Running Chics review and giveaway

 Running Chics review and giveaway

Last spring, I did a review and giveaway of some Running Chics performance tanks. I’ve been able to wear them over the summer and really enjoyed both their performance and their great style. Now that the temperatures are getting cooler, Running Chics was nice enough to give me one of their thermal tees to check out.

 Running Chics review and giveaway

I received the shirt last week when it was still too warm to wear it. Sunday we had cooler temperatures, so I went right to it after my run and shower. The shirt is from their casual wear line and features long sleeves and a long fit. The material is cozy and uber-comfortable. New this Fall is a  wider variety of colors too–great combinations like pink with brown, maroon with white, or teal and white. I choose the steel blue.

thermal knit long sleeves brown pink lg Running Chics review and giveawayI had them ship me a medium, which is a size up from what I would normally wear. However, I see this as a shirt I’ll layer on top of others throughout Fall, so the extra room is good.

Now the fun part for you. Running Chics is giving away one thermal tee.

To enter:

  • Like Running Chics on Facebook and tell me you did (required)
  • Be a follower or become one and tell me (required)

Extra entries:

  • Post it on your blog, tweet about it, or put it on your FB page and let me know
  • Tell me: Are you looking forward to donning warmer gear or sad to let shorts and short sleeves go?

I’ll use to pick a winner on Monday,  Oct. 4. Good luck! 

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    1. Caratunk Girl says:

      I like RC on FB

    2. Caratunk Girl says:

      I follow you!

    3. Follower!

    4. Caratunk Girl says:

      I prefer to run in cooler weather, so I LOVE the fall, so that level of warmer gear I look forward to. BUT I am not looking forward to Jan-Feb and bundling up like a stay puff marshmallow man.

    5. Definitely looking forward to running in cooler weather!

    6. I like RC on FB

    7. I linked you on my blog

    8. myfeetinmotion says:

      I liked them on facebook!

    9. myfeetinmotion says:

      I follow you :D

    10. *~* *~* Tracy says:

      I like RC on FB

    11. myfeetinmotion says:

      Well right now we are heading into the tshirt and shorts stage from the sports bra and shorts stage. I actually like the weather where you can run in a tanktop/dri fit shirt and shorts. I've grown to like the full tights and underarmor weather but it's not my favorite!

    12. *~* *~* Tracy says:

      I'm a follower

    13. *~* *~* Tracy says:

      Linked on my blog

    14. I liked them on FB

    15. I like on FB

    16. I'm already a follower!

    17. Faithful follower!

    18. *~* *~* Tracy says:

      I like spring/fall running with cooler weather. Though if I have to choose I'd rather run in the winter vs. the summer even though I have more/cuter summer running clothes.

    19. I'm kind of looking forward to long sleeves…but not to winter coats and pants :(

    20. Linking on my blog :)

    21. I linked you on my blog!

    22. I'm definitely looking forward to the cooler temps – this will be my 1st fall running and I'm hoping slogging through the hot months will pay off now!

    23. I liked running chics on Facebook!

    24. I'm a long time follower!

    25. I'm sharing the link of FB!

    26. I'm not really going to change my normal shorts and sports bra since I'm the treadmill queen, but I need a long sleeve running shirt for my race in Portland!!

    27. JenniferLeah says:

      I am a follower!

    28. JenniferLeah says:

      Linked on my blog

    29. JenniferLeah says:

      I am happy to be welcoming cooler weather~I actually love running in the cold! My favorite is running while snowing. There is a beautiful quite to the earth while snowing that just brings me peace. IT's almost theraputic :)

    30. I liked Running Chics on FB.

    31. I am already a follower.

    32. I am very much looking forward to cooler temps. I do not handle the heat very well, so I would much rather deal with the cold air in my lungs!

    33. I posted a link on my blog.

    34. I'm a fan on FB! :)

    35. Silly Girl Running says:

      Cute shirts!

    36. I'm a follwer of your blog! :)

    37. I am so ready for jeans, sweaters, sweats, fleeces, but not ready for snow. I love the fall… it's my favorite season by far!

    38. LauraElaine says:

      I already like RC on FB!

    39. LauraElaine says:

      I am already a follower

    40. LauraElaine says:

      I am looking forward to the cooler temps…makes running so much more comfortable!

    41. LauraElaine says:

      Linked on my blog!

