Marathons–why the obsession?

Once again, an article in Running Times has got me thinking. It was all about marathons and how we runners have developed this obsession with the distance. The article argued that we could potentially be better served by  concentrating our efforts on shorter distances. The reasoning is that to run a really good marathon, one to your … [Read more...]

My fridge

MCM Mamma tagged me a week or so ago to reveal what's in my fridge. Of course my camera would choose to go on the fritz right when she did that, so it has taken me a while. But...since I had the time, I cheated. That's right, I cleaned my fridge before showing it to the world.Getting tagged was just the kick in the pants I needed to do … [Read more...]

Picture not-so-perfect

It's pretty much a given that I never like my race-day photos (does anyone?). I always hate the way my running form looks, or the way my body looks, get the idea. So it was pretty ironic that when I got my race photos from last week's Baltimore 10-miler, I kind of liked them.What's up with that? I had a miserable race...I could … [Read more...]

New GU Review (and giveaway)

 Just curious--and I know I'm dating myself here--anyone remember "New Zoo Review?" Can't quit thinking of it as I write a review on GU. Anyhow--the nice folks at Outside PR have hooked me up with all kinds of great products to try, review, and give away. My first round of reviews and giveaways is several products made by GU.I'm … [Read more...]

Ahhh, that helped!

I've been in a bit of a funk since my race on Saturday. Not only was the race bad, but my little one fell and got stitches on Sunday and there's been more than enough drama to go around lately in my local circle. On top of it all, my husband has been traveling off and on for more than two weeks. I was feeling pretty fried until this … [Read more...]

Where to go from here

Well, the Baltimore 10-miler was a big 'ole mess for me! I am really disappointed in my performance. Yes, the course is really hilly; yes, it was hot. BUT--I was in shape for this. I really have no good explanation for what happened.My plan was to go out at a 7:30 pace for the first mile and eventually average about a 7:18 to 7:20 pace. … [Read more...]

Last day and a winner

In my neighborhood, we have a tradition of celebrating the last day of school with a shaving cream fight--as you can see, the kids had fun!Now onto my SCAPE sunscreen winner. It's Beth at My Track Record! Congrats Beth--send me your contact info and I'll get it off to you.Have a great weekend! … [Read more...]

Head games

This weekend's race promises to be a scorcher here in Baltimore: a high of 92 with a zillion percent humidity. Yesterday, when talking about it with my friend Jess, who is also racing, she commented that "it won't be a PR," and shrugged her shoulders. The funny thing is, she can take that attitude and still turn out a fantastic race. Me? … [Read more...]

Taper, how I love you!

You know how so often tapering can be sheer torture? You're burning up with excess energy, you're convinced you're losing fitness, you just want to get the show on the road already? Well, none of that applies to me right now.I am loving this taper week because it was badly needed. I haven't raced since early May and, as a consequence, … [Read more...]


No, I don't have it, but I should from the pace of this week. It was insane! In one week, I:Drove kids to:Three swim practicesTwo nights of soccer tryoutsTwo lacrosse gamesTwo soccer gamesOne day of campOne swim meet I also:Ran 40-plus milesSwam twiceRoad my bike on the trainer twiceLifted twiceUsed my brain to:Write an articleStart two … [Read more...]

SCAPE sunscreen review/giveaway

I'm a big believer in sunscreen. A while back I talked about having my first mole removed, which is as close as I hope to come to skin cancer. It was enough to reinforce my dedication to putting sunscreen on whenever I am going outside.As athletes, finding a sunscreen that won't run into our eyes or wash away with sweat or swims can be … [Read more...]

A runner’s utopia (almost)

On my run today (which was on dead legs!) I was thinking about how lucky I am to live where the running opportunities are so plentiful. It's pretty close to a runner's utopia, I think. Here in my little neck of the woods we have:Over 90 miles of paved pathways--these wind through the woods and connect all parts of townPlenty of hills--I … [Read more...]


Saturday morning I ran a local 5k. My time was a 43-something. Since my 5k PR is a 20:14, I was a little off. And I'm not even upset!I ran the 5k with a nine-yr. old girl as a "run buddy" for the local chapter Girls on the Run. It was such a great experience. My little buddy was named Syndey and she has been training with GOTR since … [Read more...]