For the first time in 9 1/2 years, I am home without one of my kids. This was my daughter’s first day of all-day school–what a mix of emotions to send them both off this morning! I’m sure any of you who  have been through this understand.

I’m happy because there are so many things I want to do with this time: work on expanding my businesses; get the house in order; throw in a few extra swims/bikes during the week; and my favorite–take a nap on occasion (and I’m not afraid to admit it)!

I’m sad because it’s the closing of a chapter. As hard as it is to juggle having kids at home with working from home, along with fitting in everything else in my life, I’m going to miss having a little someone around. I’m used to it with my son, who’s now in 4th grade, but my daughter has been my steady companion for nearly six years. I think lunch-time today, alone, will probably hit me the hardest. But time has to march on…

An update on my jet lag and cruddy head–feeling better thanks to the antibiotics, but still in a vicious cycle of not sleeping. I even gave in and took an Ambien last night that a neighbor passed along. I still managed to wake up middle of the night. I feel like I’m losing it–there has to be an end in sight to this!

I am going to try running tomorrow; really hoping it won’t be a setback. If I don’t get my miles in this week, I’ll have to abandon my 1/2 on Sept. 12 in favor of getting my marathon training in. I’d be bummed about that because I already gave up a 10-miler yesterday due to the timing of my trip. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  1. FLATOUT JIM says

    What a coincidence. Our boy starts Gr 4 and our girl starts Kindergarten next week.

    I am sure we will be too stressed to be sad. We can't get em out of bed before 8:30. Someones in for a rude awakening LITERALLY!

  2. Dash says

    I think you need some sleepy-time extra tea! 😉 Take it easy on your run, def don't want any setbacks, hopefully it will knock out whatever you got! FEEL BETTER! The closing of a chapter is always hard, but I'm sure your daughter is so excited to start her new chapter and be a big girl, it's exciting for her!

  3. MCM Mama says

    Take it easy on the run!

    You'll get back on normal time, it just can take a while. It took us almost a week to get back to normal after Alaska and that's only a four hour difference. Hang in there.

  4. Matty O says

    No kids here… so I know nothing about what you are going through with that. I can imagine it being just as you say though, bittersweet.

    The sleep issues though… man, you are scaring me about going to Australia and getting acclimated! Good luck with that. When I have to change time zones, I will pull an all nighter and force myself to adjust to a schedule.

    Good luck, I hear you on the races, you are a smart girl though :)

  5. racing dawn says

    I sent all my kids off last week except for one. It's so hard… My little first grader has been my partner in crime for so long it's hard to have her gone all day. I totally know how you're feeling. I've still got a toddler at home but he is still in the 'I can leave a trail of demolition whereever i go' phase. :) Get some rest, don't be too hard on yourself, it will come around! Hope you feel like yourself again soon.

  6. Ewa says

    Naps are good, I am told – I have to try them one of these days.
    Kids grow up way too fast. I know it is a cliche but it is true.
    Sunlight is supposed to help with a jet lag. It works for me so if you can stay outside during day hours, it may just do the trick.
    Good luck.

  7. run4may says

    Your kids are beautiful. Hope their first week back is a smooth one. Enjoy the extra time this will provide you.

  8. Katie says

    Take it easy and I hope you start feeling better soon. I love the "back to school" pic – hope you all have a great first day!

  9. Kovas Palubinskas says

    The running should help with the sleeping. We have 2 in school and 2 at home, so I bet my wife is counting the days! :)

  10. Laurie says

    I'm sorry to hear that you are still fighting the crud… hope you win that battle soon. Maybe your run tomorrow will help you sleep a little better, take it easy though.

    As for school, I would imagine that having the house empty could be bittersweet. For me though, with 2 still at home, it just sounds like a blessing and that nap sounds heavenly. :) Rest up.

  11. Marlene says

    You are going to have so much free time on your hands! Enjoy!

    Hope you are feeling better and back in your usual sleep routine soon!

  12. P says

    Oh, that first lunch alone is HARD! Thankfully, my husband is around most of the day so that helped me with the loneliness. :-) I sure hope you're back to 100% soon!

  13. Andrew Opala says

    so sweet … life marches on!

    You'll have lots of time on your hands … woohoo daytime house party!


  14. Molly says

    your kiddos are so cute, I know exactly what you mean about another chapter ending. There's nothing worse than being sleep deprived, hope you get to take that nap!!

  15. skierz says

    A new chapter is new opportunities for everyone!
    Hope you feel better soon! but, keep it in perspective, you can do all this crazy stuff and a lot of people don't enjoy that. one missed race, oh well. A lifetime of them to come!

