A Cruel Joke

That’s what my body is playing on me right now. Remember when I first got to Australia I had a fever and had to miss several days of training? Well, that ugly virus has reared its head again. I’ve been home since very late Tues. night and have yet to get a decent night’s sleep. And now I have a sinus infection coupled with another fever.

Yesterday morning was horrible–I seriously thought my head was going to explode. I had to take my daughter to school orientation at 9, which was a scramble just to get out the door. Both kids are still sleeping much later than normal and I was completely out of it. Sat through the orientation in a daze, dropped both kids with neighbors and headed to the minute clinic, where I was prescribed antibiotics and Mucinex D to get rid of all the fluid in my head. I called hubby to come home from work to take over with the kids for the afternoon and I spent the rest of the day in bed.

You’d think that as sick and exhausted as I am I would have slept last night. But no, I’ve been up since 1:30. Today my plan is to not allow myself to nap to see if that will get me back on track tonight. All I know is that I need to get over this, somehow. I think an acupuncture treatment will be on my schedule this week.

Just to make things worse, the doctor told me not to run until I feel 100 percent better–not 80, not 90–or I would be back to square one. Yeah, feeling really great about my 1/2 marathon in two weeks and my November marathon.

Ok, that’s my sleep deprived rant for the day. Hopefully we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled program in a few days.

In other news–MCM Mamma was kind enough to offer me a guest post slot on her other blog, DC Metro Mom. Go check it out my post, and her great blog, here. 

I’ve also added a new web site:  MissZippy Coaches. I just put up a set of FAQs for first time marathoners. Go on over, check out the site, and feel free to press that follow button!

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  1. Barbie says

    Oh no you poor thing. That's horrible. I hope you feel better really soon and get back to your training for your half. That acupuncture sounds like a great idea.

  2. Jennifer says

    What a drag! Get better soon! I hate when anything keeps me from running especially because running is what makes me feel the best. Any way, all world travelers deserve some extra down time. Cheers!

  3. Laura says

    Aww I'm sorry, it's so incredibly frustrating isn't it. I've been ill this week too and I'm really holding back training but I'm so frustrated as I had a bad leg last week and had planned my wonderful return to running this week! Hope it's not too bad riding it out and that you're better really soon.

  4. Jon says

    Bummer that you are sick again! Hope it passes quickly!

    Thank you SO MUCH for your first time marathoners post!!! This is invaluable!!

  5. Anne says

    Ugh…how frustrating. Hope you feel better quickly.

    I'll definitely be checking out your new site…considering I'm hoping to be a first-time marathoner soon :)

  6. P says

    No worries about your half, you have plenty of fitness built up to do well on that and consider this a "taper." I sure hope you can get some sleep soon and get back to feeling 100%!

  7. Johann says

    Oh man, that really sucks. Best thing unfortunately is to listen to the doctor and get this out of your system for good. Hang in there!

  8. AM-GoalsfortheWeek says

    I know your physical side is bringing you down, but it looks like your writing side is continuing to bloom. cool!;-0

  9. Kenley says

    Hope you get to feeling better soon. You will be out and at it in no time. I will check out that site. thanks.

  10. Molly says

    that really sucks that you're still sick. I'm sure all the sleep depravation isn't helping, feel better soon…and I'm off to check out your new site, very timely for me!!!

  11. Fran says

    So sorry to hear you're sick again and hope you feel better soon. I also think you have to listen to your doctor otherwise it might come back to you again this virus.

    Get well soon!

  12. La Historiadora de Moda says

    Oh, no! I'm really sorry to hear that you're ill again! I know it sucks, but you should just rest and drink lots of fluids. I hope you make a full recovery swiftly!

  13. Cynthia O'H says

    On a better note, though, that awesome trail run that you had in Australia can be your last long run. Then, when you're up, you can do a few shorter ones before the half.
    Feel better, my friend.
    p.s. Great idea about the new marathoners. I'll check it out.

  14. Ewa says

    Hope you will recover soon. You are a strong and very fit person so you will be running in to time. Still it sucks that you are not feeling well again. HUGS.

  15. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) says

    I'm so sorry you're sick again! Rest as much as you can and get better soon! Oh, and I like your coaching blog! :)

  16. LMC says

    I know you must be frustrated about being sick again. Hopefully, by now, you are on the mend, but don't push it. Speaking from experience, a third relapse sucks! It is worth the extra days of rest to make sure you're 100%. Get well soon!

  17. Jill says

    Awwww man, that totally blows. I'm so sorry!! I know that sleep is your #1 priority to get healthy and once you do, the rest will all fall into place with the training. Hoping you feel 100% VERY SOON!

  18. Chris K says

    Here is a different perspective. As an avid runner who hasn't run since June 23rd – almost 9 weeks ago. This is a tiny, miniscule bump in the road.

  19. Anabela (Bela) Neves says

    Oh no, so sorry you aren't feeling better yet….what a terrible virus. I am hoping you get better real soon!

  20. Gracie (Complicated Day) says

    Make sure you don't take the Mucinex D at night since the pseudoephedrine keeps you up
    Your friendly pharmacist

  21. Petraruns says

    Oh sweetie – I hope you feel better soon and LISTEN to the doctor – knock this thing on the head for once and for all.