Sick in Sydney

So here I am, on the other side of the world, sitting on the couch in my PJs at 10:30 in the morning. So bummed.

I felt pretty bad when I woke up yesterday, so I skipped any attempt at running–I’ve learned that lesson the hard way too many times. My husband had to go into the office, so I took the kids to the aquarium–it’s an awesome one and they totally enjoyed it. We took a couple of ferries to get there, another bonus in their world. By the time we were headed home, though, I was just done in. I hit the sofa by 5, hubs cooked us dinner, and I was in bed again by 7 last night.

I slept 12 hours last night and was really hoping that all I was fighting was jet lag, but I definitely think it’s more than that. All I want to do is curl up and sleep today. Thankfully it’s Saturday so hubs took the kids out and about. His last words to me before they left–I feel bad. Uh, no, we can’t both be sick here!

I can easily see how this happened. We had 3 days in between our trip to the Adirondacks and coming here. I burned my candle at both ends those days to pull it all together, and then throw in the long trip and lack of sleep, and there you have it.

Like all good runners, I’m of course worrying about missing my training. Just have to let the logical side take over though–I’ve got a good base and I haven’t had a cut-back week since mid-June, so I can afford to miss some. And I kind of need some energy to be able to hang with the kids all week next week when my husband is working.

So sit on the sofa I will do. Drinking lots of water, tea, and eating soup. I have to salvage this trip!

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  1. Ewa says

    (((Lots and lots of hugs)))
    I really hope you will get better soon. You are strong and fit and whatever bug is bugging you it has no chance.

  2. Chris K says

    Uh oh. Man-o-Man do I know what it's like to miss training – I haven't been able to run since June 23rd. When I complained to to my Coach he said, "Relax, your fitness will come back fast". It's exactly what I needed to hear. Get well soon.

  3. RockStarTri says

    Traveling long distance always messes me up physically. Recovery from the travel and I hope you feel better quickly.

  4. P says

    Oh, what a bummer! I really hope it's a quick here-and-gone bug so you can enjoy the rest of your vacation (and international training).

  5. Beginner Tri Baby says

    That stinks! I hope you rested well and are feeling better.

    Missing training stinks but you will be back at it soon! Take Care of You!

  6. Angie Bishop says

    BOOOOOO on being sick!! Heres to a speedy recovery and a fun time soon with good health!! And here to no one else getting the bug too :)
    Hang in their friend!

  7. Barbie says

    Oh no you poor thing. Did you need me to get you anything? Hahaha, I can say that now, we aren't too far away.

  8. Cynthia O'H says

    Travelling great distances can take its toll on us. You are in great shape, though, so the time off will not effect you in the long run (pardon the pun). Enjoy your holiday and don't fret the running. You'll bounce back as soon as your back on this continent.
    Feel better.

  9. Julie says

    oh bummer!! hope you feel better soon and can get caught up on the sight seeing!! sounds like an amazing place to be.

  10. Black Knight says

    Worrying about the missing training is the nightmare of every runner. Get well soon and don't worry, you will run faster than before.

  11. Caratunk Girl says

    That sucks!!! I hope you feel better really soon and that no one else gets the bug. Hopefully with some rest you can bounce back and get in a few down under runs…Well wishes.

  12. Jennifer says

    Feel better! Rest and relax and take some time, like you said you have a good base and I bet you'll feel better soon. Have another tea!

  13. Pam says

    Not to mention being in a plane for a gazillion hours with everyone and their billions of germs. :(

    Hope you feel better quick!!!

  14. MB says

    Oh no, I hope you feel better soon. I know what it's like. It seemed I always got sick one or two days into my vacation. Take care of yourself and don't push too hard, get some rest and enjoy your time in Sydney.

  15. Fran says

    That's a bummer that you got sick while you are in Australia. Take it easy and I hope you feel better soon and you will be able to explore the beauty of Australia.

    About your training: you said it yourself. You got a good base and a week of no training won't do you harm.

    Take care of yourself and big hug.

  16. Kenley says

    Hope the rest of it turns out well for you. Will be praying for you to have a speedy recovery with your illness. I remember when I flew to the PH, which I will be going to again next year, I was out for a day or two. Something about being on a plane with a bunch of different people I guess. Take care, and look forward to hearing more later. Hope you can get a run in soon.

  17. Leah B. says

    So sorry you are sick! Rest, rest, rest! You deserve it. Hope you feel better soon and enjoy your vacation.

  18. Anne says

    Sorry to read this…never fun to be sick period, but away from home is worse. I hope that a few days rest will have you back out there enjoying the sites with the kids!

    Smart move to take a short running break…with your strong base, it'll only do you good. Hugs.