Keeping a tradition (sort of)

This weekend was supposed to be a shore trip for us, but with our pending Australia trip, we decided to bypass the beach and head to Ohio to get in a quick visit with family. I grew up on a lake there, and while my parents don’t have a house there any more, they still have friends who do. One was nice enough to offer to let us swim there while in town. My hope was that I could swim across the lake with my son, who is nine. That’s about the age I was when I first swam across, so I thought it would be really fun to share this experience with him.

My son is a great little swimmer–he’s been on summer swim team since he was five, so he’s very confident in the water. A swimming pool is different from a lake, however. Earlier this week when we discussed the swim, he asked if there were any rivers that fed the lake. I knew what he was getting at–he’s very up on his sharks and he was worrying that a bull shark might be in the lake. I assured him that there were no bull sharks in lakes in the middle of Ohio.

Next question–mom, how big are the catfish in the lake? He watches the occasional episode of River Monsters where a biologist regularly pulls out 150-lb. catfish from fresh water. I again told him not to worry. So you can probably tell where this is going–we jumped in together and started our swim. He was doing just fine, keeping a good pace, but after a few hundred yards, he wanted back in that boat. I’m quite sure his imagination got the best of him! It’s too bad, he could have made the distance. But maybe another day.

I did finish the swim and loved every minute of being back in that cool, fresh water lake. As we approached shore both my son and daughter jumped in and swam the short way back. We also coaxed our dog Connor, a whippet, into the water–poor guy did this out of pure obedience to us. Let’s just say that whippets are not water dogs. As graceful as he is on land, he is a true fish out of water when trying to swim.

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  1. RockStarTri says

    I do a lot of salt water swimming and I've seen a large striped bass (>50lbs) swim within a foot of me once. It freaked me out a bit but since I had to swim in anyway, I got over it quickly. My kids routinely ask if I saw more "friends" while swimming :)

  2. Angie Bishop says

    My dad told me when I was little and we were at Lake Kanopolis in Kansas that there were catfish big enough in the lake to swallow me whole……not a fan of lakes much :)

  3. P says

    Love the pic of you and your son. I can't watch River Monsters because I already have enough trouble in open water, I sure don't need to imagine even scarier things!
    Glad you had such a nice weekend!

  4. Matty O says

    Gotta love those inland lakes :) The catfish are very small here… watch out for the carp!

    Have a nice time while you are here!

  5. Fran says

    Ah the dog is so cute :) We have a puppy of almost 6 months and we've tried to let her swim in the water recently and she loved it. But it's a Cairn Terrier which are known that they like swimming.

    Your trip sounds great and I'm sure your son will swim with you all the way next time you're there.

  6. Teamarcia says

    That is so great your son is so confident in the water. I am working hard to make sure my kiddos are the same way!

  7. Molly says

    I'm just like your son, I always think about what could be lurking underneath the water.

    My in laws live in Inlet, in the ADK, just outside of Old Forge, I love it up there!

  8. EZEthan says

    Kids are too funny… at least he didn't get nipped by a fish, otherwise he may never get into a lake again!

  9. ModernMom says

    LOL I'm with your son! I grew up swimming in rivers and lakes, and yet it only takes the thought of a wee fish touching me to send me screaming towards shore!

  10. Jill says

    Um, I think I'd be in boat with your son, I don't care much for swimming long distances with the fishies. But sounds like a great weekend nevertheless, glad you had a nice family weekend!

  11. Marlene says

    I love swimming in lakes, but I definitely get squeamish about the critters in there. Your son is brave for giving it a shot!

  12. Amanda - RunToTheFinish says

    haha I'm like your son. I keep thinking a shark is going to get me in my open water swim

  13. Dash says

    Congratulations on a great swim! It's so great you can share these things with your son, he'll be ready to become a river monster himself soon!

  14. Caratunk Girl says

    Nice swim! I prefer to swim in lakes. In oceans, the jaws theme plays in my head. BUT when I was your son's age, I was sure that the lake monster would get me, so I see where he is coming from!

  15. Viper says

    A childhood buddy of mine had a cottage on Lake Berlin. I remember swimming to a little island across from their house. Fun times.

  16. Petraruns says

    What a lovely thing to do with your kids – and I'm sure your son will be across that lake soon!

  17. Cynthia O'H says

    My son is also a water-boy. His imagination hasn't taken over the threat of water creatures yet – thank goodness!
    I'm sure yours will make it across the lake soon.

  18. Tricia says

    hehe, I spend a lot of time at the beach and have yet to get over the fear that I'm going to have a run in with a shark. :) If a school of fish swims past me I head to the shore thinking they must be running from something big :)

  19. Beth says

    What a great memory and I love the pictures. I just can't think about the fish when I'm lake swimming but it's hard to do. I'm sure it's harder for a little boy with an active imagination!

  20. Christina says

    I can't swim well at all – if I see that I am venturing into the deeper end of the pool, whatever swimming skill I have literally walked out of the pool and back on land.
    I'm excited about your trip to Sydney! I went there with my parents when I was a teenager and loved it. Precious family moments. I am also very excited about you doing your runs there. It will be so cool. Do post lots of pictures and share with us.