Picture not-so-perfect

It’s pretty much a given that I never like my race-day photos (does anyone?). I always hate the way my running form looks, or the way my body looks, or…you get the idea. So it was pretty ironic that when I got my race photos from last week’s Baltimore 10-miler, I kind of liked them.

What’s up with that? I had a miserable race…I could feel my form deteriorating as I went on. By the end I know I was shuffling up those stupid hills. But I received four pictures that were pretty acceptable. I even had both feet off the ground in two of them, something that never happens to me in race pics.

So now the dilemma is…what to do with them? I mean, I rarely like my pics, so since I actually do for once, should I keep them? On the other hand–I was pretty unhappy with this race, so do I really want a memento? Choices, choices.

Have a great weekend and good luck if you are racing!

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  1. Maryland Girl aka Michelle says

    I never like my race day photos either. I am always got some wierd look on my face.

  2. Angie Bishop says

    You could get them and just remember that even when you are not running so great, you at least look great doing it :)

  3. JF says

    I think the photographers try to get us at our worst. they always take the pictures when I am looking like I am beat down or I am looking right at them!

  4. Char says

    I've got two of my best race photos from two of my worst races last year. Made no sense to me either but if they're good I say buy them.

  5. RockStarTri says

    It is very rare that I see a race picture of me that is any good. When you see one, though, you should get them.

    I'm setting up a wall of shame in the basements. I'm averaging one good picture for every 25 or so events.

  6. Dash says

    Nice pic! You look great, look at those arms! I am a big believer that we may not think we look good in our race photos, but when we're 80, we'll be glad we have the mementos, and won't be so picky about how we looked in them. šŸ˜‰ Have a great weekend MissZ!

  7. Chloƫ says

    years down the road, when your kids find them, they won't know it was a terrible race for you. they'll just see their momma doing watch she loves, and lookin' good doing it. :)

  8. jamie @ sweatyhugs says

    I am just venturing into the world of unflattering race pics! LOL
    I say, if you like them…then keep them. :)

  9. Barbie says

    I would say keep them. Every race whether good or bad holds clues and ideas to where you can improve. Its also a part of your life – a memory that one day you can look back on and feel proud that even though it wasn't your best day, you were still out there doing it and living life.

  10. funderson says

    My sweetheart says to always get a picture because a picture you think is crap today will look like heaven to you when you are 80…and he is right…

  11. Julie says

    Hi Zippy,
    Purchase the flipping pictures! If you like them you will want them:) If you don't do it you will regret it later!

    Happy Friday!

  12. Jill says

    I tend to buy the ones I like, which is so rare. It's really the only pictures I have of me around cuz I'm always the one taking the pictures. Someday I suspect when I die my kids will have a memorial and all they have to show at the service is crappy race pictures. The absolute WORST pictures EVER were when I did that 10-miler a couple weekends ago; omg, I look awful and it shows that my form has really gotten bad again, when I get really fatigued. So anyway, I say you better get 'em :).

  13. Lisa says

    You look really good in that picture–super athletic. If it is in the budget, I say go for it. The further out from a bad race, the less you remember it as bad. Does that make sense?

  14. EZEthan says

    If you like the pics, keep them… 10 years from now it won't matter what race they're from… they'll just be "this is what I looked like 10 years ago when I was running… and damn I looked good!"

  15. Cynthia O'H says

    I never have good race pictures; someone, I magically develop 2 or 3 extra chins and a horrible underbite. If the picture is half-decent, though, I do like to get one (a small one which shows minimal detail) as every race has a story and the picture can be a great visual to stir that memory.

    Your picture is great. You should get it.

  16. Sherri says

    I have never had a good picture while running….NEVER! I would get the pictures…memories are everything!

  17. Michelle says

    I would so get the pictures b/c all of mine are horrible – what I wouldn't give for a good one even if from a bad race!

  18. Jessica says

    Don't you have an amazing photo frame from being FIRST in your age group?! I think you should get one that you love (bad race or not) and actually treasure a great photo!

  19. Petraruns says

    KEEP THEM! As someone who ALWAYS looks like Roseanne in a race photo I would pay big bucks for a good photo of me running. Wouldn't matter to me if it was a bad race – come on, you're a girl. Keep those good pics.

  20. Teamarcia says

    Pics with both feet off the ground are rare and hard to resist. Unless the race royally sucked, I say get them!

  21. Jennifer says

    My pictures always seem to get me on the pounding part of the run, when all my extra fat (yes fat) is jiggling. Ugh. I think your picture looks very good, maybe it doesn't matter what the race was? Sometimes I think the harder races where I had sub-standard performance are the ones I remember the most anyways. Cheers!

  22. Irene says

    Photos used to be an afterthought. When I first started racing very few events had photographers. Now they all have photographers.

    There's very few (professional) race photos that I do like. Ironically, it's the random photos taken by friends that I end up liking the best.

    Even though there are ones I don't like, I do keep at least one from each race as a reminder of how I was or what I would like to improve on. I keep the photo in a folder on the same page as my race number (and now) D-tag.

  23. Black Knight says

    Before of all I like the picture of the post. In the past I was too selective with the race pics but I have just decided to keep all of them to remember every moment of every race.

  24. Beth says

    Get them!My rule is that if both feet are off the ground, I buy it. Glad you had good ones to choose from!

  25. Caratunk Girl says

    I haven't bought a race photo yet – but if I find one I like, I definitely would buy it. SO that said, if you like the pic, get it! I like it a lot!

  26. Meg says

    You've got great arms! I think you should get this picture for sure. I don't ever buy any race pictures, in fact, I only have one that my husband bought me, behind my back! I think any race is worth remembering; you're out there working hard. Celebrate that!

  27. Big Daddy Diesel says

    I have had 3 races this season and just one race photo taken, thats it, not one race, just ONE photo, I cant even dislike them if I wanted too.

  28. Julie says

    a great race picture is momento in itself!! Get them!! you are not defined by the race but the RUNNER!! you are awesome!

  29. T.C. says

    Good race pics are few and far between–get them! I finally got a good picture at my 10 miler in March. It was like finding the Holy Grail!