A winner and giving in to Garmin

First, let’s get to the business at hand–my CSN Stores giveaway. I had 108 entries and random.org generated number 73 as my winner. That means that Samantha over at Feet in Motion is the winner. Congrats Samantha–email me and I’ll get you hooked up with your CSN card!

In other news–I’m selling out. I have always been a bit of a purist (probably a snobby one at that) when it comes to running. I don’t use ipods, I don’t use heart rate monitors and I’ve eschewed all the new GPS watches–to date. I’ve decided that with a trip to Australia on the horizon and fall marathon training upon me, it’s time to give in and try a Garmin.

Yep, just placed my order for a new Forerunner 110. This is about as basic a model as you can get–it essentially gives you pace, miles run and not much else, but that’s all I need. I know myself and there’s no way I’d get around to downloading my runs, caring about elevations, humidity levels, etc., so I’m not going to spring for the extra bells and whistles.

I am also not planning to wear it all the time. For the majority of my runs, where I know my courses/miles, I’m not going to use it. I really do believe there’s a big value in learning to run by perceived effort. I’m good at sensing my pace and I don’t want to give that up because I become a slave to my watch. Where I will use it is for marathon paced efforts, which I intend to do regularly starting in September. I’ll also use it in Australia, when I’m not going to know where the heck I am and everything will be marked in k’s–it will be nice to know I am hitting the mileage I want.

So I’ll keep you posted on how I like it–who knows? Maybe I’ll become addicted to it and you can all have the last laugh.

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  1. J says

    I have been against garmins and such too but that Forerunner 110 looks pretty neat. It would be nice to have it for pace and distance because usually I just run by feel and hope it is on pace.

  2. Evolving Through Running says

    Welcome to the dark side :)

    I think you'll grow to like it. They really are helpful little critters.

  3. Barbie says

    Should you get lost in Aus, I hope I can help you find your way back. I am hopeless at directions.

    A Garmin sounds like a great investment. But like you said there is no better way to judge your pace then by feel. Have fun with it.

  4. AM-GoalsfortheWeek! says

    I loved having my garmin on my run for Vineman. I'm a believer of them now..

    also, thx for hosting the giveaway;-)

  5. Julie says

    Hi Zippy,
    What? You never had a garmin before recently!?! I actually just got mine for Christmas and just used a basic Timex watch. I never paid attention to pace and ect. I am really glad that I have it now. I don't use it all of the time but I would miss it if I didn't have it:) Cheers to your new fancy garmin! You will love it:)

  6. Rad Runner says

    EEEK!!! Tell me you got the pink one? I LOVE IT! I told myself I would not wear it all the time, but I have had it for one week and one day exactly and I have worn it on every run, (shhh dont tell anyone but I even wore it on a long walk with my dog.. I was just "curious" to see how far we went :)

  7. Jeff - DangleTheCarrot says

    I love my Garmin(s). I'd be lost without my new 310. I use it for everything. Sometimes I bring it in the car with me and compare the speed and distance to the car GPS…. I just reread that last sentence and realized I might be extremely weird? Alright, gotta go now. My Garmin says I was in HR Zone One during that entire comment!

  8. ajh says

    No laughing! The good thing about running is we can all do what works for us. I am anal about wanting to know how far I go and would def. want it for a trip!

  9. Jill says

    My friends chipped in and gave me the 405 for my Boston Birthday last year (that would be '09) and I still don't download any data – I think it would make me manic. And I don't wear it in a race…but I do like it mostly to get my mileage accurate and to get in the tempo run at the right pace. One feature I DO like it the elevation because I do (or did…whaaa) a lot of mountain training for Pikes Peak and such…it's mostly a curiosity thing than anything.

    Thanks for your very dear comment..I WILL email you, a shoulder from someone who's been there would be comforting. Thanks!! :)

  10. Irene says

    Even if you never download a thing it will be a useful tool.

    I used a cell phone GPS running tracker app (Bones in Motion) for a few years and never thought I'd get a Garmin until the guys at the place I have sport's rehab at were able to become Garmin dealers. They gave the manufacturers discount to their clients on their first order. It was too good of a deal to pass up. I have a 405CX. I download the data, but I also send that info to my PT for training purposes.

  11. Pam says

    My hubby gave me a 305 for Christmas last year. As much as I love it, I wish I had something simpler. I think I would have liked the 110 better. I haven't even installed the software to download the data with and the heart rate monitor is still in the box. I use it strictly for miles and pace.