    42. I like Running Chic on facebook.

    43. I am a follower of your blog.

    44. I love the cooler temps so yeah for warmer gear!

    45. Posted the giveaway on my blog.

    46. already a fan of RC on FB

    47. I am a follower already. Love reading your blog.

    48. Linked it on my blog. Right hand sidebar.

    49. Twittered about it at run4may

    50. I am sad to bring out the warmer gear. I feel that it's restricting.

    51. This follower likes RC on FB!

    52. I like running chics on fB.

    53. I am a follower

    54. I love cool or downright cold runs, so I'm up for Fall/Winter. It makes Spring/Summer that much more enjoyable when it rolls around again :-)

    55. I linked your post on my blog

    56. I can't wait to be back in layers and feel the cool, crisp air!

    57. Paige (Two Runners And A Brown Dog) says:

      I like Running Chics on FB.

    58. Paige (Two Runners And A Brown Dog) says:

      I'm a follower!

    59. Paige (Two Runners And A Brown Dog) says:

      I am looking forward to seeing the shorts and tanks go. It has been hot for way too long!

    60. Paige (Two Runners And A Brown Dog) says:

      I posted a link on my blog!

    61. The Green Girl says:

      I'm a follower!

    62. marathonmaiden says:

      i liked on fb

    63. marathonmaiden says:

      i'm a follower

    64. marathonmaiden says:

      i put it on my fb page

    65. marathonmaiden says:

      i tweeted

    66. marathonmaiden says:

      i'm linking too

    67. marathonmaiden says:

      and i am so NOT looking forward to putting on cold weather gear!

    68. This looks like good stuff! I now like Running Chics on FB!

    69. I'm a follower!

    70. I definitely did not enjoy summer this year so I have looking forward to cooler temps. (In fact, they are already here!)

      If only fall could last longer… I am NOT looking forward to another snowy winter.

    71. I like Running Chics on Facebook.

    72. I'm a follower. :)

    73. Linked on my sidebar.

    74. I love fall and am looking forward to heading out in long sleeves. I'm not, however, looking forward to the rainy season that usually follows shortly after fall starts. Running in the rain is great for a few days, but then it gets kind of old.

    75. Runners Fuel says:

      I like them on facebook

    76. Runners Fuel says:

      I'm a follower

    77. Runners Fuel says:

      Posted on my blog

    78. Runners Fuel says:

      I prefer running in cooler weather, but I love running in shorts and tank top.

    79. I like em!

    80. I'm a follower!

    81. post on the blog!

    82. and i can't WAIT for tights! and ear warmers!

    83. Running and living says:

      Cute shirt:)
      I am not on FB – can you believe it?
      I don't look forward to wearing tights, I love my running shorts!

    84. busyrunningmama says:

      I like Running Chics on facebook

    85. busyrunningmama says:

      I'm a follower

    86. I like Running Chics on FB and am a follower of yours.

    87. I'm a follower!

    88. I liked RC on FB

    89. busyrunningmama says:

      Love the cooler weather, long sleeve t's, and yoga pants….it's been too hot in FL and I am ready for it!!

    90. now that i've found compression sleeves i'm totally ready for compression sleeves, running skirt, and long sleeves!

    91. Angie Bishop says:

      I posted a link to my blog!

    92. Angie Bishop says:

      I follow you!

    93. track coach and adorable wife says:

      I follow running chics on fb

    94. track coach and adorable wife says:

      I follow you

    95. track coach and adorable wife says:

      I posted the giveaway on my blog

    96. track coach and adorable wife says:

      I can't wait for cooler weather! I love long sleeves!

    97. Lesley @ says:

      Like running chics on facebook.

    98. Lesley @ says:

      I am a follower.

    99. Lesley @ says:

      Posting this on my blog.

    100. Lesley @ says:

      Definitely looking forward to fall gear! I will not miss shorts, at all.

    101. You look to cute in their tops :) and thanks A TON for the assurance on your comment for my 22 mile run, knowing from a PRO that the hard heat run will help me in the marathon makes me know that yesterdays hardtime was worth it-that much more!

    102. blissfulrunner says:

      I'm a follower. :)

    103. blissfulrunner says:

      That shirt is so cute! I'm definitely looking forward to some cooler temps — to bad they come hand in hand with shorter days!

    104. Running Librarian says:

      I am a follower

    105. Running Librarian says:

      I liked on fb

    106. Hello, Misszippy. Adding your blog to my blogroll, plus I've become a follower. TONS of useful information here,which I know will make me enjoy running more. Stay safe!


    107. follower

    108. Amanda - RunToTheFinish says:

      I like them on FB and follow you

    109. Amanda - RunToTheFinish says:

      ok so seriously there is no such thing as winter in miami, so yes I am looking forward to all of my runs when I get to travel to KC. I have so much more endurance in the winter

    110. Andrew Opala says:

      Thanks for the mojo – (not a contest post :))

    111. Are these just for running chics?

    112. I'm a follower and the running chicks shirts are too cute.

    113. The end of the summer means I can wear sleeved shirts running. I'm gladly looking forward to winter when I'll run in tights but usually still a short sleeve shirt.

