride.
  • If you are doing Boston in 2011, email me at I’m going to get a list together for a big ‘ole bloggy meet-up and post it on my sidebar. Sound fun?

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  1. jamie@sweatyhugs says

    So awesome! Your plan sounds perfect. I love that you are going to pace a group for the Bmore marathon next year too.

  2. Amanda - RunToTheFinish says

    maybe if I come cheer on boston, I'll get over my fear of running so fast for so long and actually do it :)

  3. Michelle says

    Yay!! Glad you decided to do it!! I'll be cheering you on (literally I live south of Boston and always try to get in for the marathon)!

  4. Caratunk Girl says

    MAN I wish I was going to be there, but 2011 has other things in store for me…BQ is on my list for sure though… I am actually thinking about volunteering (it is 4hrs from here, so it is doable), if I do it I will send you a note.

  5. skierz says

    Good call! I will be there to run for anyone who is injured and to fuel my desire to be there on my own qualify! Love to connect with all you fast people for some inspiration and fun!

  6. Chris K says

    Great. As Carly says above, I can't wait to read about your training. I'm watching you (now I'm making that gesture where I point my two fingers at my eyes and away from my eyes).

  7. Jenn says

    Congrats on signing up for Boston! Saw your comment on Beth's blog so thought I'd stop over and visit! Just been catching up on your past posts. Good luck with the training!

  8. Monica says

    Amanda- I am with Goose. Go get it girl! This is coming from someone who really wanted to run it this year (I have only run it once) but because of a bad day in Chicago, it will not happen. It sounds like a fun time with old and new long distance friends. Congrats on getting in and I look forward to following your training! Monica

  9. BrianFlash says

    Congrats on Boston! Also, you were one of the big winners at my blog – send me an email with your particulars and I'll get the socks on the way. Shoe size and preferred sock style is what I need.

  10. AM-GoalsfortheWeek says

    I was wondering if you signed up or not. okie dokie! you're in! cool.

    I have a few bloggy peeps who aren't super daily bloggers that I'll get over here to hop on board your bloggy meet up for sure!