  16. Viper says

    Good luck getting you miles in and tackling the half soon. Feel better and get some sleep. Booze can help knock you out if used in proper doses. Cheers!

  17. Tara says

    Awww, it is bittersweet. I remember when my daughter started kindergarten, I thought that I might cry. Now she is a sophomore in HS. Time flies!
    And maybe time for some new opportunities for mom! Have a great week!

  18. Caratunk Girl says

    Must be tough, but the good news is that this is opening new doors for everyone! I hope that you feel better soon – you will get those miles in and attack that HM!! Missing a race stinks, sorry about that. BUT just use all that energy on your next one…Easier said than done, I know!

  19. Laura says

    Hope you get sorted and manage to get your planned runs in so you can do your half. It must be tough seeing the little one off to school, hope you and your daughter have a good day!

  20. Fran says

    They look so cute together.

    I'm sure you get used to it and enjoy the time for yourself to do the things you named.

    I hope you can get back at your training and don't have to drop the half you registered for. Fingers crossed here.

  21. T.C. says

    I know how you feel! It's sad to end a chapter but I've found the next stage is just as exciting. Hope you get your sleep schedule straight soon–that's the kind of thing that really makes me cranky!

  22. AM-GoalsfortheWeek says

    so hear you. i'm embracing this last yr of pre school w/my lil' ones.

    i think you'll soon embrace this new space though…;)

  23. ajh says

    Hope your daughter had a great first day of school and you didn't miss her too much! Good luck with the sleep issues. They are the worst.

  24. Alison B., "Runbuggy" says

    I found it so hard to work from home that I stopped at the end of May. Now, I want to get started again with freelance work, but worried I'll find it difficult all over again with a 10 month old. We'll see. Feel better!!

  25. Anabela (Bela) Neves says

    Your kids look so cute all ready for school. It is bitter sweet isn't it. Mine starts next tuesday, it will be lonely in the house!

  26. Yum Yucky says

    my gawsh. They grow way too fast. My son started Kindergarten last week. So bittersweet. But here's to you forming brand new happy-habits that you can enjoying while the kiddos are schooling! :)

  27. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) says

    I totally know what you're feeling b/c I'm going through the same thing right now too! Enjoy your newfound free time! :)

  28. Julie says

    such a HUGE milestone!! My oldest goes to 1st grade tomorrow–full day…but having two still at home…i have a ways to go. Seems like forever but I know it will go by so fast. Enjoy your new 'alone' time! Hang in there! I'm sure it won't take long to adjust! 😉

  29. Cynthia O'H says

    I find this such an interesting perspective. Being a teacher and at school all the time, I don't get either excited or upset about my kids starting school or entering new school eras.
    But the start of the school year? That's different. I can't wait until we all go back; summer holidays are great but they can be too long.
    I'm envious of the extra time you have on your hands.

  30. Barbie says

    Now I can say I have met those gorgeous little faces. Her first day of school will be such a positive experience. And yes I agree it is a whole new chapter in your life. One where there is alot more running around but also more time for you. Enjoy it. And I am glad the dreaded illness has gone away.

  31. Johann says

    These kid milestones are so special. They happen once and never again. I hope you can get into some routine soon and train and sleep as you want. Good luck!

  32. Julie says

    Hi Zippy,
    You have gorgeous children:) I will be in your shoes next year. My little guy will start school too. I am not fortunate enough to be home all day. I do have one day off a week and it is very special to me because I get to spend it with my little man:) Time goes by so fast and kids grow before our eyes! Enjoy the extra time and take care!

  33. The Happy Runner says

    Oh, man. It has got to be hard! I'm already having a hard time with the fact that my son will be starting twice a week preschool next week (for just 2.5 hrs a day). It's hard to end chapters and start new ones :-)

  34. Teamarcia says

    Awwww gorgeous pic! I am with you on the closing of a chapter and the beginning of a new adventure. Hope you can get some good sleep soon!

  35. Jill says

    It took me about 2 days of sadness that my kiddos were all in school when I was home – and then I quickly got over it :). Enjoy your time to get lots of stuff done and then smother them with all your mom-ness when they get home :).

  36. Beth says

    Aww… both of my kids are in high school this year and I still miss having them at home. I do, however, get in a nap here and there which is lovely. Hope they come home with lots of stories to share!

  37. Black Knight says

    Your kids are too cute. I have forgotten my children'd first day of school, they are grown now (31 and 26). Sorry for the jet-lag problems but I am sure that you are at the end of the problem. I love the nap too!