That’s what I’m talkin’ about

  • Seven friends
  • 90 degrees
  • 95 percent humidity
  • 4 water stops
  • 2 GUs
  • 1 chug of Gatorade

Finishing an 18-miler feeling strong–priceless!

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  1. That just hurt me reading! 18 in this?? You ladies rock! I did 14, but I was out the door at 5:45… by 7 it was HOT, I'm dumbstruck. (and pretty glad I don't run marathons anymore)! WTG!

  2. Teamarcia says:

    Nice! I can only hope my 18 tomorrow goes that well. Wowza on the heat!

  3. 90 Degrees. WhoooHooooooooo! was that the heat index or temp? Awesome!

  4. Cynthia O'H says:

    Awesome. I'm up at 5:00 tomorrow for my 11. Hopefully, the rain will break the humidity a bit.

  5. Evolving Through Running says:

    Love it! Letting the weather know who's boss … also priceless. Great job!

  6. I don't know how you and your friends did it. Personally, I think it's a little insane, but hopefully you're feeling good and taking care of yourself the rest of the day! Congrats on getting it done!

  7. You go girl! Great job!

  8. I humbly bow to you and your friends – great job!

  9. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) says:

    Woohoo! That sounds like so much fun! Way to get in 18 miles! I'll be there in about a month! :)

  10. MCM Mama says:

    That is amazing! I'm going to be happy to just finish a 5k this evening.

  11. Super! 90 degrees, 95% humidity…respect!

  12. Perfect!

  13. Fantastic!!

  14. That's just sick!!!

  15. Wow! I can't imagine feeling strong after 18 miles in this. I stepped out the 5:30 this morning and thought, 'you've got to be kidding' with the humidity. Great job!

  16. Courtney says:

    Very nice run! Hope you got to relax little for the rest of the day.

  17. Sarah Woulfin says:

    Amazing! I feel fortunate to have west coast mild weather……….

  18. ShutUpandRun says:

    Wow so hard core doing 18 in this heat!! Good for you.

  19. WTG in those brutal conditions!!!!

  20. Excellent post with very few words!

  21. I ran in NC… it was even hotter here…. I only had 13 though. Great job on your run.

  22. Hi Zippy,
    I am so glad that you are able to get those long runs in and do so well at them! I wish I was still training for my marathon! I guess I can sort of live through you and the others who are still marathon training:) Nice work…you are rocking it…even in the crazy heat!

  23. AM-GoalsfortheWeek! says:

    You go girl!

  24. busyrunningmama says:

    18 miles! Wow, that rocks!

  25. S Club Mama says:

    That's so amazing. We ran 10 tonight and it felt great. i don't know so much about 18. LOL My husband drank 3/4 a gallon of Gatorade in 20 minutes afterward though. I drank 1/4 gallon of it in the same time; it made my stomach hurt.

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  27. KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) says:

    Way to go and yes, totally priceless!

  28. La Historiadora de Moda says:

    You are a rockstar!

  29. Patrick Mahoney says:

    very nice, priceless as you said.

  30. Awesome well done!

  31. Marlene says:


  32. You're a rock star. Nice job!!!!!

  33. Big Daddy Diesel says:


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