    114. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) says:

      I "liked" running chics on FB

    115. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) says:

      I'm a follower! :)

    116. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) says:

      I have actually decided that this year I am going to embrace the cooler temps! I actually can't wait to put on my long sleeve shirts and fleece!

    117. Momma K and her Krew says:

      I am a follower!

    118. Momma K and her Krew says:

      I like RC on FB!

    119. Momma K and her Krew says:

      I am looking forward to the cool temps but I am sad to lose the light in the am. I still will wear shorts but I am stoked to change the tops up! I heart cool weather!

    120. I'm a follower & gave the thumb's up to Running Chics on FB.

      I am REALLY looking forward to cooler running weather! I just weathered some of the toughest months of running ever down here in Georgia and I can't wait for it to be cold enough that I actually start a run in long sleeves!

    121. I'm a follower!

    122. I am SO looking forward to cooler weather

    123. I'm a follower!

    124. I like running chics on facebook!

    125. I'm looking forward to running this fall and winter, but don't necessarily love that 6 AM feels like the middle of the night since the stars are still shining!

    126. I am a follower

    127. I like running chics on facebook

    128. The nice thing about the fall weather is you can kind of do both- shorts with the long sleeve shirt. I am happy that the humidity dropped and finally feels comfortable.

    129. follower

    130. follower

    131. Since I am in NorCal, the weather doesn't really get that cold – my winter running attire is pretty much a long sleeve vs short sleeve shirt and a pair of gloves.

    132. I like RC on FB!!

    133. I am a follower! :)

    134. I'm definitely sad to see shorts and tanks go :(

    135. One Crazy Penguin says:

      I follow :)

    136. I like running chics!

    137. I follow you!

    138. Tweeting this giveaway (my links are on hiatus until I get less busy)

    139. I am already a follower

    140. I am a fan of Running Chics on FB

    141. I posted your giveaway on my blog

    142. I hate the cold weather!!! So sad to see summer go!!

    143. Love this shirt! I'm a follower and a fan.

    144. mommaof3ontherun says:


    145. mommaof3ontherun says:

      I follow them on fb

    146. mommaof3ontherun says:

      I can't wait for the cool weather! Of course, that is all relative here in Florida!

    147. I already follow Running Chics on facebook

    148. Amanda - RunToTheFinish says:

      linked you up

    149. I am already a follower of yours!

    150. I am looking forward to wearing cold gear…I like alot of my cold running clothes, plus I love running in the cool weather vs HOT!

    151. I am a follower!

    152. I liked Runnning Chicks on FB!

    153. SupermomE12 says:

      I like Running Chicks on Facebook :)

    154. SupermomE12 says:

      I am a follower of your blog

    155. SupermomE12 says:

      I posted about your giveaway on my running team blog

    156. canyoncairns says:

      I "like" Running Chics on facebook!

    157. canyoncairns says:

      And I'm now following you for real!

    158. canyoncairns says:

      While I love the built-in-bra-tanks, I crave cooler running weather! I secretly miss my running tights and longer tech shirts. I love being able to breathing easily and feeling perfectly warm out in the cold. Is that weird?

    159. I like Running Chics on FB

    160. I am a follower

    161. Definitely looking forward to wearing warmer gear!

    162. I liked them on FB!

    163. I also posted about it on my blog!

    164. As much as I love short sleeve and shorts running, I am anxious for it to be a little cooler. It was 103ºF here on Thursday. Definately NOT fall running!

    165. Like Running Chics on FB (Jill McC..)

    166. Google Follower

    167. With the heat this summer, I missed out on so many outdoor runs. I hope we have a nice Fall to make up for it. Let's keep the s/s on for a while longer.

    168. Melissa Cunningham says:

      i am a very recent follower!

    169. Melissa Cunningham says:

      i am so looking forward to cooler weather temps and running gear!!!

    170. Canadian runner says:

      I am a follower !

    171. Canadian runner says:

      I posted the giveaway on my blog

    172. Canadian runner says:

      After the crazy heat we had this summer, I am loving this cool fall weather.

    173. I'm a follower!

    174. Right now I'm ready for pants and long sleeves, but I bet by Dec. I'll be wishing for shorts again!

    175. Linking this awesome giveaway on my blog!

    176. Like running chics on FB!

    177. I like Running chics on fb

    178. i'm a follower.

    179. Posted to my blog

    180. Looking forward to long sleeves but not really cold temps!

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