So long, Sydney

 So long, Sydney

Does anyone remember that song “I did a bad, bad thing?” It keeps playing in my head, thanks to the way my legs are feeling post-bush run. I think that event was just out of my league and now my legs are paying for it. I’m still having trouble walking down stairs, ala post-marathon. But this was only a training run and I still have a lot of marathon training ahead of me.

I’m doing all I can to recover–went for a swim yesterday and today ran a ridiculously slow 30 minutes. Still hurting, though. Tomorrow I will try for an hour of easy running, and then it’s on to the airplane. Wednesday I will try for an easy spin on the bike, which often does the trick. I wouldn’t be so concerned if I hadn’t missed most of the first week of training when we arrived because I was sick. That makes two weeks lost if I can’t get back on track by week’s end.

On to other things–I’m really sad to be going home. This has been a fabulous trip. You know how some places have a way of working their way into your heart? That’s how I’m feeling about Sydney. Things I will miss:

  • Waking up every day with a view of the harbor
  • Taking ferries for transportation everywhere
  • Swimming in an outdoor, 50-meter saltwater pool, in winter (and did I mention this is the pool they used for the 1956 Olympics?)
  • Being in the midst of a culture that embraces the outdoors and fitness
  • Spending time with my kids without the interruptions of work, school, and other activities

 Things I am looking forward to at home:

  • Getting back to running with my friends
  • Seeing my pets
  • Sleeping in my own bed
  • My dishwasher, large washing machine, and other creature comforts

You might notice that the return plane ride is NOT on my list…so dreading it. But a necessary evil.

I’m hoping to come back again some day and check out other areas of this great country. Australia, you’ve been a fantastic host!

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  1. Petraruns says:

    Be gentle with yourself – you have SO much training in the bag that you can afford to step back. Even missing 2 weeks is not going to be that bad – you have been training strong since and you will be back at it soon enough. Have a safe journey home.

  2. Don't you just wish that airplanes were replaced by teleportation machines?!! Next time you're down under you should visit a little further north. The natives in Brisbane are reported to be fairly friendly.

  3. Have a safe flight home.

    Take it easy on the legs, give them the rest they need and I'm sure missing two weeks won't interfer with your schedule as you are already a strong runner.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful trip. I would love the views, the time with my family, and what fun to take the ferries everywhere.

  5. Take it easy to recover from the tough race and hope the trip home goes well…I'm sure your own bed will feel wondeful, especially after that long flight!

  6. Glad you've enjoyed your trip bar the illness of course! Hope the flight back isn't too bad

  7. Running and living says:

    Try some compression! it works wonders for me!
    That run will help you a ton come marathon day. Recovery will happen!

  8. I can't believe your trip is over already!! Time flew and I wasn't even throne having fun :) Safe travels home.

  9. It is so good you did not have to leave right after that race. Your joints would have stiffened up on the plane really bad. Still, try some plane exercises.
    I so want to go to Australia. We went to New Zealand and I am totally in love with that country but Australia is such a huge place I could never decide which places to visit. Maybe one day…
    Glad you had a good time.

  10. TRI-james says:

    50 meter salt water pool sounds awesome.

  11. Wow, that trip went by quick! probably moreso for you. ;)

    I hope your legs are recovering so the flight home isn't too uncomfortable!

  12. What pets have you got? I'd love to see pics!

  13. Wow! So fast, but you had an excellent time. Remember to get up and stretch on the plane and have a safe trip home!

  14. I can't believe you are headed back — it seems like just yesterday that you were headed there!

    And all of those things are amazing — and it is winter there also! Imagine the outdoor culture in summer.

  15. Runners Fuel says:

    Sounds like you had an amazing trip!!

  16. Looking forward to having you home! Be cautious with your recovery…missing a little training now beats missing a lot of training due to injury. I know you'll be smart!

  17. That must have really been one hell of a course if it was out of YOUR league!

    Hope you get some of your soreness worked out before you have to endure that long plane ride home! Even if I haven't done anything, just sitting on a plane makes me stiff!

    Safe travels!

  18. Love it! Sounds like that run was on good training race! Still sore, ouch! Have a safe and happy flight home!

  19. Angie Bishop says:

    safe travels to you and your family!
    You have made a good case for visiting that poisonous place. Maybe if I stuck to the city I would not have several heart attacks with my 4 hyper accident prone male spawn :)

  20. Cynthia O'H says:

    Get in the water again when you're home. A ice bath might help too. After being in Australia, I'm sure you can handle those cold temps.

  21. Have a safe trip, and I HOPE your legs will be OK after that long flight!

  22. Have a safe trip home and hopefully the flight home wont wreak too much havoc on your already sore legs.

  23. RunWithKate says:

    Sounds like all in all you had a fantastic time. I hope your transition back to reality goes smoothly. I always have a rough time upon my return.

  24. I'm so glad you had a great trip. Good luck with the rest of yoru recovery and have a safe trip home.

  25. I love Sydney. I would have been happy to move there if it hadn't been so far from my family.

    Have a safe trip home and make sure you move as much as possible during the flight.

  26. Glad you had such an enjoyable trip. Take it easy and recover well. Remember this recovery makes you stronger. Good luck on the plane…

  27. Glad you had fun, I'd love to go to Sydney some day! Sorry you are still hurting from your super 35k race, but after the 24 hour (well, feels like it…) plane ride, you'll probably be ready to tackle another insane race! ;) Welcome back!

  28. Candice @ I Have Run says:

    What an adventure you had!! Good luck with the plane ride and enjoy sleeping in your own bed!!

  29. The Green Girl says:

    Have a safe trip home and hope those legs recover very soon.

  30. Sounded like a trip of a lifetime! I am jealous!

  31. You're going to be feeling great again when your feet land on the good ole USA soil!! You can't NOT run a race like that across the big blue pond, so don't regret it!! Hope you have safe travels home!! oh, and do you ever take L-Glutamine post-tough run?

  32. ModernMom says:

    I think I messed up the word verification. I wonder how often I do that? Ha
    What I tried to say was:
    Have a nice flight home, try day dreaming about that dishwasher waiting for you. That should help pass the time. :)

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