Who Wants a Kara Goucher-signed tee?

Thought that might get your attention! But before I get to the details, let me give you some background.When I turned 40, a friend of mine gave me a great set of notecards. They were the best--great athletic-inspired phrases coupled with pictures of a running shoe, a bike, and a bathing suit. I loved them and used them up quickly.Last … [Read more...]

Our common language

Running has its own language, but it's a language all runners speak.

Last week when I was visiting family in Ohio, I sought out a local track workout so that I could keep my speed session up to par while away. I could have run it on my own, but it was more fun to run it with others. As I met up with the folks who were running track that morning--complete strangers--we quickly fell into easy … [Read more...]

Ryders winner

A big congratulations to Rachel at the Dalai Mama. Random.org picked number 122 out of 129, so she's getting a pair of Ryders sunglasses! Send me an email Rachel and they're all yours! … [Read more...]

Swapping one race for another

I have certain races I love, that I go back to year after year. Probably top on that list is the Annapolis 10-miler at the end of August each year. It's a fabulous event--5,500 people (just right), a beautiful course throughout Annapolis' scenic neighborhoods, and a real challenge. Just about all of my running partners do this one, so … [Read more...]

Quick and dirty Ryders eyewear giveaway!

/Old, dated sunglasses!Mommy, you look like a bug. Mommy, you look like an alien. Those were the kind words my kids had for me recently when I returned from a bike ride wearing these old sunglasses:Um, ok, I'll admit, maybe these glasses are a bit dated! So it was good timing that Outside PR sent me a couple of pairs of Ryders … [Read more...]

New kid on the block

I'm sure you all remember your first days of blogging; I know I do. I'd put up what I thought was an interesting post and then wait. And wait. And wait for a comment. For the most part all I got in response to my posts was silence. Getting two or three comments was cause for celebration. It's nice to now have a great group of followers to … [Read more...]

A winner and giving in to Garmin

First, let's get to the business at hand--my CSN Stores giveaway. I had 108 entries and random.org generated number 73 as my winner. That means that Samantha over at Feet in Motion is the winner. Congrats Samantha--email me and I'll get you hooked up with your CSN card!In other news--I'm selling out. I have always been a bit of a purist … [Read more...]

Keeping a tradition (sort of)

This weekend was supposed to be a shore trip for us, but with our pending Australia trip, we decided to bypass the beach and head to Ohio to get in a quick visit with family. I grew up on a lake there, and while my parents don't have a house there any more, they still have friends who do. One was nice enough to offer to let us swim there … [Read more...]


Yesterday was one of those days that did NOT go as planned...and that is NOT my kind of day. I am a control freak and like to know when and where I'm doing things. But it was not to be.My husband had to be in his office for a 2 a.m. conference call. Yes, that's A.M.--his company is based in Finland and they have these quarterly conference … [Read more...]

Holy cow, I’m going down under!

With fairly short notice, my husband has learned that he needs to make a business trip to Australia. Since the kids are out of school until the end of August, we decided that there would be no better chance to take the whole family. So with less than four weeks to pull it all together, we're planning a two-week trip to Sydney!Since it's a … [Read more...]

CSN Stores giveaway!

The kind folks at CSN Stores have offered me the chance to share a $40 gift certificate with one of my readers. If you're not familiar with CSN, well, they're an online store where you can find just about everything--and I mean everything--you might need!Tired and in need of a nap after your long run? CSN has the bed for you. In need of … [Read more...]

5k mania

I've got to say, of all the race distances, 5ks are probably my least favorite. I don't have much in the way of fast-twitch muscles and the older I get, the slower I get at this distance. Conversely, I am still able to pull out some PRs at the longer distances. Put it all together and you get my least favorite distance.In spite of it, I … [Read more...]