    But I don't go on a run without it!

  12. Anne says

    Welcome to the other side…I'm sure you'll like it! Ks are cool…you feel like you've run longer and faster in Ks :)

  13. Amanda - RunToTheFinish says

    i have always used music, but resisted the garmin for ages. I really mostly like it when I'm working on pace or late in a long run because then I don't have to map anything out ahead of time

  14. Cynthia O'H says

    Ah, I'm going through the same decision-making process. My husband says 310 but I'm thinking more along the same lines as you. We'll see soon.

    When are you getting yours? Where? They are so pricey up here that I'm looking at other options.

  15. Beth says

    Congrats on your Garmin. Even if I don't look at it during my run, it's an easy and fast way of keeping a running log.

  16. Jesson And Rey Ann says

    I used a cell phone GPS running tracker app (Bones in Motion) for a few years and never thought I'd get a Garmin until the guys at the place I have sport's rehab at were able to become Garmin dealers.

  17. abbi says

    Hope you like it! I first got one because I never really knew how far I went. I tend to just run without a course in mind and don't know the distance when I stop. That's what I use it for. I've never worn it any of the races, just a regular watch there since I know the miles. I don't use the extra bells and whistles either.

  18. Johann says

    I’m just like you…no gadgets. I can estimate my pace very well. I don’t even look at my watch while running. I might consider a Garmin for trail running next year. Will be interesting to hear how you find it.

  19. shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama says

    I completely agree! Every runner should start out as a purist. They should all learn how to listen to their bodies and know what effort they are giving and THEN they can get all that techno' stuff is they must. For me it is too easy to become fixated on the numbers a Garmin would spit out. I would become WAY TOO goal oriented and lose the joy in my running. I do have a really old Garmin (its Hubbs from when we both ran) and I use it occassionally when I am distancing a new course but otherwise I don't need the distraction.

    I am glad to read that your staying true to your purist running philosophy and making sure you don't get lost while your down under! 😉

  20. myfeetinmotion says

    :) YAY for winning!! I emailed you :) I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Garmins. A must have for running in my opinion.

  21. Luke says

    I have been wanting one since winter, I wnat the 305 o 310, since I already use a heart rate monitor and log all my workouts online, this will simplify things.

  22. Robyn says

    Eh, who cares if you're selling out. Garmins are great and sometimes technology really does help us to improve! I love my 305 :)

  23. Molly says

    I've been loving my G-unit just for working on my pace and making sure I hit my mileage.

    Now the important topic…..what are you going to name it?!?!

  24. ShutUpandRun says

    I'll be interested to hear how you like it. I've only ever really known running with a Garmin, so I have no comparison. Funny, when you said "I won't wear it all the time," at first I thought you meant like ALL THE TIME as in to the grocery store and to get your hair cut.

  25. LMC says

    Congrats to Samantha!
    I use my ipod often and I always use my Garmin. I think always using my Garmin has ruined my ability to run according to perceived effort and I'm not sure that's a good thing. So, I encourage you to stick to your purist ways and not use the Garmin all the time! Maybe, I'll get motivated to give up that crutch, scary! :)

  26. The Happy Runner says

    Give in, give in!
    I gave in last year and LOVE it. I still love those garmin-free runs, though. You just feel free and that's such a big part of running, for me anyway.

  27. Meg says

    WOW, you've held out for a long time! That is incredible and really shows that you know your body, your pace and have some true confidence. I think you'll like your Garmin, have fun with it!

  28. Fran says

    I can't run without music so always use my Ipod.

    I've bought the 305 December last year and I love it. During my run I only check my pace every now and then because on long runs I have the habit to go too slow. I'm an expert in just looking at the pace and not at time and distance. I always map my route before I go so I know when I finish my run and by that time I start looking at the distance. Still not at the time. The first time I look at that is when I stop the time.

    Have fun with it.

  29. says

    So, can I tell you how much I love this? I don’t really care if you wear a garmin or not. I am ALL about whatever works for YOU for what you need right NOW. I am saying that I love that you aren’t afraid to go with what you need, regardless if it retracts something you’ve previously said. No reason to be a stickler, if it works for you right now, that’s all that matters. So with that said, I hope it works for you! (I really like mine).