Fran’s Virtual Pink Dress Run

One week into my taper--my legs are starting to feel better, but still have a long way to go. Taper madness, however, is firmly in place!Yesterday, Fran at Dutch Girl Gets Healthy, sponsored a virtual "pink dress" run for breast cancer awareness. The rules were simple--you could run a race, a training run, whatever you wanted, as long as … [Read more...]

The yes disease and a winner

I'm learning something about myself this year--I have a really bad habit of not saying no. When an organization talks to me about volunteering, I tend to say yes. There are so many causes I want to be involved in, all worthy. From coaching help, to school volunteering, to heading up a committee at church, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed … [Read more...]

Really, what was I thinking?

My marathon is Nov. 13, a date I picked because I don't run well in the heat. November in Richmond gives me at least a decent chance of having favorable marathon temperatures.What I didn't take into account, and what I forgot from doing this same marathon last year, is that this date is bad for one chief reason--there are too many … [Read more...]

CSN giveaway

By now, you're probably familiar with CSN Stores, where you can find everything but including the kitchen sink. From coffee tables to duvet covers, from treadmills to luggage, it's your go-to for one-stop shopping.With the holidays approaching (yes, I just used that phrase), having $45 to spend at CSN would come in handy, and that's just … [Read more...]

The tank is on E

I officially have all of my training for the Richmond Marathon in the bank now. Today's 22, with  too many miles at (ahem, faster than) MP is now behind me. Time to taper, and I have to say, I am SO ready.These past two weeks I have been tired, both mentally and physically. I've put in lots of hard work and miles for this marathon, … [Read more...]

Training plans are NOT written in stone

As runners, we can so easily become slaves to our training plans. Miss a workout? Guilt. Change a speed workout to an easy run? Guilt. Cut a long run short a mile or two? Guilt.But it shouldn't be that way. This week is my last big mileage week before starting my taper for Richmond, therefore, I wanted to stick to my plan. The plan was to … [Read more...]

Done Deal

I went to B.A.A. today and signed on the dotted line.A few thoughts on this whole deal:Thank you Goose at the Whole Half, who wrote this on my post about whether or not to do Boston:  "We're never guaranteed tomorrow. We can always find a reason NOT to do something. If you've got a reason for doing it- Go get it."  If … [Read more...]

Run4Chocolate is ready to roll

I just got back from the Baltimore Marathon expo with a friend, where we were busy collecting the packets of most of our relay team members. My friends and I have a five-year tradition of putting together relay teams for both the Baltimore and Frederick marathons under the name Run4Chocolate. Running on a relay team is a blast. It's a … [Read more...]

The marathon hater

If any of you read Mark Remy's column, RW Daily, over at Runner's World, you know that he is a funny guy. He comes up with some really great topics and shares them in his own unique and witty way. If you didn't know, he's also the author of The Runner's Rule Book. Yesterday he took on a blogger from Chicago who posted his "Top 5 Reasons … [Read more...]

Monday musings

Big day at the races this weekend. Congrats to all those Kona, Chicago, Portland and Steamtown finishers!My friend Janelle successfully guided her legally blind cousin E.J. to the finish at Chicago with a time of 5:37. If you didn't see my post on this great story, you can find it here.I have two more weeks left in my marathon … [Read more...]

Nathan reflective sleeves review and giveaway

This is the time of year where dressing for your runs can get tricky--if you start in the early a.m., when it's dark, it can be quite chilly. But once the sun rises, it can get warm. What to wear? Enter running sleeves.Nathan Human Propulsion Laboratories sent me a pair of compression reflective sleeves to try out recently. In the past … [Read more...]