No, I don’t have it, but I should from the pace of this week. It was insane! In one week, I:

Drove kids to:

  • Three swim practices
  • Two nights of soccer tryouts
  • Two lacrosse games
  • Two soccer games
  • One day of camp
  • One swim meet

I also:

  • Ran 40-plus miles
  • Swam twice
  • Road my bike on the trainer twice
  • Lifted twice

Used my brain to:

  • Write an article
  • Start two new running clients
  • Make edits to another article

All while:

  • My husband was out of the country

Thank goodness:

  • For my wonderful neighbors who helped me schlep kids to and fro
  • My husband who returned last night in time to go to my neighbor’s daughter’s wedding
  • This week is a taper week
  • All kids sports are done except swimming!

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  1. P says

    Omg, i have whiplash just from reading about your week!! I think I'm mostly impressed that 40 miles is your taper. 😛

  2. Jeff - DangleTheCarrot says

    Dang girl! When did you find time to like sleep and eat? Awesome getting in the 40 miles still!

  3. ajh says

    I have whiplash just thinking about it. Life is busy here too but soon soon soon soon school is out and it will be vacation busy!

  4. Cynthia O'H says

    Great week. I don't know how you managed to get in that much mileage with everything else going on – impressive.

    Now, enjoy that taper.

  5. Christina says

    Impressive list of accomplishments. I'm curious, can you tell me more about the freelancing you do and starting two running clients.

  6. Patrick Mahoney says

    Huge week, that's great. Great mileage as well.

    I agree with Staci, I'm suddenly a little sleepy.

  7. Jennifer says

    Oh my lord! You are one busy woman. You need to add to that list, wrote blogs and made numerous comments to blogger friends! How do you do it all? Cheers!

  8. LMC says

    I have the same question as Jennifer. How do you do it all? Seriously, you have incredible time management skills or you don't sleep. I hope it's not the latter! Nice job getting it all done, including running and swimming. Nice pic too. Have a great, maybe less hectic week!

  9. misszippy says

    Jennifer and LMC-I have to say, time management really is my forte for some reason. And I go to bed very early!!

  10. Lindsey says

    Wow – amazing. I feel like such a schlub after reading this! I have been complaining b/c work has been a bit hectic and I've let my running suffer because of it. I need to get back on track and use you as some inspiration!

    Lindsey @ eatreadrun.com

  11. Amanda - RunToTheFinish says

    it really is amazing when I look back on a week how the heck it all got done.. I think your are right, it's organization, sleep and then just one thing at a time

  12. Caratunk Girl says

    Holy crap!!! Awesome mileage, but wow, you had a busy week! Working on the head down and swimming hard to get out of the fray in the swim! :)

  13. Matty O says

    WOW! You are super woman… haha!

    We don't have kids yet, and to be honest, I don't think I could handle all that pressure and scheduling. Heather is much better at that than I am!

    Great balance.

  14. Julie says

    Good Lord Zippy! I think you were even busier than me! Life sure does get crazy at times:) We need to hang on and hope to God that we make it:) You had awesome miles for how busy you were! Nice work:)

  15. Anne says

    Feeling a little dizzy just reading this…you definitely channelled your inner superwoman this week :) …Glad to know dad's back and the kids' sports are almost all done!

  16. Johann says

    And then you still find time for blogging! Amazing! Be glad you are a runner. If you were out of shape and unfit you wouldn't be able to do this.

  17. Michelle says

    Oh my stars! I'm tired just reading everything that you accomplished. Way to go on squeezing in 40 miles and swimming and biking and lifting.

  18. MCM Mama says

    OK, I'm a huge slacker apparently. How you managed to do all that and still get in 40 miles just blows my mind!

  19. Monica says

    Hi Amanda: You are living my life! (husband in Budapest this week) As always, thanks for the comment on a bold pace. Do you have any pacing advice for me? I am heading to the track tomorrow am…

  20. Dash says

    Wow, you make me tired just thinking of all that! You are Miss Zippy and the Energizer Bunny all rolled into one! It's nice to see you out of your running clothes and on your way out!