Nailed my Yasso’s! And a winner!

This time of the year, there are lots of yasso workouts going around. I’ve used them a few times over the years. I don’t know what their success rate is–anyone? But I do know they do a lot for my confidence.

This morning I headed to the track with a friend to do my first round of yasso’s. We did 8 and nailed them all. And could have held them for 10, I’m sure. I love feeling this good about my training!

But enough about that and now onto the POM Wonderful winner. picked number 16 out of 78, which means MarathonMaiden won! She’s having a great week if you’re not a follower of her blog–she broke 20 this past weekend at a local 5k. You go girl!

More giveaways to come…

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  1. ShutUpandRun says

    I did yassos today too. I don't know the success rate, but I notice a major difference in my semi long and long run paces when I do these consistently. I am only on 7 x 800, though.

  2. Becka says

    I only recently incorporated the Yasso 800s into my training. I do them on the treadmill (as are much of my training runs, unfortunately) and I don't know if they help or not. Only speedwork I've ever done! I am to 7 sets… They are hard!!

  3. Marlene says

    I ran 6, 8 then 10 Yasso's this round. I do enjoy them but I am certainly not capable of a marathon time according to the theory… and that's okay!

  4. Viper says

    You're right, someone should do a study on how well Yasso 800s work. They certainly helped my marathon time last year, but 3:50 800s didn't result in a 3:50 marathon. Cheers!

  5. TRI-james says

    There is no science or reason for the Yasso's. He just pulled it out of thin air. That being said they are a milestone in my marathon training plan. I will work myself up to 10 x 800 at projected marathon time!

    They are much easier when the weather cools off.

  6. Running and living says

    Congrats on the Yassos:)
    They don;t work for me , though, as I am slower the longer the distance (e.g., 5K predicts faster marathon, etc). But, still nice to nail them!

  7. Black Knight says

    I didn't know what Yasso is and I went to read something about it. Those are the first words of the article: "Il test di Yasso ha "ucciso" molti maratoneti" (Yasso's test "killed" many marathoners"….(????)

  8. AM-GoalsfortheWeek says

    congrats to the winnner!

    and you couldv'e done 2 more yasso's?? What did you do…eat a whole box of wheaties for breakfast or something??;-) nice.!

  9. Emma B. says

    I don't know what a yasso is! Thanks for your comment on my Running Chics review on Cheapskate4Life! I am now following your blogs and hope to learn more about running from you!

  10. Tacy says

    Yay for Yasso's! I am glad you are having such a great training season! It's important to enjoy the journey and not just the destination! :)

    I love your blog!

  11. Meg says

    That's so funny, I've been reading a ton of blogs that are mentioning Yasso's too. My husband ran them last night at track and I opted for 1,200s. I like to go back and forth with those.
    It sounds like you're having a wonderful time with your training, great job!

  12. Julie says

    Hi Zippy,
    Of course you nailed your Yasso's! They are something that I really should be incorporating into my own workouts! Nice work:)