Anyone want a cat?

Elizabeth in a quieter moment

Just kidding, of course. But seriously, my cute little Siamese is starting to wear out her welcome. She’s chatty, as Siamese are, but to a degree I’ve never experienced before. And her habit is to crank up the volume about 30 minutes after I go to sleep each night. This is not conducive to the recovery sleep I need in the midst of marathon training!

I wish Elizabeth (my daughter named her) could be like her “brother” Henry. He’s just a cool dude, quiet and only seeking out attention during daylight. Or she could emulate my Whippet, Connor. He couldn’t be an easier animal and his only goal in life is to stay on his owner’s good side. Noise, barking? Never with this guy–nary a peep comes out of his mouth.

In spite of all Elizabeth’s dramatics, though, I do love her bigger-than-life personality. In case the SPCA is reading, I am NOT serious about wanting to give her up. But if she keeps it up, she may find herself spending the night in the mudroom, ’cause I AM serious about my sleep!

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  1. Kovas Palubinskas says

    My cat is the reverse, catting it up outside all night and then howling to be let in at 2:30, 3:30 or so. With the weather so nice we've been sleeping with the windows open…

  2. Emz says

    I find giving my pets benadryl = a good nights sleep for me. 😉

    I'm joking. well, I might be joking.

    Love your whippet – adorable. I'm not so much a cat person here. I'm barely a dog person. 😉

  3. J says

    I used to have a half Siamese cat! Her mom was Siamese and as my cat got older, that part of her came out! She was so loud and whiny sometimes! When she was in the basement and cried I could hear her all the way on the second floor of my house!

  4. Dash says

    Cute, I had a siamese growing up and that cat could sing. It was back when cats were outdoors, but with the TV on, we could hear her out back wanting to come in! Hope she chills out so you can sleep!

  5. FLATOUT JIM says

    We have a step cat. Lives up the street, shows up for breakfast and supper. We scratch her, she eats, then goes home.

    Sometimes she sleeps on our lawn chair for a while, but best thing is no mess to deal with.

  6. Fran says

    Elizabeth knows the good spot to sleep 😆

    I love your whippet. I'm a dog person, always have been. Although I think cats are beautiful creatures I would never want one for myself.

  7. Laurie says

    My husband and I had a siamese cat for a while before we had kids and he was loud and mean. We seriously used to have to hide under our covers because he would try to bite our heads in the morning. Good luck with that sleep. :) Sometimes I think cats are worse than kids.

  8. Laura says

    Aww my cat drives me nuts sometimes too. She attacks us for no reason, it's so upsetting.. Elizabeth is a beautiful kitty, I hope she quietens down soon!

  9. Runners Fuel says

    My new kitten use to wake us up in the middle of the night, but she doesn't anymore. I think it was just a faze. Maybe that's what this is? Maybe try tiring her out before you go to be, so she'll want to sleep.

  10. Barbie says

    Your animals are so cute. We have a white cat that comes every night and growls and hisses out our cats. Drives me bonkers.

  11. Ewa says

    Our kitties are sleeping through the night but they got used to the routine of me waking up very early. If I ever plan on sleeping in late they make sure I don't. They purr, walk all over me, nibble on my toes (TICKLE!) and Sierra (she is the smaller one of the two, thank goodness) in desperation a couple of times jumped on me from the night table. I still love them though.

  12. Amanda - RunToTheFinish says

    my little dude Kingston has a full story to tell me every morning when I come out of our bedroom and if I go to bed too early he will talk for hours outside the door

  13. Molly says

    we are thisclose to getting a dog, wanted one for so long, but I know at first its going to be like having a new baby in the house!

  14. skierz says

    Have my awesome dog karma who is amazing! Wakes me up at 5:!5=5:30 to eat which means I am up to get a run in! Dog is earning her keep! :)

  15. Silly Girl Running says

    Hahahahaha! My two cats are okay noisewise. My beloved doggie however always seems to decide to pull out his squeeky toy at 11.30 PM….

  16. Black Knight says

    I have 3 cats at home, a pure breed devon rex and 2 normal european cats. The devon sleeps on the head of my wife and other 2 on her feets!!!!

  17. shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama says

    My cat is still AWOL. Since last fall. I did think I saw her at a neighboring farm but couldn't get close enough to her. (It had to be her. Sagging belly of a house cat) I kinda miss her meowing in the evenings but she never kept me awake doing it!

  18. kilax says

    Aww, Elizabeth, you need to shush so mommy can get some shut eye!

    Sometimes our cat sits on the stair landing with his toys while we are sleeping and cries for us to come play with him. Sigh.

  19. AM-GoalsfortheWeek says

    I feel the same way about our sweet HUGE NEWFIE dog Potter! we live in a ~1400 sq ft house, and he follows me EVERYWHERE! but he's not doing anything wrong, he's just SOOO BIG in a SMALL casa!

  20. The Happy Runner says

    So cute!
    I grew up w/a Siamese who I loved, loved, loved. She was OK on the chattiness. My first cat as an adult was also Siamese and he was pretty talkative. I love them though!

  21. Terzah says

    Wow, another whippet person! I grew up with whippets and greyhounds–they're just the best dogs. They are a big reason I'm hoping to get the family out of our microscopic condo next year–then we can finally get a dog. I only hope whippets/greyhounds work w/ my husband's mild dog allergy….